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Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

The Diva in the Eyewear Firmament

"When I'm in a - cinematography state of mind
What I visualize will open the eyes of the blind ",

says Pharoahe Monch confidently, in his collaboration between the Cella Dwellas and Organized Konfusion.

The rapper is, thus, at the heart of the philosophy of a designer, who has always been dismissed as a diva and "Enfant Terrible", especially in the US fashion scene, due to his eccentric streak and his infamous airs and graces. "People do not know what they want to wear. They only know it when they see it", is one of Marc Jacob's quotations, who unlike any of his colleagues and contemporaries, is able to influence the look of his customers with his new ideas and creations that become the absolute embodiment of the Cella Dwellas track "Ill Collabo".

Jacobs is considered one of the most influential and hottest fashion designers of our time, who skillfully combines opposing elements to form a coherent image, which at first glance seems to be a contradiction. The result is equally attractive and unconventional jewels that are more than the sum of their individual parts.

Almost every new season, the visionary of the international fashion scene becomes the Nostradamus of a world that lives out its creativity on the stages, platforms and catwalks of the major fashion capitals. His incredible vision of future trends is one of the most outstanding features of a man who, in his Marc Jacobs collections, is only too happy to combine bright and dark colours, sometimes presenting simple, sometimes freaky, sometimes retro and sometimes modern creations that keeps the level of excitement high among the lovers of the brand Marc Jacobs.


After the loss of his father, 7-year-old Jacobs grew up with his fashion-conscious grandmother on the Upper East Side of New York. Despite the blow of fate, a silver lining appeared on the horizon, when his grandmother taught him how to knit, laying the foundation for an unprecedented career.

After high school, he took the next step and at the age of 18 enrolled at the prestigious "Parsons The New School for Design". He earned recognition shortly after graduating in 1984, when the young designer was awarded quite a lot of prizes, thus catapulting himself into the fashion game in the Perry Ellis Company. There, the press celebrated not only his first designs, but also awarded him the title of "Designer of the Year".

Only two years later, together with his business partner Robert Duffy, the first own Marc Jacobs Collection was launched, which also was the kick-off for his own label, Marc Jacobs International. Here, the exceptional talent realized his vision of the famous Grunge-Look. "Grunge is the romantic hippie variant of punk", said the idiosyncratic designer, who among others, ranks the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants among his role models. Although celebrated by the press, this special style was hardly noticed on the streets and in the shops.

The final breakthrough, however, only happened when Jacobs moved to Paris in 1997, where he was hired as creative director at Louis Vuitton and with his ideas not only saved the sinking ship from its downfall, but also led the company, known for its suitcases and accessories, into unimaginable spheres. What's more, the self-proclaimed workaholic still found time to continue to promote his own brand and especially, among other things, develop several perfumes, a watch collection, two different eyewear collections and a children's collection under the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand.

An incredible success along the entire product range can also be found in the Marc Jacobs sunglasses collections, the production of which is handled by the LVMH Group. In terms of being counterfeited, the Marc Jacob's brand is in no way inferior to other brands like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci or Michael Kors. To prevent you for falling for fake Marc Jacobs sunglasses, there are a few things to note that can provide clues as to whether you are holding imitation Marc Jacobs sunglasses or original Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

The words "MARC JACOBS" appears prominently on the inside and outside of one of the temples of plastic Marc Jacobs sunglasses and Marc Jacobs sunglasses with a metal frame. Price, processing and weight are, of course, always indicators of original sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, as well as the respective Marc Jacobs sunglasses accessories, i.e. the original Marc Jacobs sunglasses case and Marc Jacobs sunglasses lens cloth.

Marc Jacobs replicas, on the other hand, can be relatively easily exposed, because in addition to defective material processing, the lettering is usually flawed. The most widespread miss-spellings are: Mark Jacobs, Marc Jakobs or Marc Jacob.

The Radiance of Marc Jacobs Designer Sunglasses

Scarlett Johansson, Selma Blair and Natalie Portman are just a few of the celebrities that are under spell of the sunglasses or the clothing collections of the headstrong New Yorker.

Divaesque Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Designs for You, Me and everything in between

Marc Jacobs sunglasses for women and Marc Jacobs sunglasses for men stand for extravagance, eccentricity and a combination of colours and materials that at first glance do not seem to match but that ultimately result in so much more than just a congruent image ... also including the guaranteed Marc Jacobs sunglasses UV protection.

Every year the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Eyewear line proves this with models like the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 8/S, the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 16/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 197/S or the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 198/S.

The Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 119/S, full rim and square look, go just as hand in hand as strawberries and cream. The Marc Jacobs sunglasses for men that are made of plastic are a visual delight which due to the different styles is not limited to just one taste.

Round sunglasses are simply an all-round success! The Marc Jacobs Sunglasses designers have also succumbed to this charm. The Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 107/S with a trendy double bridge from the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Collection 2017 or the simpler Marc Jacobs sunglasses unisex version of the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 48/S from the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Collection 2018 are no exception. On the contrary, unlike other brands, Marc Jacobs frames are always eye to eye with their competitors.

Marc Jacobs Cat-Eye Sunglasses do not just shine at night. With the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 203/S or Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 47/S you shine the whole day. Whether you are wearing Marc Jacobs Sunglasses for women on the beach, in a café or on the way to work, it doesn’t matter. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Cat-Eye are uncompromising and make you feel at home in every environment.

With the Marc Jacobs Rectangle Sunglasses, you can admire the creativity of the creators to the fullest. Clear, unadorned lines define the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Marc 46/S without looking dusty. On the other hand, there are the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MJ 252/S and the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 172/S that are absolutely unique on a market, which, one would think, should actually have seen everything.

With regard to the following models the US company also did things in style: Marc Jacobs Butterfly Sunglasses (Marc Jacbobs Sunglasses 117/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 103/S, Marc Jacobs Panto Sunglasses Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 184/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 204/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 108/S or Marc Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses (Michael Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 174/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 7/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 168/S.

A particular jewel is the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Daisy. The full rim model in a square look comes with a very special accessory. As the name of the glasses already says, there are two daisies on the outside of both temples, so that the frame is a revival of the flower power period.

The Style of Marc Jacobs

"The weird thing about fashion is you both love and hate it. As a fashion designer, I love and hate change."

A very ambivalent statement from the designer, who is known for his radical changes from one collection to the next, without losing his typical signature. Especially in fashion but also in sunglasses, his designs are as versatile as a chameleon, regularly tearing down those walls in the fashion scene that for decades have been regarded as inviolable. The result sometimes ends in fairytale worlds, which are more reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland than of reality.

His creations, which are manufactured by the Safilo Group, reflect New York, Paris and Japan, art, music and the Internet. The aesthetics are unpredictable and, like a collage, are made up of seemingly contradictory elements: beautiful and ugly, perfect and distorted.

The foundation of Jacob's design philosophy is broken beauty. A typical sentence from Jacobs is: "Maybe it's so horrible that it is also beautiful. "His fashion is often childishly playful with many small details that taken together stand out from the crowd. Bottom line: A label that is not only good for surprises with its strong contrasts, but which are expected both from critics and buyers alike. According to Jacobs: "If something is considered particularly tasteless, it's really great."

Which Glasses Suit Me?

If you are looking for sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, you are at the right place and at Edel-Optics you are spoilt for choice. How about the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Aviator-Style (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MJ 515/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MJ 627/S, with grey tinted lenses (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 44/S) or the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses round (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 217/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 11/S , Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 195/S, which have a very special fashion awareness.

On the other hand, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses models stand out like few other eyewear brands, due to their fashionable colorations. From the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Grey (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 49/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 29/S to the Marc Jacobs sunglasses red (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 294/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 255/S) to Marc Jacobs Sunglasses gold (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MJ 305/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 243/S) and the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses blue (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 187/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 56/S. A huge range that effortlessly enhances and underlines the faces of the wearers or seals them off from the rest of the world.

Of course, we have the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses green (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 220/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses ICON 096/S, the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses white (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 1, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses 27/S) or alternatively also the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses black (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 213/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 105/S), Marc Jacobs sunglasses brown (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 293/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 67/S), Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Havana (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 162/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 179/S or the Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Silver (Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 199/S, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MARC 66/S) in our huge Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Selection.

To find the right Marc Jacobs model, check out our online fitting where you can try on the model directly. Still not found anything that appeals to you? Then our blog can certainly be of assistance. Our Master of Glasses has always a few helpful tips up his sleeve about repairing Marc Jacobs Sunglasses.

Once the choice has been made, our digital dispensing optician will help you with Marc Jacobs prescription eyewear and, of course, with the right lenses. The design and lens colour and whether you opt for Marc Jacobs sunglasses mirrored, Marc Jacobs sunglasses polarized or Marc Jacobs sunglasses photochromatic or Marc Jacobs sunglasses self-tinting respectively depends entirely on your taste. After all, when buying glasses, it's each to his own! If you have you found your favourite model, you can directly order your Marc Jacobs sunglasses online at an affordable price. In addition, should you change your mind, you can simply return the model free of charge. Only individually made Marc Jacobs prescription sunglasses cannot be refunded unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, just call our customer support at our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores.

Our Service

For any questions that arise during the purchase of glasses, you can contact us at any time. We are always available with our concentrated expertise, both in the digital or analogue world. Pop into one of our two stores in the AEZ or in the Ottenser Hauptstraße to get professional and individual advice. In addition, our standard or express delivery, our free return policy and our various payment methods certainly make your shopping easier. This makes browsing a real visual treat.

About Us

If you want to buy affordable Marc Jacobs sunglasses online, we are the people to contact. We are not an exclusive Marc Jacobs sunglasses online store but have all well-known brands from Porsche Design to Persol and Céline as well as Polaroid in our assortment and at the recommended retail price.

Apart from our normal low prices, in the sale area of our online shop you will not only get a discount on Marc Jacob sunglasses but also a discount on other models in our assortment.

As eyewear specialists for fashion-enthusiastic clientele, we offer only the highest-quality models at absolute bargain prices under the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Marc Jacobs Sunglasses at reduced prices are also available, which goes without saying. Have a look online or visit one of our stores and be mesmerized by the endless “eyewear forest” of Edel-Optics, that thanks to our iPads and our unique shop system you don’t have to be afraid that the “trees” will block your view of the essentials.

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