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Mont Blanc Sunglasses


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  • Sunglasses (3)


  • Men

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  • Narrow
  • Normal
  • Wide


  • M 130 - 135mm (2)
  • L 136 - 140mm (1)
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  • Panto
    Panto (1)
  • Square
    Square (1)

frame shape

  • Full rim
    Full rim (2)
  • rimless
    rimless (1)

frame colour

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Frame material

  • Metal (2)
  • Plastic (1)

price GBP

  • 120 – 250 (2)
  • 250 – 450 (1)

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Montblanc Eyewear

The pinnacle of high quality craftsmanship

Montblanc is a name, and not just since yesterday. While for many people the highest mountain of the Alps springs to mind by default, which incidentally is spelled Mont Blanc and in French means “white Mountain“ (Italian „Monte Bianco“), we at Edel-Optics think of “Montblanc sunglasses“ first of all. So it’s not the snowy mountain tops for us, but rather top products. Those granite giants have been around for quite a while now, admittedly, but the Montblanc brand has also been standing rock solid for a good hundred years now.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Hamburg banker Alfred Nahemias and the Berlin engineer August Eberstein recognised the signs of the time. Standing at the foot of the mountain they decided to go with the strong influences of their generation and produce fountain pens. Since the 1910s and 20s were a good era for inventors and craftspeople, they found the courage required to lay the foundation of the Montblanc company with its future worldwide success.

According to anecdotal evidence, the idea for the name came up while playing a game of cards when a relative of a business partner came up with a creative comparison between the fountain pen as the proverbial pinnacle of writing culture at the time and the mountain Mont Blanc as the majestic highest pinnacle of the Alps. The Montblanc logo is a result of the same idea and is based on its predecessor, the white mountain peak. The latter symbolised the snowy peak of Mont Blanc, just like the rounded Montblanc Star of today.

Montblanc masterpieces

The year 1924 was going to be a milestone in the history of the culture of writing. For it was the year that theMontblanc Masterpiece collection was born. Ever since, the masterpiece embodies the Montblanc philosophy of continuity and timeless design. At the end of the 1920s Montblanc quickly evolved to become a brand that was already known in over 60 countries. With impressive advertising campaigns including the first advertising aeroplanes that literally turned “Montblanc“ into a high-flying name, the pen production company was very successful in getting got a lot of attention.

Two years later Montblanc expanded their business and opened their first leather workshop for luxurious small leather goods producing pencil cases and the popular Montblanc notebooks. For this purpose a manufactory in the town of Offenbach was purchased – a town that is famous for its leather making.

Alongside the expansion of its portfolio, Montblanc also broadened its social engagement. Numerous international funding projects in the fields of literature, music and ballet made up the foundation of Montblanc’s nowadays worldwide commitment to culture and the arts.

The Montblanc boutiques also spread on a worldwide scale. In 1990 the company opened its first boutique in Hong Kong. After promising developments in Asia, boutiques also opened in London and Paris – this was the beginning of an international expansion of the Montblanc boutique network. Nowadays there are more than 350 boutiques in over 70 countries.

The company‘s success was impossible to ignore, and so the Vendôme Luxury Group from Luxembourg took notice of Montblanc and took over the Dunhill Holding, who had bought a large part of the Montblanc shares in the 1980s.

In the 90s, with the Masterpiece Jewelry Collection Montblanc also managed the entry into the world of men's jewellery. Since 2001 Montblanc sunglasses are produced by the Kering company based on a licence agreement. In 2007 Montblanc got involved in the production of watches, which started with an investment in the Swiss Minerva Manufactory and as of today renders a significant profit. In 2010 the Swiss subsidiary Montblanc Montre SA Montblanc watches set new standards in the art of watchmaking.

Montblanc Eyewear – Summit of quality and design

Montblanc delivers the highest standards - with view to the history, everybody should know that by now. So obviously, it has nothing to do with recklessness that the long-standing company has given a lifelong warranty on some of their products, but rather with plausible self-confidence. With this same bold attitude, you can approach the sunglasses by Montblanc, as they play in the same league as the pens, the jewellery and other Montblanc accessories.

The Montblanc sunglasses quality is convincing on many levels. Especially the details of the Montblanc sunglasses are so sophisticated that forgers don’t stand a chance. Fake Montblanc sunglasses have no chance and accordingly hardly play a role on the market. When you hold Montblanc sunglasses in your hands for the first time, you feel immediately what you’re at. The glasses by Montblanc are easily on a par with Porsche Design, Prada or Boss.

Visually the stylish summiteers are also a heavyweight. The Montblanc MB0017S draws attention to itself with its full rim and covers your eyes with discreetly tinted lenses. Alongside the sunglasses with a thin metal frame they are, together with the Montblanc aviator style the Montblanc sunglasses MB0018S to be found in the flying squadron of the Montblanc aviator sunglasses. The latter is available as Montblanc sunglasses gold also with lenses in blue.

Also particularly popular are the Colourways Montblanc sunglasses grey or the Montblanc sunglasses black. And the silver or the Havana tones are not only beloved by mountaineering enthusiasts, but generally rate particularly highly among fashion conscious glasses wearers.

Regarding Montblanc sunglasses for women, the frames of the Montblanc sunglasses cat eye or the Montblanc sunglasses square dominate the premium segment.

But also the Montblanc sunglasses round, whose noblest representative are the Montblanc sunglasses MB0002S, convince even the most persistent sceptic. On the same level we find the bestseller Montblanc sunglasses MB0006S that stands for the company’s creative design strength like no other Montblanc sunglasses for men.

Which Montblanc sunglasses suit me?

When you are on the lookout for sunglasses by Montblanc, we at Edel-Optics have the whole range exclusively for you. You will rediscover established designs like the rectangleshape, the browlineframe and also well-known material combinations such as, for example plastic. To help you find the Montblanc sunglasses that are right for you, we recommend our online fitting, where you can place your model directly on the back of your nose. Should the frame still not be quite right, in our blog Blog you can most certainly find valuable hints and advice. In addition, our „Master of Glasses“ holds in store lots of tips on topics such as „Montblanc sunglasses frames repair“ or „adjustment“.

Once you have made your choice, our digital optician can help you with the correct lenses. If required, we can deliver your Montblanc sunglasses with prescription lenses, polarised or mirrored. Whether you choose a particular colour like brown, blue or grey or whether you pick silver or gold mirrored , depends entirely on your taste. After all, as they say: to each their own – this also applies to glasses shopping, of course!

Once you have discovered your favourite, you can order your Montblanc sunglasses online at a low price. Should you not like your Montblanc glasses against all odds, you can just send them back within 30 days free of charge. Merely individually fitted prescription glasses cannot be refunded, except in case of a technical fault. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service via our local phone number, our support via our social media channels or our staff at one of our Hamburg stores.

Our individual service

With all questions that may arise during your glasses shopping such as “the right Montblanc sunglasses size“ you always have the option to approach us. With our cumulative expertise we are always at your disposal, in both the digital and the analogue world. Just pop by anytime at one of our Hamburg stores, at the AEZ, the Mundsburg Center or in the Ottenser Hauptstraße to get individual professional advice. Also, shopping with us is made simple by easy shipping (Standard or Express), return free of charge and various payment methods.

About us

If you would like to buy Montblanc glasses online, we are here for you. In our online shop you find a great variety of frames at unbeatable prices. As glasses specialists for fashion enthusiasts we offer even the highest quality models at absolute bargain prices, according to the motto „SEE AND BE SEEN“. Also sunglasses at reduced prices and products of the in-house sale are available here. So what are you waiting for? Let yourself be whisked away into our exceptional glasses world at Edel-Optics.