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Children's Glasses

Only the best eyewear for kids!

If you are looking for high-quality glasses for kids with prescription lenses, then you’ve come to the right place! As an online optician, Edel-Optics offers a wide range of children’s designer glasses and high quality branded glasses for kids for you to buy online from the comfort of your own home, including express delivery. Just browse our shop above or read on for some key tips when choosing your children’s glasses online.

As parents, our kids are the apple of our eye and we want to protect them. Indeed, we not only need to protect their bodies but also their eyes! The eyes develop up to the age of 28 and face more and more challenges throughout growing up, not least because of the increasing number of screens in our environment. Genetic factors can also cause visual impairments. It is important that from being a baby through to adulthood ** regular checks of vision ** are carried out by the ophthalmologist or opticians in order to diagnose, if necessary, not only ametropia in the sense of short-sightedness or long-sightedness, but also astigmatism, both of which can be drastically improved by suitable children's glasses.

Glasses on small kids?

Finding suitable glasses for small children is certainly not an easy task. The main difficulty is that the face is still developing and the bridge of the nose is growing, so their glasses require an individual fit. This area is also more sensitive than the stable nasal bone of adults because it takes many years to develop fully. To avoid unpleasant pressure, a soft, well-fitting nose pad is recommended.

Another important tip for the well-being of our kids is a pair of children's glasses with temples that are adapted to the width of the child's head and not too tight. When buying a new pair of glasses for our little one, you should go for flexible materials for the frame and temples. This not only makes it easier to put on the glasses, but also prevents the frame from pressing on the sides when the head has grown slightly.

How can I convince my child to wear glasses?

Many parents ask themselves this question, but it's actually relatively easy to answer. Firstly, follow the tips in the paragraph above. Because if the new unfamiliar object feels uncomfortable on the child's face, there is a danger that it will quickly end up in the corner and always be "forgotten" somewhere. That's why making sure your kid’s glasses have the correct fit is crucial. Not least because the fun of playtime might be reduced if they constantly have to worry about slipping glasses!

You can't always expect rational decisions from young kids. Wearing their prescription glasses frame is much more emotional for them than for adults. The little rascals - whether boys or girls - can be convinced to wear them more easily if they really like the style of the glasses. Above all patience is required when buying glasses for the first time, and the child is the best person to help choose because the more they like the glasses, the more they wear them.

As a parent, plan enough time for buying glasses and offer your children a few different options to choose from, because this increases the chance that even a shy boy or a stubborn girl (or vice versa) will find a pair they are proud to wear. In any case, you shouldn't rush anything to make sure that the right choice of glasses also creates a positive attitude towards the new accessory.

To save time, it is a good idea to look online in advance to see what the colourful world of kids’ eyeglasses frames has to offer. Edel-Optics has a large selection of fashionable and designer glasses for kids in various shapes and colours. With almost 1,000 models and more than 20 brands, a suitable pair of glasses can be found for every young glasses wearer. Especially popular are the Ray-Ban Junior Glasses, which allow the little heroes to look like their big idols. Other popular eyewear brands for kids frames include Oakley or Stella McCartney. Once you have found a few favourites, you can easily order them online with window glass to try on at home and then send back with our free returns service, and then order your favourite pair with prescription. Simply fill in the information about your child’s prescription on the online form and our digital optician will always be ready to help if you need. Other customisations such as blue-light filter are also available.

What else do I need to know about kids' glasses frames?

The most important thing with children's glasses is regular adjustment of lens strength. Fun, colourful frames may be a prerequisite for the kids to accept their glasses, but in the end it's all about eyesight. And this should always be one hundred percent during childhood adventures such as sliding down slides or climbing up trees!

To protect our children's eyesight, we should choose children's glasses with lenses made of plastic or polycarbonate. Synthetic spectacle lenses have the advantage over real glass that they do not splinter when subjected to impact or the general effects of physical forces.

If you’re looking for prescription sunglasses for kids UV protection is absolutely essential because the eyes of children and teenagers are especially sensitive to UV rays. We strongly recommend only choosing products with the "CE" symbol, which stands for European Conformity (Conformité Européenne). If you want to be on the safe side, shop in our online store. All sunglasses in our range not only have the CE mark, but also the best protection (UV400).

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