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Buy Aviator Glasses Online

About Aviator Glasses

The original aviators all started with Ray-Ban Aviator, which was originally developed in 1936 for the pilots of the U.S. Air Force who could never keep their feet on the ground. Ray-Ban’s parent company at the time, the US-based Bausch & Lomb, played a leading role here and not only managed to develop an anti-glare protection for the unique conditions above the clouds, but also turned the aviator eyeglasses into an unparalleled cult object that never lets the wearer's face stand still.

The anti-glare protection was urgently needed because the glaring rays of the sun in the cockpit of a plane affected the eyes in the long run and could lead to slight or sometimes severe headaches. The first tests showed that the aviator shape, due to its narrow frame and thin arms, impaired the field of vision the least. In addition, the green tint of the lenses allowed a clear view of the red-lit instruments.

Today, this is nothing more than a nice origin story, but one that has long since ceased to correspond to reality. Due to full-face visors, the days of sunglasses in the cockpit of a fighter jet have long since ceased. On the other hand, on faces around the world, the fascination with aviator glasses in gold, black or any other colour continues unabated.

This is one of the reasons why classic pilot glasses are as popular as handbags, T-shirts and blue jeans on the streets of today's cities. However, pilot glasses only became a trademark in the 70s and 80s in the wake of disco fashion, when the special shape added the finishing touch to the funky outfits of the beautiful and cool. It wasn't long before they made their appearance on the big screen. Most people saw the aviator sunglasses in Top Gun, when Tom Cruise became a world star in the role of Maverick with tinted lenses.

Model wearing Dolce and Gabbana pilot prescription glasses

What are aviator glasses?

Aviator glasses, pilot's glasses, aviators - many names are used for this type of eyeglasses with the unique shaped lenses. A perfect design for both men and women, the drop-shaped lenses, full rims and thin arms create a stylish minimalist look. Ray-Ban is at the top of the list when it comes to aviator designs, but other designer and fashion labels also swear by pilot shapes for both men and women, which is reflected in the prominent appearances in their collections. Each model is uniquely designed with small, fine details to stand out from the crowd. For a unique aviator style, look out for frames that vary in a few details such as those with double bridge, half-rim frame or broad arms to revive the luxurious retro or vintage charm of the 70s.

What face shape suits aviator glasses frames?

Aviator glasses suit people with an oval face particularly well. They also suit people with an angular face as the curves of the lenses soften your features. However, there are so many different options that there is surely something to suit everyone and, of course, it is all a matter of personal taste. It’s also important to make sure you get the right size glasses to suit your face size. For more tips on choosing the perfect frame to suit your shape face, check out our blog.

Popular Aviator Glasses Styles

Various classics among men's aviator glasses can be found at Ray-BanTom Ford in black and in all conceivable sizes from aviator glasses small to XL, so that even narrow faces have something of the iconic model. Michael Kors has some brightly coloured models in its range and at Guess you can find specimens that shine with ornate metal temples. The women's aviator glasses Guess GU2760 look particularly classy with frames and temples in gold and matching temple tips in blue. Especially eyeglasses like the Marc Jacobs MARC 472 make softer facial features look more balanced.

Our Services

If you want to buy **aviator glasses online at low prices, you’ve come to the right place. In our brand glasses online shop you will find a variety of models including prescription sunglasses and glasses for ladies and men. Glasses cleaning cloth and case is include in the price of every pair. It goes without saying that each copy is a genuine and brand new original. Used products and copies without a logo have no place in our warehouse! At Edel-Optics, we only offer genuine fashion accessories in all imaginable sizes and colours, whether modern or vintage, timeless or on-trend.

To get an idea how your new eyewear will look, you can use our 3D Virtual Try-On service. Simply turn on your webcam and click on the Try-On icon on your chosen product. Please note, this only works if you have enabled the functional privacy settings by clicking on the orange circle icon in the bottom left-hand corner. If you do not have a webcam, you can alternatively click on the small icon with the + at the bottom left of the window to upload an existing portrait of yourself. Simply select a locally saved image file in Explorer and upload it. At the same moment, our clever tool will conjure up the selected, round spectacle frame directly on your face. Now you can realistically judge how your favourite sunglasses would look in real life.

To make shopping online even easier, we offer FREE UK delivery and a range of payment methods so you can buy safely. You can also customise your lenses with a variety of coatings such as anti-scratch and anti-glare. If you change your mind, you can simply use our free returns within 30 days service. Only glasses with prescription lenses cannot be returned, unless there is a technical fault. If you have any questions, such as which size frame do I need, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help, whether via email, phone or in one of our stores in Germany. Our blog and our Master of Glasses also has many tips in his videos on points such as "repairing pilot frames" or "how to adjust aviator glasses".

We also offer many designer aviator glasses in our boutique. If you order these brands by 6 p.m., you are guaranteed to receive your glasses along with its case tomorrow. Along withfree express shipping and money-back guarantee, we also include an eyeshaker so that your designer specs are always shining.

About Us

As proven specialists in eyewear, our goal is offering fashion-loving customers the highest-quality models at absolute bargain prices according to the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Pilot-Style glasses can also be found in the Reduced Sunglasses & Glasses section or in our in-house Glasses Sale. Here, a wide variety of models are available at a unique price. So what are you waiting for? Visit us in the extraordinary world of eyewear at Edel-Optics and get yourself a licence to fly with a pair of pilot's glasses, without even having to take a spin in an aeroplane.