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Buy Blue Light Glasses Online

Do you regularly sit in front of a computer screen or spend hours looking at your smartphone or tablet? Then you may know the feeling of dry and tired eyes. LED screens emit blue HEV light, which can also cause headaches and insomnia. The solution: glasses with blue light filters.

Three steps to order your blue light filter glasses:

  • Choose a frame for your glasses.
  • Click on "Order non-prescription lenses with blue light filter".
  • Complete the order.
  • Your new glasses will be made for you and will be with you within a few days.

More info and advice can be found in our guide below.

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Everything You Need to Know About Blue Light Glasses

What are the benefits of blue light filter glasses?

Blue light filter glasses have an important function that distinguishes them from conventional glasses. As the name suggests, these glasses have a filter that absorbs blue light from LED displays. But what is blue light anyway?

It is not to be confused with blue light, which you see on emergency vehicles, for example. We do not perceive blue light as a blue colour, our screens appear more white. Strictly speaking, it is HEV light (high-energy visible light) that is cast onto our retinas by LED screens. Depending on the brightness of our surroundings, this artificial light dilates our pupils, causing an increased amount to reach the retina and strain our eyes.

But what is so bad about HEV rays? Receptors in our eyes respond to blue light by inhibiting the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin is produced when we perceive darkness. However, blue-violet light is very bright and prevents this natural process. The result: we cannot fall asleep because our healthy sleep rhythm is disturbed. Working or playing behind an LED screen for long periods can also cause headaches in addition to the feeling of exhaustion and dullness. Some studies even point to the danger of macular degeneration, which can cause lasting damage to our eyesight.

How do blue light blocking glasses work?

Glasses with blue light filter technology make use of a special coating that lies on the lens like a protective shield. This filter intercepts the short-wave harmful light and only lets through the part of the blue light spectrum (from 450 nm) that is useful and harmless for vision. In addition, the coating has a very weak brown tint (approx. 8%) for technical reasons, which ensures improved contrast perception when looking at the screen.

What are blue light filter glasses for?

Glasses with blue light filters are particularly advantageous when screen time exceeds three hours. Thus, the wearers of these screen glasses include not only people with an office job, but also gamers and anyone who likes to surf the internet for a long time on a tablet or smartphone. Home-schooling is another reason why blue light filter glasses for children are becoming increasingly important.

In general, every user of digital devices with screens should listen to their body's signals. If you suffer more from tired eyes or if your sleep is disturbed or your day-night rhythm is disrupted, it is worth getting a new pair of glasses with blue light filters.

Where can I buy blue light filter glasses?

You can easily add the blue light filter when you buy your glasses: By clicking on the "Order with prescription" button, you can access our digital optician. Here you can add the blue light filter like all other lens enhancements in the other options at the bottom of the page.

If you don't need prescription glasses, the quickest way to order blue light filter glasses is to click on the button "Order with blue light filter non-prescription". Some lenses even have the blue light filter already integrated. This applies, for example, to all prescription-free glasses from our VOOY brand.