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Buy Fendi Sunglasses Online

Experience the Luxury of Fendi Shades with Italian Haute Couture – Fendi History

The history of Fendi begins with the opening of the leather and fur products store in Rome in 1918. Founder Adele Casagrande and her husband Edoardo Fendi registered the company after their marriage and with that began a story of success that is continuing even today. Already by 1932, the Fendi family were able to look back proudly on the opening of multiple stores. After the Second World War, the couple’s five daughters joined the family business and each inherited twenty percent of the company four years after the death of Edoardo Fendi. Each of the five daughters was henceforth responsible for a different business area.

In 1965, the German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, nicknamed “the sixth child of the Fendis”, joined the traditional business as a Designer for the Fendi Women’s Collection with the task of further expanding the Italian fashion empire. The Fendi Designer went on to create the world-famous Fendi Logo, which (with its combination of two ‘F’s, one upright and the other flipped over)[ can now be found on all products of the label. After a few high quality fur collections for which thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, the sisters decided to produce a Prêt-à-porter line of fur fashion to reach more women. With the goal of offering a broader product portfolio, the Fendi fashion was finally expanded with a men’s collection as well as accessories and perfumes.

In 1983, the so-called penguin pattern was introduced. The arrangement of gold-brown and dark-brown stripes along with the FF logo, is still Fendi’s distinctive look and can, in particular, be found on its Fendi Vintage products, such as the very popular Fendi Vintage Sunglasses.

At the end of the 80’s the label recorded significant sales losses. The demand for fur fashion from Fendi had reduced, since it contradicted the social attitude towards furs at that time and more and more people spoke out against the related animal suffering. Most notably animal rights petitioners with a wide media reach spoke openly against the company. In the wake of this, supermodel Naomi Campbell lost her position as a PETA speaker in 1997 after she was seen in fur at a Fendi show.

Along with the decline in demand for real fur, the company had to deal with many counterfeits. Imitation Fendis were seen in many places, which strongly reduced the demand for Fendi originals and only began to pick-up again in recent years. Even their sunglasses range had to fight against that when fakes flooded the market.

Since Karl Lagerfeld sadly passed in February 2019, the label has been lead by grandchild Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi – the designer of the legendary Fendi Baguette Bag. Currently the Fendi label is experiencing a revival with newly breathed-in life, from which among other things the cooperation with Fila resulted. At the same time, the brand retains the simplicity and elegance of its classic designs and they are exploring exciting new paths such as street fashion. Louis Vuitton has already done it with their brand Supreme, Fendi is doing it next – and with huge success!

Female model wearing black Fendi sunglasses

Fendi Shades – What style is for me?

Fendi are constantly adding new and fresh elements to their collection. And if you’re looking for a Fendi accessory, what’s cooler than sunglasses? Here you can get an overview of some key styles and check out a few of our top picks.

Fendi’s Round Sunglasses, for example the Fendi FF 0285is one of the coolest models in Fendi’s assortment.

A classic yet still trendy model is Fendi’s Square Sunglasses with FF logo on the lens, such as the Fendi FF M0039. The distinctive frame, which is round at the bottom and flatter on top, is one of the characteristic features of Fendi shades.

Another eye-catcher is the Fendi Aviator Sunglasses, which you can see here Fendi FF M0032, also available as Fendi Havana Sunglasses. For the cat-eye look, the Fendi Cat Eye Sunglasses are a must-have for everyone who wants to emphasise feminine facial features. Among the favourites are Fendi sunglasses with pearls, which are also a very popular and feminine look.

For those who like to be extravagant and bold, the Fendi Iridia Sunglasses is perfect, whose Brow-line-style creates a link between the round lenses and the angular frame and temples.

Mirror or Polarised or with Prescription Lenses: Choose Your Own

Once you have picked your desired frame, our Digital Optician will help you to find the right lenses. Optionally we can deliver your Fendi Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses, polarised or mirrored. Whether or not you choose a specific colour such as brown, blue or grey or a silver or gold mirrored lens is completely up to you.

We also have other Fendi eyewear such as prescription Fendi glasses, take a look here!

Male model wearing black Fendi sunglasses

Authentic Fendi Sunglasses

Wondering how to avoid fake Fendi sunglasses? When buying from Edel-Optics you can be certain that you have authentic Fendi sunglasses, since we don’t offer fakes or second-hand items. Your sunglasses will come with the original Fendi sunglasses case and wipe.

Fendi Sunglasses Sale

For discounted Fendi sunglasses on sale, click here Fendi Sunglasses Sale or here to view our whole range of high quality and designer sunglasses sale.

Where to buy Fendi sunglasses online?

Buying online has never been easier with Edel-Optics’ online shop and our free express next day delivery. Our policy of free returns within 30 days with money back guarantee and Multiple payment methods makes buying your Fendi Sunglasses online with us fast and convenient. Most of our glasses can also be tried on in our Virtual Fitting Room, where you can get an idea of how your new sunglasses will look. For more advice on taking care of your glasses and picking the right size and frame shape for your face, check out our page Master of Glasses. Only personally modified prescription glasses cannot be returned, unless there is a technical problem. If you have questions contact our customer service team via phone (+44 2034995895) or email ( With our combined expertise, we are always ready to help you.

You can also find a range of popular models from the previous collection of Fendi Sunglasses 2019 or from Fendi Sunglasses 2018. Although they aren't the newest models, they are still very popular and in fashion. Of course you can also find the current collection of Sunglasses by in our online shop. Filter glasses according to Women’s or Men’s Fendi Sunglasses, colour, frame type and shape, polarised or mirrored lenses, prescription sunglasses, size and frame material.

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