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Men's Prescription Glasses

Necessary Evil or Fashion Statement?

Spectacles? Eyeglasses? Prescription glasses? Whatever you like to call them, you've come to the right place because here at Edel-Optics we offer the most stylish eye-accessories for men available online. Whether it's Persol, Emporio Armani, Superdry, Versace or Ray-Ban glasses that you prefer, we have something for everyone and every budget.

In the TV show The Bachelor in 2014 Christian Tews was the protagonist and addressed a topic in front of an audience of millions of viewers where he received a lot of approval. Already at the age of 28, he was faced with a decision that many men will have to make at some point and came to the following conclusion: "When the hair has to come off, it has to come off.”

And the same goes for glasses. When you need them, you need them! Goethe already knew “the only way to avoid presbyopia is to die young”. Unfortunately, it is indeed unavoidable as eyesight tends to deteriorate around age 40. The countermeasures are well known: in addition to a small group of contact lens wearers, the majority of the population uses eyeglasses.

But why unfortunately? Eyewear has long since ceased to be a tiresome necessity, but has become the fashion accessory! There are many men who just wear a pair of glasses in black or Havana and significantly enhance their appearance. Among the attractive wearers of glasses are Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. or Jérôme Boateng. Just one pair of glasses can dramatically enhance a range of different looks.

Male model wearing prescription glasses for men

Men's Eyeglasses Materials

If you are only interested in certain materials, the filter frame material will help you to refine your search query. Here you have the choice between 14 different materials. The standard material for glasses is still plastic or acetate. This is because of the wearing comfort and the endless possibilities of shapes and colours.

There is also a large selection of metal glasses. These suit classic looks and are in most cases more robust than their plastic counterparts. Glasses made of Carbon and Wood also have this characteristic.

Most Popular Men's Styles

You can choose from a wide range of frames. To narrow down your search, use the filter functions on the left side of the page. Wondering whether you suit a square-frame or a round-frame more? Then start off your glasses search by checking out our blog post on which glasses frames suit my shape of face.

We offer full rim glasses, half rim glasses and even frameless glasses in the minimalist look. While glasses with a full rim are the classic, it doesn't mean they're boring, because there is a wide range of shapes and colours in this category. If you don't need thick lenses, rimless glasses can look subtle and elegant, making them perfect for professional activities. Half rim glasses can be divided into two subcategories: with a lower half rim they are mostly reading glasses, with which you can easily look over the upper rim of the glasses to look at distant distances. Glasses with an upper half rim, on the other hand, are more discreet than full rim glasses and are currently very fashionable.

A bestseller with half rim in the browline style is the Ray-Ban Clubmaster for men, such as the RX5154M. Another favourite men's model by Ray Ban are the rectangle full-rim glassesRX5268 in havanna. Finally, a classic frame that you simply can't go wrong with is the Wayfarer or New Wayfarer such as the RX5184.

The Aviator style frame is another favourite among men's glasses. If you like this frame shape, check out some of our most popular aviator a.k.a pilot models such as the Givenchy GV0030 or the Tom Ford FT5380.

If you are an active person and want your sports lifestyle to show through in your eyewear, opt for a sporty frame such as the Oakley Crosslink OX8076. However, if you are looking for sports glasses for men, we also have a range of suitable models. This includes photochromic lenses, wrap around frames and of course classic sports sunglasses. Select your favourite sports brands from the menu or discover more tips on topics like best cycling glasses on our blog.

male model wearing JB men's prescription glasses

Men's Glasses Most Popular Colours

The combined experience of our eyewear specialists here at Edel-Optics shows that men's most popular eyewear frame colours include gold-tone, silver-tone, gunmetal and tortoise or tortoiseshell. Head straight for these colours if you want an on-trend frame colour that is perfect for every occasion and has a little something more than just plain black. For some more tips on choosing the glasses colour check out our blog post on the right pair of eyeglasses for your style here.

Clear Lens Glasses for Men & Customisation

You can also order all of our men's glasses frames with non-prescription lenses a.k.a clear lenses if you simply want to enjoy eyewear as a fashionable accessory. You might also want to customise your lenses with an anti-reflective coating or blue light filter, especially good if you spend lots of time in front of a computer screen and want to reduce eye strain. Blue light filter lenses and many other customisations can be ordered simply by clicking on the "order with prescription" button on the product page.

Our Services

As an online opticians for branded and designer eyewear, we want to make shopping for your new glasses online as easy as possible. That's why we offer FREE delivery and FREE express delivery for our boutique models with a range of payment methods so you can buy safely. You will also have a selection of the best lenses at the best prices, including top brands such as Hoya and Seiko.

If you aren't sure about your choice of glasses, you can simply order your favourite models without prescription and try them on at home. Then you can return the frames with our FREE return service within 30 days and order your favourite pair again with prescription lenses.

Don't forget we also offer 3D Virtual Try-On for most of our glasses models. Click the icon underneath the product image and your webcam will be used to show you what a pair of glasses looks like on your face. This is great for getting an idea of whether the frame matches your face shape.

When it comes to lenses, we offer single prescription lenses online, blue-light filter lenses and varifocal lenses. If you have any further questions, you can always get in touch with us via the local phone number at the top of the page or email (

About Us

Here at Edel-Optics, we provide the highest quality branded and designer eyewear and sunglasses at exclusive low prices for fashion-conscious clientele. With a total of over 40,000 products, we offer you the best prices that are adjusted daily as well as super low prices in our prescription glasses sale. We are a primarily an online opticians based in Europe, with physical stores in Germany and shipping to the UK and many other destinations worldwide. We have collaborated with famous personalities to create our own mens eyewear collections, such as JB by Jerome Boateng, GMK, Dieter Bohlen and VOOY x deluxe. So, what are you waiting for? Click through the extraordinary world of Edel-Optics and add the cherry on the top of your look with a new pair of glasses!