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Max Mara Glasses Frames

Eyewear by Max Mara – What Women Want

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun,

Oh girls, they wanna have fun

Sings Cyndi Lauper from her soul in the world-famous song Girls Just Want to Have Fun. While some feminists view this piece as a hymn of the progressive emancipation of the 80s, here at Edel-Optics we feel rather more drawn by the lifestyle vibe of the song. Because what is more relaxing than walking in the sun and having fun? Not much.

This is also well known in the north Italian Reggio Emilia, where sunshine is not only the basis for sundried tomatoes but also for southern countryside joie de vivre. This joy for life paired with a fiery passion for fashion was what fuelled Achille Maramotti. In Reggio Emilia in 1951, he founded the brand Max Mara. To this day, it represents clear cuts and bold lines, always high-quality, never boring. Under the leadership of head designer Ian Griffiths, who has been at the creative helm for 30 years, the company has been so successful not least because all its designs are the result of constant innovation.

History of Max Mara

Even though Achille Maramotti was literally born into the world of tailoring, Max Mara was born generations earlier. Nonna Maramotti was already responsible for her grandson's path. She not only worked in this trade, but also helped her daughter, Achille's mother, to start a small tailoring business. So young Achille's destiny was already written, so to speak. At the age of 20 he was already creating designer fashion, only 4 years later (in 1951) he founded the company Confezioni Maramotti, which he later renamed Max Mara. "Mara" is short for Maramotti, while "Max" is a tribute to a Reggio resident who was "rarely sober, but always stylish".

However, Max Mara's success is not only due to Maramotti's legacy, but also to Achille's series of good decisions. His fashion sense made him a pioneer. Always aware of what was moving the fashion world, Maramotti was one of the first to realise that the future of fashion lay in mass-producing high-quality Alta Moda. Moreover, the brand always came before the individual, unlike famous designer greats such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez or Anne Marie Beretta who have, at times, immortalised themselves in their ideas and designs.

Alongside elegant blouses and straight-cut trousers, the Italian's signature piece is above all its coats. The double-breasted wool coat with the random row of numbers or ID number "101801" completely turned the fashion market upside down in 1981 and is therefore still considered a Max Mara icon today. "I couldn't throw away a coat, it wouldn't be a good idea either. It's wonderful to see how coats have changed over time, and how they haven't," gushed Max Mara's fashion director Laura Lusuardi in 2017. Griffiths agreed: "The perfect coat is one you'll still be wearing in twenty years and passing on to your daughter."

The importance of the brand became clear when Stèphane Bonvin said: "There are days when it would be wonderful to be a Max Mara coat". With this, he not only paid a huge compliment, but also led people to ask whether this strange desire might not even be drug induced.

Max Mara Women's Eyeglasses - Intoxicating Styles

Today, Max Mara's fashion range has grown to include women's eyeglasses, which are characterised by a clean and clear design with elegant lines and shapes. Be aware, Max Mara’s designs are highly addictive! The highest quality of materials and refined aesthetics bring Max Mara a high standing worldwide. As with Max Mara clothing, the Max Mara eyewear models are largely monochrome, but never monotonous. As for the variety of frame shapes, the designers offer the complete geometric range from square to round and trapezoid. Those who want to add an even more feminine touch should go for the popular Max Mara cat-eye glasses.

Max Mara’s eyewear is also impressively comfortable. High-quality materials such as acetate, titanium or other precious metals ensure that you’re wearing a reliable pair of glasses. Max Mara metal glasses in black are the most popular, as the dark colour exudes understatement, but the reflective metal still flashes in the light. If you’re looking for an eye catching piece, you can go for oversized models and or a bright frame colour such as Max Mara red glasses and make a real fashion statement.

Which Max Mara glasses should I choose?

Each Max Mara eyewear collection contains new styles that represent the Italian attitude towards life. If you want to add something special to your glasses case on your way out, look for Max Mara prescription glasses in yellow, pink or white. Of course, you can also find more subtle colours in the Max Mara range if they match your style better. If patterned colours reflect your attitude to life, look for a pair of max mara tortoise shell glasses or even a multi-coloured frame such as MM 1327. With our filter on the left side of the screen you can easily sort through our entire catalogue according to your preferences. Otherwise, you can check out the most popular designs straight away, such as the gold-gradient rim MM 1251 or the Max Mara rimless glasses in cat-eye shape MM 1324.

If you have decided on a colourway but are not sure whether your favourite pair suits your face shape, you can get an idea of which frame shape suits your shape face here. You can check out the entire range of Max Mara eyeglasses sorted according to the different frame types. You can also try on the various frames by Max Mara virtually by switching on your webcam or uploading a locally saved photo. Just look out for the 3D virtual try-on icon underneath the product image.

If you have received your prescription glasses and the fit is not quite right, you can check out our blog full of valuable tips and fashion inspiration, as well as our advice videos by our "Master of Glasses". He has a whole bunch of tips on points such as "Repairing frames" or "Adjustment" in its repertoire.

Once you have chosen your dream pair of glasses, you can order your glasses online at a low price. If you change your mind, you can simply send them back free of charge within 30 days. Only glasses with prescription lenses cannot be refunded, unless it is a material defect. If you have any questions, simply call customer service via our local telephone number, send your e-mail address to support via our social media channels or contact our staff directly in one of our stores.

Our Services

If you have any questions while buying glasses, such as "the right Max Mara eyeglasses size", you can always contact us. We are always happy to help, whether in the digital or analogue world. Feel free to drop by one of our three stores at any time to get professional and individual advice or to inquire about Max Mara spare parts. In addition, the free return shipping with money-back guarantee and the diverse payment methods make your purchase with us easier.

Since Max Mara prescription and reading glasses as well as sunglasses are among our high-quality Boutique Brands, you're guaranteed to receive your glasses from this brand tomorrow if you order by 6pm today. What's more, in addition to free express shipping, we'll throw in an eyeshaker to keep your brand new glasses shining.

About Us

If you want to buy Max Mara glasses online at a low price, then you’ve come to the right place. In our branded glasses online shop you will find a wide range of Max Mara ladies glasses at unbeatable prices. Only Max Mara men's glasses are not yet available. For men’s frames, you can alternatively check out other boutique brands such as Tom Ford and Fendi or step away from the boutique to other popular brands such as Giorgio Armani, Boss or Ray-Ban.

As eyewear specialists for fashion-conscious customers, we offer even the highest quality frames at absolute bargain prices under the claim "SEE AND BE SEEN". Also reduced price glasses and products from our in-house glasses sale are available from us at unique prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit us in the extraordinary eyewear world of Edel-Optics and treat yourself to your very own piece of Italian luxury with Max Mara prescription eyewear.