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Gucci Eyewear

Glasses by Gucci – Timeless Elegance for Glasses Enthusiasts

In the world of fashion, there are few other brands that we associate with glory, glamour and luxury as much as we do Gucci. And we have been doing so for over a hundred years. The characteristics of quality, tradition and sustainability have been of enormous importance to the founder Guccio Gucci ever since the opening of his leather shop for suitcases and bags in 1921 in his hometown of Florence. Today Gucci no doubt belongs to the small number of brands that can safely claim to have earned a permanent seat in the Olympus of fashion. After all, time and time again the label manages the splits between the highest fashion aspirations and contemporary functionality in all situations of life. This is a concept that has led to almost unparalleled success for their entire portfolio ranging from fashion and perfume to Gucci eyewear.

Model wearing Gucci prescription glasses

Gucci History

Guccio Gucci‘s vision of founding his own brand did not come out of nowhere. The idea dawned on him during his residence in London where he worked at the Savoy as an employee, and he brought it back in his hand luggage, so to speak, on his return home to Italy. He was inspired by a passionate impulse to recreate the aesthetics and elegance of the high nobility he had witnessed in the English capital.

As of today, no one ever accepts Gucci designer replicas, which is why the brand not only stands for a cosmopolitan style but also shapes it significantly with its Tuscan craftsmanship influence. But still, all that glitters is not gold, and that also sometimes rang true for Gucci. After a weak phase someone genius was needed to lead the teetering brand to recovery. In the 1990s, the then unknown fashion designer Tom Ford did not hesitate to make his mark on the label and so managed to bring Gucci back to the top of the world of fashion.

Since early in 2015 the Italian fashion empire is writing further successful chapters under the aegis of creative director Alessandro Michele, whose vision reassembled the traditional company for the 21st century. Gucci products, including Gucci eyewear, represent sensuous, glamorous and simultaneously urban design without neglecting the distinctive Gucci touch and the star designer's spirit of innovation. And that’s another reason why prescription glasses by Gucci as well as Gucci sunglasses cannot be randomly pigeonholed away from the highest level of Italian craftsmanship.

Glasses Styles by Gucci

Even though Gucci sunglasses are obviously strong on the glittery side, one should never underestimate the class of Gucci prescription glasses. The fashion aspects may be a bit subtler when it comes to the glamour factor. Nevertheless, they focus on a high-quality, elegant and glamorous style. What you find at the core of prescription glasses by Gucci is an emphasis on a casual look for the office, while their sunglasses are oriented towards sensation and spectacle. Design combined with the highest fashion aspirations plus an unlimited functionality create an overall artwork that elevates Gucci glasses from being merely an optical aid right to the elegant section of fashion accessories.

It is just this elegance that an entire horde of forgers have been trying to capture for a seeming eternity. Up to now it never went beyond feeble attempts, since a counterfeit just isn’t the same as an original. However, when shopping for Gucci glasses you should still pay attention to a few things so that you won’t get bamboozled by some dubious dealers.

For instance you should pay special attention to the inner side of the frames. All Gucci glasses are produced by Kering. After "Made in Italy" it should read "CE“, which stands for "Conformité Européenne", meaning "European conformity". Here you also find the colour code and the model number.

Furthermore, the delivery, should always contain the following together with the glasses: a box, a case, a cloth all from Gucci, a small plastic bag for protection, a certificate of authenticity and a letter of guarantee. Also, always pay attention to the spelling as well as the weight of the frame. Should your glasses be too light, they could be a Gucci counterfeit that got smuggled into your glasses collection.

Female model wearing Gucci women's prescription glasses

Which Gucci glasses suit me?

When you are on the lookout for prescription glasses by Gucci, we at Edel-Optics have the whole range exclusively for you. You will rediscover established designs like the rectangleshape, the roundframe and also well-known material combinations such as, for example metal or plastic.

Distinctive, elegant and interesting: attributes that not only alternate among Gucci prescription glasses but without exception make for an altogether rounded picture. Models such as the GG0027O and the Gucci aviator glasses cause particular excitement. Apart from the shape and the material, fashion lovers appreciate in particular the characteristic features that are pronounced even more by the frame made of metal.

This also goes for the **rectangle Gucci glasses ** (GG0006O) as well as the **round Gucci glasses ** in Havana style.

Furthermore, with Gucci eyewear women, Gucci eyewear men and also with Gucci eyewear unisex the brand is typically characterised by delicate frames made of metal. The GG0027O in matt black captivates us with a clear alignment that gives the frame a minimalist yet modern touch.

And with Gucci semi-rimless frames and rimless frames by Gucci (Gucci GG0399O) as well, the designers won’t need a second invitation … also colour-wise. Because alongside the black and blue we also have, of course, green and brown as well as grey, gold-tone, red, tortoiseshell and any other colourways you can imagine in our Gucci glasses catalogue.

Unsure about your Gucci glasses choice? – Just ask us

To help you find the perfect pair of Gucci prescription glasses, we recommend our online fitting, where you can place your model directly on the back of your nose. Should the frame still not be quite right, in our blog you can most certainly find valuable hints and advice. Furthermore, our „Master of Glasses“ holds in store lots of tips on topics such as „Gucci sunglasses frames repair“ or „adjustment“.

Once you have made your choice, our digital optician will assist you in finding the lenses that are right for you. It won’t make a difference whether you choose from the Gucci women range or Gucci men range. For all genders and all types of visual impairment we offer Gucci reading glasses in all colours, shapes and, of course, types of prescription. Gucci prescription glasses or Gucci glasses without prescription of the Gucci Eyewear Collection 2018 are continuing to be just as popular as the Gucci Eyewear Collection 2019. Gucci glasses with clear lenses are also available for those with eagle eyes, at outstanding bargain prices.

Once you have discovered your favourite pair from the new Gucci glasses collection, you can order your Gucci glasses online at a low price. Should you not like your glasses against all odds, you can just send them back within 30 days free of charge. Only prescription glasses cannot be refunded, except in case of a technical fault.

Male model wearing Gucci men's prescription glasses

Our Services

With all questions that may arise during your glasses shopping such as “the right size“ you always have the option to contact us. If you have any further questions, you can always get in touch with us via the local phone number at the top of the page or email (, or follow us on social media via the links below. With our cumulative expertise, we are always ready to help. Shopping with us is made simple by easy shipping (Standard or Express), return free of charge and various payment methods.

About Us

We as glasses experts offer models of the highest quality to our fashion-conscious customers, in line with our motto “SEE AND BE SEEN”. Also available here are Gucci glasses on sale and products of our internal glasses sale. We have everything your heart desires. So, make way! With just a mouse click let yourself be whisked away into the extraordinary world of glasses at Edel-Optics and enjoy the one-of-a-kind shopping experience.