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Male Prescription Glasses


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Men s glasses

The stars of 2017

Various different types of men s glasses are available this year, and no two glasses are alike. The brand, model and price of the men s glasses spectacles must be adequate. What about the men s glasses Porsche design? These models are of high quality and have always been characterized by their reliability since 1972. Founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the brand not only stands for luxury machines but for design and magnificence of their high-quality glasses and the excellent wearing comfort. Carrera men s glasses also produce not only mobile luxury goods but unique men s glasses trends as well. The passion for the excellent quality of their vehicles can also be seen in their men s glasses models which promise high wearing comfort. For these brands, authenticity of the glasses is particularly important. Corrective men s glasses by Carrera can easily be identified by the hinges on the inside and stands out from other models. On the contrary, Ray Ban men s glasses can be identified by the seal sticker on the right lens, the golden hinges on the inside and the brand s logo on the glasses temple.

However, there are more men s glasses trends this year. Brands like Esprit, Prada, Michael Kors or Armani men s glasses offer a broad selection of different models which make the decision of the glasses for gentlemen not so easy.

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Celebrities show us how it s done

You can already have a closer look on your favorite glasses when they are worn by famous persons. Jürgen Klopp, soccer coach of Liverpool and former playmaker of the BVB Dortmund, loves his Oakley men s glasses, whereas actor Johnny Depp can often be seen wearing Ralph Lauren men s glasses.

Advantages of the different models

Regardless of which men s eyewear frame you choose, our glasses always convince with high quality. Moreover, you can choose your glasses depending on your individual preferences. Thus, there are differences between the various men s glasses: Whether men s reading glasses, men s glasses without prescription strength or men s varifocals, everything is available! Depending on the glasses brand that suits you best, the models differ in terms of technology. Should you need prescription men s glasses, it is advisable to first measure the diopter and then have the right lenses inserted. Should you want to wear glasses without prescription, the men s glasses window glass lenses are right for you. Regardless of the type of lens, the frames may differ in terms of material. Whether metal frame or plastic frame for sports glasses, thanks to the broad selection, every glasses wearer will find their perfect glasses. You always have the option to change the temples of your glasses. Furthermore, nose pads allow for wearing comfort for all types pf glasses.

Men s glasses

: Choosing the right glasses but how?

Finding new glasses that fit is not always easy. Which type of glasses suits men best is often an individual matter. This is precisely why you can select your personal preference online to receive filtered results. When choosing your new glasses, you should also make sure that the frame suits your face shape. The Wayfarer men s glasses, for instance, suit an oval face shape well, whereas square facial contours are nicely complemented by round men s glasses. Rectangle glasses are recommended for a narrow face. Rimless men s glasses or half-rim men s glasses can make a significant difference. The glasses material can also have an impact on the overall appearance. Therefore, you can choose between wooden look men s glasses or titan men s glasses. Moreover, you always have the option to upload a picture of you during the online try-on to determine your men s glasses face shape and to adjust the glasses to your needs. However, you can also decide on the right glasses in the comfort of your own home. Simply order your favorites and try them on in front of a mirror. Once you have chosen your favorite, a digital optician will help you finding the adequate prescription lenses. Whether you are looking for panto, nerd or aviator glasses we will be happy to offer advice!

This is our service

Should you wish to purchase men s glasses online or have questions on your favorites, our customer service will always be there for you via local telephone number or simply come to one of our stores in Hamburg where we will be happy to provide personal advice.

If you wish to order men s glasses online, you can choose between standard and express delivery and benefit from a free-of-charge return option. Furthermore, you can choose between different payment options: Invoice, advance payment or cash on delivery. Unfortunately, custom-made prescription glasses cannot be returned. Should, however, damage have been caused to your new glasses during delivery, you can of course return it and we will refund you.

About us

We are the glasses specialists for fashionable customers. You want to buy affordable men s glasses? No problem with us! We always offer designer brand glasses at a fair and affordable price while at the same time offering a broad selection. Following the principle of SEE AND BE SEEN your glasses do not only provide you with a much clearer view but also are part of our everyday life as accessories and lifestyle items. In our men s glasses sale section on our website, you can purchase reduced men s glasses. You might get a good bargain there. Or have a closer look at the eyewear collection of well-known German soccer player Jérôme Boateng. Rated as Best Dressed Man 2015 , the soccer player s talent does not only show on the field but also in his JB collection. It is available both online and in stores.

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