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VOOY Deluxe Sunglasses

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VOOY Sunglasses


Who are you? Only you can decide! Fully empowered with its own new brand, Edel-Optics celebrates diversity and variety of style with its new VOOY collection.

Just as each individual has many different sides to their personality, we believe you should have many different options to express this, and not least through fashion. We're not talking about putting on a false persona for others, but rather being authentic, not confining ourselves to just one aspect of our personality and giving ourselves permission to explore and reinvent our identity!

In any case, this is something we do almost unconsciously - every day we slip into different roles depending on the situation. Whether we're at a family dinner, in a business meeting or chilling with a group of friends, the side of our personality that we show is different each time. This is something we also communicate with our outfits and we can literally dress different side of our personality depending on our mood.

And of course, eyewear can communicate a certain look very effectively. Simply wearing sunglasses is sometimes a statement in itself, depending on the environment and setting. Your outfit can be toned up with an extravagant frame or toned down with a classic, subtle frame. Depending on the context, seeing someone else wearing sunglasses can also contribute to how we see them. You don't just have to wear sunglasses on your face, but can also use them as a headband or casually hung in the V-neck of our shirt. Sunglasses emphasise whatever look we're going for and give our appearance that certain something extra!e


The four letters that will change your everyday life stand for "Vision Of (the) Other You" and refer to the diverse aspects of our personality. We believe in your imagination, with which you constantly redefine yourself. Be prepared for different situations, whether it's meeting a new client or making a cool impression when you meet people from all over the world at the next festival.

With the VOOY double pack you get two different pairs of sunglasses in one go, so that even when you spontaneously change "roles", you have the right accessory at hand to accompany your current mood. When putting together your 2-piece set, you can choose freely from the entire VOOY range. You can also combine sunglasses and prescription glasses in your set.

Perhaps you'll be leaving the beach and getting in the car? Then put your VOOY sunglasses in the glove compartment and put on your VOOY prescription glasses. With the double pack you are prepared for every setting.

VOOY Deluxe SHOWTIME Sunglasses

VOOY Deluxe

For the launch of the new VOOY brand, Edel-Optics has come up with something very special. The launch is being honoured by none other than rapper veteran Samy Deluxe. More than that: the creative genius, who is one of the most commercially successful German rappers with over one million sold recordings, not only acts as a testimonial for wearing glasses, but was fully involved in the whole design process of the first VOOY glasses collection. Together we created the collaboration VOOY x Deluxe, which includes four unisex models that are available as both sunglasses and glasses. The fresh styles bear the names DAY OFF, FREESTYLE, SHOWTIME and STUDIO SESSION and reflect the colourful life of the Hamburg-based multi-talent in four different colourways.


Take a break, have a DAY OFF! This model is perfect for you if you want to hit the off-switch and just chill. Put on your pair of VOOY Deluxe DAY OFF sunglasses and go straight into chill mode. The large lenses allow you to stroll incognito through the city centre, without having to meet anyone's gaze. These browline sunglasses are made to impress with their classic form and a touch of modernity that makes them stand out from the crowd.


Creativity without rules and spontaneous expression without limits - that's freestyle. These VOOY sunglasses not only live the free spirit, but also rub off on their wearer. That's why the VOOY Deluxe FREESTYLE is the perfect accessory if you refuse to conform to dress-codes and want to give your style free rein.


Ready, set, go! Not everyone likes to be in the limelight, but if you're a spotlight hog, these VOOY Deluxe sunglasses are your showpiece. The dynamic design with elaborate engravings ensures that you stand out from the crowd anywhere. Especially with its daring colour combination of camouflage and light blue, the VOOY Deluxe SHOWTIME is best suited to bold personalities who want to attract everyone's attention.


For Samy Deluxe, studio sessions are just one of many ways to pass the time. The rapper is just as happy on stage or in front of the concept wall as he is in the recording booth. Indeed, the vibes are always the same. And to get into the right mood, the seasoned hip hopper often wears the VOOY Deluxe STUDIO SESSION. These round sunglasses are a great all-rounder and so on-trend that they fit everybody's taste. After all, the session is wherever you make it.

VOOY Deluxe FREESTYLE Sunglasses

Order VOOY Sunglasses Online

To find your perfect pair of VOOY sunglasses, you can use the 3D Online Fitting. You just need a camera on your laptop of phone and after clicking the "Online Fitting" icon below the product image, the glasses will be projected on top of your video image! Once you have found out which shape glasses suit your face shape and what colour suits you, the master digital optician will support you in the process of choosing and ordering your VOOY sunglasses with prescription lenses. You can also choose custom lenses, such as mirrored, polarised or photochromatic in the customisation section. Your decision depends entirely on your taste.

Once you've found your favourite model, you can order your VOOY sunglasses online at a low cost. Should you happen to not like your sunglasses when they arrive, you can send them back free of charge with our free returns within 30 days system. Only VOOY Sunlasses with diopters or individually manufactured lenses cannot be reimbursed, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support by telephone via the local telephone number or social media.


With us you can buy exclusive sunglasses from VOOY at value prices online. You can reach us by e-mail or by calling the local landline number +442034995895 and we will do our best to answer all your questions. We'll help you with the ordering process, handling of returns or any other questions you may want to ask. If you have a last-minute "sunglasses emergency" and need the right accessory for the beach party at the weekend, you can have your order in your hands the very next day via Express Delivery. Besides the common payment methods we also offer you a convenient order on account.

We Specialise in Eyewear for Fashion-Lovers

At Edel-Optics, we are all about fashion and our motto SEE AND BE SEEN truly comes from the heart. Our goal is to provide easy access to high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses to as many people as possible. You can also find many interesting topics such as current summer trends on our Blog as well as general eyewear advice on our Master of Glasses page. Here, you can also learn how to properly clean or repair your glasses. Find us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with the latest trends and make the most of any special offers, competitions or vouchers we have available. For reduced price glasses, don't forget to check out our Sunglasses Sale, including eyewear by Samy Deluxe and others such as Jérôme Boateng, Guido Maria Kretschmer, Sylvie Meis and Dieter Bohlen. Just drop by and find out what these celebrities and other brands have to offer!

VOOY x deluxe - Q&A mit Samy Deluxe

VOOY x deluxe - Q&A mit Samy Deluxe

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