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Silhouette Prescription Glasses


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Silhouette Prescription Glasses

Elegant High-Quality Glasses

When eyewear with sharp outlines and the highest level of quality is produced in the Austrian city of Linz, it is eyewear from the Silhouette brand. Since 1964, this brand has represented glasses frames with a minimalistic design and elegant lines that stand out nicely on the face of the glasses wearer, without being obtrusive. Alongside the attractive styles of their eyewear, Silhouette scores points with their lightweight materials, rarely using plastic (unlike other brands). The lightness of Silhouette frames is ensured by using high-quality titanium. This not only adds a lot aesthetically but reduces the weight of Silhouette frames to a minimum. This is how the innovative company manages to make its models some of the lightest glasses and sunglasses in the world.

Minimalistic Accessories

The design of Silhouette's eyewear is also minimalist. Particularly the rimless glasses enjoy high popularity when a new collection of Silhouette glasses is released. The weight saving is primarily achieved by using titanium temples and rimless lenses. Combining both ensures the Silhouette glasses frame doesn't press on your nose, even when worn for a long time. If you want to maximum wearing comfort, you should also opt for as thin a lens as possible so that a few more grams are saved.

A rimless Silhouette in a particularly beautiful shape is the Silhouette TMA Icon, where not only the name is iconic. Its simple design with a filigree titanium frame makes it one of the most popular modern rimless glasses models. Of course, if you feel like a rimless pair of glasses lacks something and you're not sure if they suit your style, you can also go for full-rim Silhouette glasses. Our range is large enough to find a pair that suits you personally.

The top model in this category is called LITE SPIRIT, and the name says it all. Because, despite being full-rim, this pair of Silhouette prescription glasses weighs hardly anything and is still visually stunning. Available in red, it brings colour into play, without going over the top.

The Silhouette SPX Illusion also has a narrow frame. In subtle black, it is the perfect pair of glasses for ladies and gentlemen who like to fly under the radar. The Silhouette URBAN LITE, which is traded as a square counterpart, is in the same vein. For those who find black too boring, the Silhouette INFINITY VIEW is an alternative, which also has a classically designed frame, but is more daring in terms of colour.

Which Silhouette glasses should I choose?

If you're not sure which models would look best on you, you can get an idea of how your favourites might look on you here. You can try on the various frames from Silhouette Eyewear virtually by using your webcam or uploading a saved image. Here you can easily check out most of the different frame types. As far as shapes are concerned, you also have the option to narrow down your search in the Silhouette Eyewear Overview using filters. Popular designs such as rectangle or round glasses are usually permanently in stock. If you've received your glasses and they don’t fit quite right, you're sure to find valuable advice and guidance in our blog, covering topics such as "How much do Silhouette vision glasses weigh?" or "Which Silhouette rimless glasses are the best?". Our "Master of Glasses" also has quite a few tips in his repertoire on topics such as repairing Silhouette frames or adjusting your frame.

If, after browsing our extensive selection, you have decided on the shape and colour of your dream glasses, you can order your glasses online at a reasonable price. If, contrary to expectations, you don't like them because of the material or the colour, you can simply send them back free of charge within 30 days. Only glasses with custom lenses or prescription lenses cannot be refunded, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, simply contact customer service via our local telephone number or via e-mail, or use our social media channels.

Our Services

If you have any questions while buying glasses, such as "how to choose the right Silhouette glasses size”, you can always come to us. We are always happy to help with our combined expertise in prescription glasses and sunglasses. In addition, free shipping and returns with a money-back guarantee and a wide range of payment methods make shopping with us easy.

About Us

If you want to buy Silhouette sunglasses online cheap, we are the right people to bring you closer to the unique Silhouette eyewear experience. In our brand glasses online store you will find a wide variety of Silhouette glasses for women and men’s glasses, all with glasses cleaning cloth and case included in the price. It goes without saying that each model is a genuine and brand new original. Used products and Silhouette copies with names like "Silhuette" or "Silhouett Eyewear" have no place in our warehouse.

As eyewear specialists for the fashion-loving customer, we even offer polarised sunglasses at absolute bargain prices, according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". We also offer reduced sunglasses from other brands such as Ray-Ban and Michael-Kors as well as products from our in-house Glasses Sale at a unique price.