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Saint Laurent Sunglasses

"What is elegance other than forgetting what you wear," designer Yves Saint Laurent once said.

A sentence to which the fashion icon has only partly remained faithful throughout his life with his memorable creations, so that stars like the actress Cathérine Deneuve swore lifelong fidelity to the fashion tsar, repeatedly showering him with her praises."He designs fashion for women with a double life," she said. "During the day he helps us survive in a world full of unknown people. In the evening he lends us seductive charm."

Even after the death of the fashion designer in 2008, nothing much has changed in the corporate philosophy. Because the fashion company Yves Saint Laurent Couture has always been synonymous with the colour black, rebellious, insubordinate luxury and Parisian couture cool, which the founder always pushed forward and always emphasized with one of his most famous quotes: "Colours? Black is my haven of hope."


Born on August 1, 1936 and raised in Oran in Algeria, the gentle Saint Laurent, who was teased as an outsider during his schooldays, owed it to his mother that he fled into the fashion world. The final impetus was Molière's play "Critique de L'École des Femmes" (School for Women"), which spurred the then eleven-year old boy to put his first drawings of costumes on paper.

As a result, an almost unprecedented career took its course, which gained him his first attention in the fashion metropolis of Paris, when, at the tender age of seventeen, Saint Laurent participated in the annual International Wool Secretariat (IWS) competition in 1953, immediately taking third place in the category "evening dress".

Thanks to the contacts that Saint Laurent made at the award ceremony, he began training as a fashion and stage designer at the prestigious fashion school "Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture" in 1954, which he quit in the same year to compete in the competition IWS, which he won this time in the category "cocktail dress" and whose drawings were published in Vogue magazine and went into series production at Givenchy. Karl Lagerfeld appeared on the fashion stage at the competition for the first time, leaving the competitors far behind in the category "Jackets". The awards ceremony was not just their first point of contact, but the two designers had the opportunity to get to know each other and immediately became good friends, which, in addition to the animosities between Armani and Versace, became with increasing duration one of the best-known rivalries in the fashion world.

Instead of resuming his training, the Frenchman was hired as an assistant to Christian Dior, in whose shadow he learned the tools, until he was promoted to Art Director three years later after Dior's death ...

... and that was before his 22nd birthday!

The crown prince of French haute couture was born and yet the fashion addicts had to wait for some time until the designs of the Frenchman turned the fashion world upside down.

The reason was the Algerian war, which had been raging since 1955. Saint Laurent was drafted into military service and suffered a nervous breakdown prior to his departure, resulting in a stay at a psychiatric hospital where he underwent electric shock and sedative treatment, resulting in a drug dependency that plagued the designer throughout his life.

The fashion house, which for a long time had no longer been content with the creations of its designer, used one of the darkest hours in Saint Laurent's life to release him from his duties. While Dior had lost confidence, Pierre Bergé, his life-companion, friend, and husband, was confident that Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent was far from having reached the zenith of his creative endeavour and did everything he could to get the Frenchman discharged from psychiatric care. After he had succeeded, they sued Dior together and received compensation, which served as starting capital for their own company.

Already at Dior, Saint Laurent had been able to collect a vast number of points with his materialized designs in the acclaimed "Ligne Trapéze" (trapeze line), which finally freed women from the compulsion to have a wasp waist, but the real ascent to the fashion Olympus began with his Collections in the 1960s that already had their own company logo YSL.

When Saint Laurent combined black and brown both with colourful patterns and colours such as orange and pink, he was partly scorned as being as scandalous as stilistic inconsistency, upsetting the understanding of a world that he was to increasingly shape over the next four decades. Particularly noteworthy, in this respect, were the use of transparent black chiffon blouses that created the "Nude Look", the trouser suit for women ("Le Smoking") and the Safari Look, as well as the inclusion of the fabric Jersey in his creations, about which even the "New York Times" reported with amazement on its front page.

At the same time, Saint Laurent actively campaigned for the emancipation of women and was a pioneer on the catwalk, not only being the first couturier to book black models, but also placing them prominently in the spotlight. He even went so far as to threaten Vogue Magazine in 1988 with the cancellation of advertisements because the French edition refused to put Naomi Campbell on the title page. "Coco Chanel gave women freedom, Yves Saint Laurent, power," Bergé was never tired of emphasizing.

And that was just one example of how, during his great creative career, Saint Laurent repeatedly offended, was never bent out of shape, and was always right in the end, and so he continued to work according to his motto that "a lady doesn't wear the clothes. She allows the clothes to be worn by her. "

A view that made the fashion designer a visionary and revolutionary, often more than a step ahead of his time, without losing sight of the beauty of the female body which was his great inspiration, aside from the influence of painters such as Delacroix, Matisse, Goya, Mondrian, Picasso or van Gogh. “Nothing is more beautiful than a naked body. The most beautiful garment that a woman can wear, is the embrace of the man that she loves. And I am here for those who haven't found this happiness!"

A circumstance that cannot be dispelled even today in the models of the Saint Laurent sunglasses. Because sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent truly feel like a warm embrace for the nose and ears when it comes to wearing comfort. This has also not changed since Saint Laurent increasingly withdrew from 1999, selling the fashion and cosmetics division to Gucci. Chief designer Tom Ford took charge of the Rive Gauche Collections, while Saint Laurent continued to lead the fashion of haute couture before withdrawing completely from the business in 2002.

The success of the brand in all areas is also one of the reasons why original Saint Laurent sunglasses are among the most copied models on the market. However, imitation Saint Laurent sunglasses are relatively easy to expose. First, there is the price of Saint Laurent sunglasses, but the craftmanship should also be taken into consideration, as well as the company logo on the models. Saint Laurent sunglasses replicas have fundamental defects in one of these areas, due to a false or missing lettering of the Saint Laurent sunglasses logo YSL or due to poor material processing. In addition, under the wrong pre-conditions, they want to lure gullible people to purchase the fakes at a super, special, bargain price. In addition, the counterfeiters do not have the original Saint Laurent sunglasses case or the Saint Laurent sunglasses cleaning cloth.

Inspiration from stage, catwalk and canvas icons

Next to Deneuve and Campbell and some of the greatest painters in history, Saint Laurent was enchanted by supermodels like Laetitia Casta, Jerry Hall or muses like Loulou de la Falaise and . He also never abandoned his passion for stage costumes and made creations for Zizi Jeanmaire, Roland Petit or Rudolf Nurejew.

Today, the biggest fans of Saint Laurent sunglasses include Kim Kardashian, her sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kanye West and Kendall Jenner. Also, Scott Disick, David Jones and Dakota Johnson are among the proven lovers of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses eyewear.

Opium for both fashion people and sun worshipers

The style of Saint Laurent's sunglasses ranges from classical over cool and fancy to rebellious and defiant, that only too willingly pushes the boundaries and breaks with established conventions, without ever being out of place in the fashion capitals of Paris, Milan, New York or Tokyo.

In addition to many timeless Saint Laurent sunglasses unisex models, the Saint Laurent sunglasses range offers a selection of models that are specifically designed to only be counted as Saint Laurent sunglasses women and Saint Laurent sunglasses men.

Furthermore, the label always comes up with extravagant highlights and styles for women and for men that come directly from the catwalk and are always embossed with the exclusive and legendary YSL monogram.

Models of Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses - A Piece of Eternity

The range of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses convinces with various models that have made a name in the fashion world and are among the absolute top sellers in the market.

The Saint Laurent SL 1 is one of the models, which has developed into an absolute classic within a very short time. Thanks to the Saint Laurent Sunglasses Collection 2017 and the Saint Laurent sunglasses collection 2018, the full rim version made of plastic in a Rectangle-Look comes in a variety of styles, so there is certainly something for every spectacle lover.

When looking for Saint Laurent unisex sunglasses, you should not miss the Saint Laurent Bold 1, the larger version Saint Laurent Bold 1/K with extended temple lengths and glass width, or the Saint Laurent Bold 2 in Panto look. The vitrifiable models with the 100% Saint Laurent sunglasses UV protection are definitely a must-have for all fashion-conscious men and women.

Are you looking for a classic? As the name suggests, the Saint Laurent Sunglasses Classic series is the place to be. Various styles of frameless Saint Laurent sunglasses are available in our online shop. A tip: The following models are extremely popular and timeless: the Classic 6, Classic 8, Classic 11 and Classic 11 Rainbow models, as well as the Saint Laurent pilot sunglasses (Classic 11 Zero).

There are several options for round Saint Laurent sunglasses: From the new collection we would like to offer the Saint Laurent Sunglasses Rope (Saint Laurent Sunglasses SL M26 Rope), which even for the progressive thinking of the YSL-designer of Saint Laurent Sunglasses is a trendsetter. Optionally you can also choose the Saint Laurent sunglasses SL 210, the Saint Laurent sunglasses SL M19/F or older models such as the Saint Laurent sunglasses SL 136 Zero, the Saint Laurent sunglasses SL 98 California and the Saint Laurent sunglasses SL 102 or the Saint Laurent Sunglasses SL 161 Slim as successful alternatives.

The French company impresses not only by its incomparable style, but also by its models Saint Laurent sunglasses heart, which in the case of the SL 181 Loulou in the cool Saint Laurent sunglasses Cat Eye optic, the SL 196 Loulou and the SL 197 Loulou can be understood literally. But the Saint Laurent Sunglasses Heart together with the Saint Laurent Sunglasses SL 51 Heart and the Heart SL 51 PERF have also been absolute box office hits since their launch on the market.

The Saint Laurent sunglasses vintage look can be linked to some models in the Saint Laurent sunglasses range: There is, for example, the Saint Laurent SL 28.

As a top seller, the SL 137 Devon has not only prevailed among fans of the brand. The full rim model captivates with its clean lines and sleek design. Without being too intrusive, the Saint Laurent sunglasses black or as Saint Laurent sunglasses Havana/brown sets every man's face in scene in the metropolises such as Istanbul, Dubai, Los Angeles or London.

With the Saint Laurent Sunglasses SL 214 Kate, the traditional form of Saint Laurent sunglasses Cat Eye has been given a very idiosyncratic twist, but which by no means diverges from the series or even deviates from the style that the French company and the Italian manufacturer (Kering Eyewear) have cultivated over the years of their fruitful cooperation.

Also, in the area of Saint Laurent Sunglasses Square, the designers have come up with a lot of new ideas. The Saint Laurent SL 51 impresses with a fancy look, while the Saint Laurent SL 86 with the metal frame is based more on classical understatement.

High-quality frames and designs with a French flair

The unique sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent surprise with unusual (SL 28/F), sometimes funky (SL M16) and sometimes with unexpected ideas or colour combinations (SLSL M8/F).On the other hand, they can keep up with plain (SL 51 Combi), cool (SL 193 T) or traditional models like the Saint Laurent Wayfarer sunglasses (Saint Laurent sunglasses SL 201/K Slim) to do justice to every imaginable look.

Nevertheless, the uncompromising interpretation of basic forms seldom deviates from the original idea (Saint Laurent SL 185 Slim. The extravagance is more likely to be caused by the precise workmanship, the concentration on one's own style and the attention to detail on certain models. Even the subtle integration of the brand logo and the "Saint Laurent" lettering do not stand out as do those of Dolce & Gabbana or Versace.

Which Glasses Suit Me?

If you are looking for Saint Laurent sunglasses, you don't have to look any further. At Edel-Optic you are spoilt for choice. How about the Saint Laurent Sunglasses Pilot-Style (SL 211) with green tinted lenses or the Saint Laurent Sunglasses round (SL 63), which have a very special sense of fashion.

On the other hand, Yves Saint Laurent models, like only a few other eyewear brands, emphasize the face of the wearer with their fashionable colours: Saint Laurent sunglasses gray (SL 57, 198/K Slim) over Saint Laurent sunglasses red to Saint Laurent sunglasses gold (SL Saint MASK) and the Saint Laurent sunglasses blue (SL 95).

Of course, we also have the Saint Laurent Sunglasses green (SL 158), the Saint Laurent sunglasses white (SL M1) or alternatively the Saint Laurent Sunglasses black (SL 87) in our huge Saint Laurent Sunglasses selection.

To find the right Yves Saint Laurent, check out our online fitting, where you can try on the models directly. If you still haven’t found anything that appeals to you, then our blog can certainly be of assistance. In addition, our Master of Glasses always has some helpful tips up his sleeve about Saint Laurent Sunglasses repairs.

Once the selection has been made, our digital dispensing optician will be of assistance regarding Saint Laurent sunglasses with prescription lens and of course finding the right lenses. The design and lens colour or whether mirrored, polarized or photochromatic depends entirely on your individual taste. After all, when buying glasses, it's each to his own!

When you have discovered your favourite model, you can directly order the Saint Laurent sunglasses online at an affordable price. In addition, should you change your mind, you can simply return the model free of charge. However, individually made prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, just call our customer support at our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores.

Our Service

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