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Edel-Optics: THE Outlet for Brand and Designer Sunglasses

SEE AND BE SEEN: sunglasses are and will remain a lifestyle product!

"We don't just shine, we illuminate the whole show." - Jay-Z

Richard Madden aka Rob Stark does it.
Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Emma Watson, Martin Freeman, Emilia Clarke, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, James McAvoy or Tom Hiddleston do it, too.
The Blues Brothers did it.
Ray Charles also did it.
Stevie Wonder still does it.
And don't forget about Elton John.

And that's what Edel-Optics is all about. Because we are totally aware that today it is almost impossible to do without sunglasses. Female superstars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie or social media phenomena like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are rarely seen in public without sunglasses.

Do you want to breathe a touch of high society or just protect your eyes from UV radiation with unique quality sunglasses? Then you are exactly at the right address because we have a real bee in our bonnet when it comes to your most important summer accessory. In our brand and designer eyewear outlet, you'll find a huge selection of Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors and others. Thanks to our practical filter function the Women's Sunglasses are easily differentiated from the Sunglasses for men, so you can keep track of what's going on in our multi-faceted sunglass range.


Sunglasses as an All-Purpose Weapon?

For many people, sunglasses have now become both a fashionable and functional marvel. A fashionable all-purpose weapon combined with high-tech glass technology and the highest quality materials makes sunglasses no longer just a stylish means of getting through the spring and summer but have also found more than just a niche in the colder seasons, making sunglasses an omnipresent everyday companion, especially in snow or on rainy roads where your eyes are quickly dazzled.

In addition, sunglass lenses protect against harmful UV radiation. If the UV light hits the retina unfiltered, it can have health consequences. UV-protected sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Apart from that, the tinting in sunglasses ensures a glare-free view. It feels good and is an important safety factor on the road or on the slopes.

Furthermore, sunglasses fulfill a fashionable function. After all, there are reasons why actors, singers and celebrities make extensive use of this accessory. Depending on the model, sunglasses can give the wearer a casual or mysterious look and, in this manner are the icing on the cake in a stylish outfit.

History of Sunglasses

Not only since yesterday has it been known that bright sunlight can be unpleasant or even harmful to the eyes. In fact, research shows that early indigenous peoples helped themselves with provisional snow goggles made of bone or other materials that filtered light only through a narrow slit.

According to the tradition of Gaius Plinius, Emperor Nero made use of an emerald when following the battles of the gladiators in the games of ancient Rome. It took some time, however, until the first specimens of early sunglasses came into circulation. Towards the end of the 15th century, glasses were provided with coloured lenses to protect against the blinding sun rays. These were mainly green and in isolated cases also blue lenses.

However, the real breakthrough of sun-protection goggles did not take place until the 18th century. From this period many original eyewear with red, green, blue and yellow lenses have survived. But it was not only in eyeglass frames that the coloured lenses were used, which appeared to be particularly popular in China. Especially in Europe it was considered très chic to insert coloured lenses in monocles, scissors glasses or pince-nez.

Until the middle of the 19th century, the so-called double glasses introduced to the market by the Englishman John Richardson in 1797 enjoyed undeniable popularity. The system was relatively simple. Green protective glasses could be folded in front of the actual lenses.

Sunglasses had only been stumbling on the edge of eyewear history, until the discovery of ultraviolet rays and their harmful properties in the early 20th century, when they increasingly came into the spotlight.

Progress was also made as a result of the great attention the Swiss ophthalmologist Alfred Vogt drew to the harmfulness of ultraviolet light in his study, whereby sunglasses polarization filters were only introduced for the first time shortly before World War II, in order to prevent serious damage to the choroid and retina, in addition to damage to the lens of the eye.

The final breakthrough was made by the polaroid company with the Polaroid with their polarizing filter in the 1960s and more than a decade later, the Japanese company Ito Optical that produced polarizing lenses from Polymer CR39. In 1986, there was another revolution in this field when Rodenstock created the first coloured plastic glass.

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the industry recognized the potential of sunglasses as a mass-produced product for a broad audience. The company Schott was at the forefront. But Bausch & Lomb, who had already produced their first solar lenses in series in 1930 and Zeiss recognized the signs of the times and would not be asked twice before other companies went in the same direction.

What types of sunglasses are available?

Women's sunglasses and men's sunglasses are available in different variations. The difference is not just in the look, but also in the tint of the lenses, processing and finishing.

Classical sunglasses: classical sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Clubmaster or the Ray-Ban Aviator are available in a variety of colours and lens colours, usually with a tint of 85 percent in green, gray or brown.

Polarized sunglasses: Especially when driving on a wet road or during winter sports, dazzling light reflections can ensue. Unlike their classical relatives, polarized sunglasses offer the opportunity to mitigate or immensely reduce these reflections. Using polarization filters the reflected light is absorbed, guaranteeing the wearer a clear view, even when the sun is low or when it’s snowing. One quick tip: when buying glasses make sure that the glasses fit snugly so that no harmful sunlight can creep in through the sides.

Phototropic Sunglasses: Phototropic Sunglasses or photochromatic sunglasses are self-tinting sunglasses, which are characterized by the fact that the lenses darken depending on the proportion of UV rays and the respective temperature. In closed rooms, they remain transparent, while they wrap themselves in a "darker robe" in the blazing sun. The advantage is obvious because the sunglasses can be worn comfortably all day long, so that the annoying change between eye glasses and sunglasses is a thing of the past.

Mirrored Sunglasses: mirrored sunglasses offer the benefits of complete privacy as they are completely opaque from the outside. The inside, however, is just as anti-reflective as other lenses. These sunglasses are preferably used in winter sports. But in the meantime, they are gaining more and more popularity in everyday life because of their unique, mysterious optic and are experiencing an even greater hype through the most diverse coatings in garish and bright colours. Mirrored glasses look casual and cool, without disregarding the contemporary aspect. But the mirroring not only lends a fashionable effect because mirrored lenses protect the eyes from light reflections and thus guarantee a clear view.

Prescription sunglass lenses: Many eyeglass wearers also want to equip their new affordable sunglasses with prescription lenses. It is important to know that the model should not be too curved, made of a material that is suitable for glazing and the lenses have a corresponding size. Some frames are only available for glasses up to certain values. However, with a multitude of models in the Edel-Optics online shop you should easily find a suitable model. In general, you can have your prescription sunglasses made with original shade and gradient lenses. Just choose your favourite model from the wide range of designer frames available at Edel-Optics and take it to the optician of your choice for the prescription lenses.


Which sunglasses suit me? - Watch the video and try them on online

You have your favourite cool outfits for the summer, but the most important accessory is still missing: your sunglasses. As far as we are concerned, the question arises: which sunglasses suit the summer? Are they the sunglasses with round-shaped lenses? Or do edgy ones suit you better? Which model suits which face is explained in our Master of the Glasses and Phil also likes to tell you in our Tutorial on the topic. An important criterion is always the right size or width of the sunglasses and the rule of thumb is "The best sunglasses for you, are those that are not too big and not too small”. Our "Master of the Glasses" has also a little help for your orientation. Additional information about each of our more than 15,000 different sunglasses for men and women, can also be found on the respective product page for each model. Here you can also read again which colours 2017 and 2018 are in vogue, whether sunglasses with blue lenses may be suitable for driving and much more. Any further questions? No problem. Our blog will not be asked twice to deal with any last doubts you have.

Of course, the ultimate test for the right choice is how the sunglasses feel and look on your nose. For many of our models, you can try on the sunglasses virtually with our virtual mirror via online fitting and get a first impression of what you look like wearing mirrored or black, retro or gold. For this you can use your webcam or upload a photo. The Virtual Mirror Icon can be found on the product detail pages for sunglasses for which trying on on-line is available. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our free return shipping to test the look and feel in your own home.

But what type of frame is the ideal one for you? To make a decision, it makes sense to look at your own face shape to have an approximate idea of which frames suit your face:

Heart-shaped face: cat eye sunglasses or models of cat eye sunglasses like the Tom Ford Anoushka FT0371 or the Dolce & Gabbana DG4304 or Butterfly Sunglasses such as Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh RB4098 or the Prada PR 08OS are among the box-office hits because of their upward curvature. Other options include round sunglasses like the Gucci GG0061S or the Polaroid PLD 2052 /S or oval sunglasses such as the Oakley Latch OO9265 or the Emporio Armani EA2055, whereby the colour hardly plays a role, but rather is dependent on the preferences. However, you should keep one thing in mind when choosing your sunglasses. Keep your fingers off frames with wide, conspicuous temples.

Round face: For round faces, we recommend (Michael Kors BANFF MK2066, Timberland TB9155) and subtle frames like the Porsche Design P8478 or the Prada Sport PS 50RS, as they make the face appear narrower.

Square face: The square face shape is the complete opposite. Here highlights are created with round (Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447, Persol PO3172S) and oval frames (Ray-Ban Oval RB3547N, Tom Ford Whitney FT0009) that lend the face a softer touch. In addition, our tip is to look out for discreet colours to round off the picture with a touch of elegance.

Oval face: There are no rules of thumb for oval faces. Basically, any pair of glasses, such as the Michael Kors Chelsea MK5004, which are Ray-Ban Erika RB4171, the Versace VE2150Q or the Oakley Holbrook OO9102 are suitable for this face shape. But be careful: Make sure that the glasses suits both you and your personality.

In addition, we also have everything in our sunglasses range that the heart or the eyes desire. How about the black sunglasses with tinted lenses (Ray-Ban Justin RB4165, Carrera New Champion), which do not have to be fooled by any other model when it comes to current fashion. From the Sunglasses grey (Sylvie Optics Active, JB by Jérôme Boateng Visionary JBS111) and the Sunglasses Blue (Céline CL 41373/S, Calvin Klein CK2149S) on red sunglasses (Tommy Hilfiger TH 1445/S, Gucci GG0083S) and the Pink Sunglasses (Dolce & Gabbana DG2179, Jimmy Choo Andie/S) to Sunglasses Gold (Maui Jim Wiki Wiki HS246, Cazal CZ 662/3, Saint Laurent Classic 11 M) and the Sunglasses Silver (Police SPL156V). As you can see we have everything you need for a sunny day.

Of course we also have the classics like the Sunglasses White (Fendi sunglasses FF 0287/S, Fossil FOS 2053/S ) and the Black Sunglasses (Superdry SDS Enso, Givenchy GV 7057/Stars, Joop 87352).

Furthermore, we also stock sunglasses models for the flamboyant personalities among sunglasses enthusiasts. For example, Yellow Sunglasses (Persol PO3152S, Vogue VO5235S) or the Sunglasses with yellow lenses (Oakley Frogskins OO9013, Adidas 3Matic A427. Also Sunglasses with Animal Print, Wooden Sunglasses, Vintage Sunglasses or Foldable Sunglasses that always bring a fresh breeze and sell like hot cakes in the sunglasses world.

At the end of the day, it only remains to say that we have them all! Burberry Sunglasses, Giorgio Armani Sunglasses, Valentino Sunglasses, Moschino Sunglasses, Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, Kate Spade Sunglasses, Zegna Sunglasses, Escada Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses or Bvlgari Sunglasses are in our sunglasses portfolio. The brand you finally choose, is entirely up to you. After all, when buying glasses everything depends on your own preferences!

However, there are other factors, apart from the face shape, which are decisive regarding what sunglasses suit you. To keep you happy with the selected model in the long term, you should choose a model that matches your style of clothing and suits your appearance. If you are an extrovert who likes to be noticed, then lenses and frames in bright colours are the perfect choice. If you value restraint, discreet glasses are usually better suited. And of course, sunglasses offer you the opportunity to contribute exciting contrasts to your appearance. But even so, eyewear should basically suit your personality and not look artificial – to ensure that you feel good.

Have you discovered your favourite model, such as sunglasses made of metal or plastic or titanium? Then you can directly order the sunglasses online at an affordable price. In addition, the model can be easily send back for free, if you should change your mind. If you have any questions, just contact our customer support via the local telephone number or contact our staff directly in one of our two Hamburg stores.


Our service

As every person has individual face features and shapes with different characteristics, you should always try on several models before making a final decision. And you don’t even have to leave your own home, because thanks to our online fitting you can do everything comfortably from your own couch. In addition, the appropriate filter settings, such as brand, size, customized sunglasses, colour or rimless sunglasses, sunglasses with half rim or sunglasses with full rim can simplify finding the right glasses. If you cannot choose between different lenses, just choose sunglasses with interchangeable lenses or sunglasses with clips. So, you stay flexible, with no loss in terms of sunglasses quality or sunglasses design.

For any questions you may have while buying eyewear, you can contact us at any time. We are always available with our concentrated expertise, both in the digital and analogue world. Just pop into one of our two Hamburg stores in the AEZ or in the Ottenser Hauptstraße to get professional and individual advice. If you have an acute "sunglasses emergency" and need the right accessory for the beach party at the weekend, you can order via express delivery and get your sunglasses on the next working day. In addition to the standard payment methods, we also offer buying sunglasses on account. This makes purchasing a real visual treat.

About us

If you want to buy sunglasses online at an affordable price, we are the right people to contact. We are not the exclusive Sunglasses Online Store or Sunglasses Outlet Store, but with our wide range of eyewear, we also have all known brands from Esprit Sunglasses and Boss Orange Sunglasses, Boss Sunglasses and Diesel Sunglasses and Nike sunglasses to trendy and hip labels like the Maui Jim sunglasses, the Havaianas Sunglasses or the Dsquared Sunglasses, all that and much much more at the suggested retail price.

Apart from our already low prices you can get sunglasses in the sunglasses sale section of our online shop, discount sunglasses and discount on other models and brands that run across the entire product range.

But the shopping experience and the service we offer is anything but cheap, because our customer’s satisfaction is more important than any sunglasses price comparison in which we always perform well, anyway. You can reach our support team via email or via our local landline number and we are always available to answer any of your questions. We will also gladly help you with the ordering process, with the handling of returns or with other questions that you would like to ask.

As eyewear specialists for a fashion enthusiastic clientele, we offer only the highest quality models at absolute bargain prices under the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Sunglasses reduced are also included, which goes without saying. Check online now or let yourself be enchanted by the extraordinary Edel-Optics-world.

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Exclusive Sunglasses for all tastes

For anyone looking for fashionable accessories with a hint of extravagance this summer 2020 , Sunglasses from the Edel-Optics online shop are the perfect solution. Here, fashionistas from all walks of life will find premium quality Sunglasses: the overwhelming diversity of our brands and collections combines the latest hot trends with classic chic. Whether looking for a vintage feel, a futuristic design or a hint of minimalism: inspired by the flair of the world’s fashion capitals, the most sought-after top designers have created true works of art. Whether for general leisure or outdoor sports: from glamorous glitz to sleek elegance, you will find the perfect accessory for a striking appearance at Edel-Optics.
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