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Prada Sport Sunglasses


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Prada Sport Sunglasses

Fashionable Awareness in a Sporty Case

Bertolt Brecht once said: "Exciting sport starts where sport has long since stopped being healthy."

A maxim that the fashion empire Prada has not just taken to heart, but since the foundation of its own line Prada Sport in 1997, it is something the company refutes every day.

For a fashionable appearance (Prada Sport PS 04RS, Prada Sport PS 05RS) combined with the active elegance of (NETEX-COLLECTION PS 51OS, Prada Sport Intrepid PS 01LS), clearly defined lines (Prada Sport Benbow PS 53PS, Prada Sport PS 06SS or Prada Sport PS 01TS) and with a partly extraordinary simplicity (Prada Sport PS 54SS), the fashion giant with its unique sunglasses line has more than earned the title "Absolutely Extraordinary Sport". With its label, the eyewear brand not only serves the upper 10,000, but also fascinates the masses with its designs, which by no means only refer to those who are mad about sport, but in accordance with Karl Marx' famous quotation has formally become "Opium for the masses".

In addition to adidas and Oakley, there is no doubt that the Italians are the first port of call for leisurely and athletic sun worshipers when they are looking for creations that play with classical shapes and combinations, without reinventing the wheel.



The inciting impulse for the Prada Linea Rossa, as Prada Sport has been known as since 2003, did not come from Miuccia Prada, but rather from her husband and Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli, when the well-known yacht designer German Frers approached him and suggested that Bertelli set up his own sailing team to compete in the prestigious America's Cup.

The implementation was then again in the creative hands of the star designer, Miuccia Prada, who immediately set the ball rolling for Prada Sport sunglasses for men and Prada Sport sunglasses for women. As with Prada's resurgence and Miu Miu's meteoric rise, her share in the Prada Sport project is again undeniable.

Of course, in addition to the quality of the products, the name also plays a significant role, because Prada simply stands for history, class and excellence, which not only resonate in the subtext of the fashion world but are deliberately used and staged by the Prada Group to give their new lines and products a larger platform to help them get quickly established on the market.

The same was true for Prada Sport sunglasses, which not least due to the high recognition value of the parent company, the unique red stripe with the white Prada lettering on the temple and the quality of Prada sunglasses were immediately successful. The logical consequence was that countless counterfeiters are still trying to sell their Prada Sport sunglass imitations predominantly to men but also to women. Their success was and has remained inconsequential, because original Prada Sport sunglasses are significantly different in their craftmanship than fake copies. This is where the partnership between Prada and Luxoticca, the Italian eyewear manufacturer, which has existed since 2003 and whose expertise is undeniable on the market, comes into play.

Prada Sport Sunglasses - Celebrities' Best Friend

The craftmanship, the name and the qualitative materials used in their manufacture are just a few of the quality features that have not gone unnoticed by the stars and starlets, having completely convinced them of the Prada Sport sunglasses eyewear. In addition to Prada sunglasses, stars like Rihanna, Christian Bale, Bruno Mars, Tom Hardy and Jeremy Renner are more than convinced of the sportier line of the fashion empire.

The Style of Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses

Sunglasses by Prada Linea Rossa are oriented towards classical shapes and colours. Deliberate understatement, which does not detract from the functionality in sports such as golf, sailing, jogging, motorsport or cycling but simultaneously cuts a fine figure on the red carpet.

The designers of the Italian fashion giant know how to incorporate a sporty and active touch (Prada Sport PS 52QS) without setting out to create a jarring note, as Versace or Dolce & Gabbana do every now and then to give a breath of fresh air to their own collections.

Unique Frames for Sophisticated Wearers

But anyone who believes that Prada Sport sunglasses eyewear appears to be stuffy and out-of-date, should perhaps take a second look. Because even though many of the past Prada Sport sunglasses collections are in classical and subdued colours like the Prada Sport sunglasses black (Prada Sport PS 03TS) and the Prada Sport sunglasses brown (Prada Sport PS 03SS), the Prada Sport sunglasses collections from 2013 to 2018 particularly range from classical forms, to absolutely contemporary to modern retro frames. The creative and cutting-edge Prada Sport sunglasses models in the aesthetics of sports and lifestyle, paired with a pinch leisureliness and cosiness, definitely don't have to hide from competitors like Tom Ford, Ray-Ban and Michael Kors, which for no reason often and, above all, mistakenly are considered to be more suitable for everyday use.

Indeed, since their introduction, the sunglasses frames of Prada Linea Rossa have been presented time and again as a combination of reinterpreted brand creativity and contemporary and avant-garde design. Clear lines and modern silhouettes characterize the frames, not least through artful production techniques and advanced technologies, thus creating the unmistakable look that makes Prada Sport sunglasses a unique work of art.

Technological Masterpieces

The sunglasses frames are not only characterized by the frames being made of acetate plastic, but also by the plastic lenses that guarantee 100% UV protection and are available in various tints, colours and reflections. Polarized Prada Sport Sunglasses should definitely not be lacking in the Prada Sport sunglasses range, as should not the photochromatic version. Embossed with sophisticated rubber inserts as nose pads and on the temples, the Italians make sure that the glasses can't slip off the faces of runners and other sports enthusiasts. An effect that is reinforced by the robust and versatile constructions.

So that the models never appear clunky, the designers rely on the appeal of the stylish brand logo and that of the small pieces of jewelry that have established themselves in everyday life, without ifs and buts, without losing their sports character. Prada Sport sunglasses simply exhibit the flexibility of a Swiss Army knife, representing both an active and leisurely lifestyle.


Which Glasses Suit Me?

If you are looking for sunglasses, you should check out our online shop. We have Prada Sport sunglasses in stock at an unbeatable price. In addition to the colors black and brown, the Prada Sport sunglasses blue (Prada Sport PS 54TS), the Prada Sport sunglasses gray (Prada Sport PS 54IS), the Prada Sport sunglasses silver (Prada Sport PS 56SS) or the Prada Sport sunglasses gold (Prada Sport PS 54RS) have all proven to be successful. However, other shades, such as Prada Sport sunglasses white and the Prada Sport sunglasses orange (Prada Sport PS 56QS) have also established themselves, expanding the classical models with more colourful variations.

Sunglasses in the pilot look (Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 50RS, Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 56MS) or rectangle frames (Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 53NS) are still among the absolute winners in the range of Prada Sport Sunglasses. Of course, less conventional frames from the house of Prada should not be left out of account. Especially the Panto-frame (Prada Sport PS 51SS ), but also the Panorama (Prada Sport PS 05SS) and irregular shapes (Prada Sport 50TS) are increasingly gaining momentum. When deciding on the right Prada Sport model, our online fitting is extremely helpful. After uploading a portrait photo, you can try on your model directly, whether full-rim, half-rim or rimless.

Buying Prada Sport Sunglasses Online

A famous saying is: Variety is the spice of life. To prevent being overwhelmed by the selection in our online shop, you can easily find the right Prada Sport sunglasses online thanks to our filters. Simply set the search parameters as you like, according to shape, colour, material or the various other filter options. If you are still not sure, our "Master of Glasses" or our bloggers have some good tips to keep the fine art of buying glasses from becoming rocket science. However, those who want to get "eye to eye" advice on site are most welcome to visit our two Hamburg shops in the AEZ and Ottenser Hauptstraße.

Once the selection has been made, our Digital Master Optician will assist you in choosing the right Prada Sport sunglasses with prescription lenses and, of course, the right type of lenses, for example, the Prada Sport Sunglasses Blue lenses (Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 54SS).

Alternatively, we can offer the sunglasses in various other coloured lenses from orange (Prada Sport PS 51RS) and silver (Prada Sport PS 03QS) to gold (Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 51TS) and purple (Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 50SS) or white (Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 04TS, Prada Sport Sunglasses PS 05TS). When you have discovered your favourite model, you can order the Prada Sport sunglasses directly online at an affordable price and take advantage of our various payment methods.

Our Service

With standard or express delivery, we guarantee that your object of desire will arrive safely and quickly. And of course, you can simply send back your Prada Sport sunglasses, if, contrary to expectations, you decide that you don’t like them. However, individually made prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical defects. If you have any further questions, just call our customer support via our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores where our staff will be delighted to help you.

About Us

With Prada Sport you can never go wrong... in any circumstances. We don't run any particular Prada Sport sunglasses advertising, give any Prada Sport sunglasses reviews or are solely a Prada Sport sunglasses online shop. We let the glasses speak for themselves because their excellent quality needs no further introduction.

We at Edel-Optics also don't offer short-term discounts or have short-term Prada Sport Sunglasses sales but shine throughout the year with models available below the recommended retail prices. But we look at our fashion-savvy clientele with both eyes, who not only want to cut a fine figure, but also want to make a real fashion statement. Our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN" after all, is not a coincidence. We provide every customer with unique quality at a unique price.

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