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Buy Jimmy Choo Prescription Glasses Online

  About Jimmy Choo

While the success of most designers is based on their education, it's clear Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat already had the talent in his blood. The Malaysian-born fashion designer began practising his craft as a child. As the son of a shoemaking family, he tinkered with footwear even before he could walk in it. At the tender age of four, the boy's talent became clear, and seven years later he designed his first shoe.

Accordingly, the young designer's path led to a career in the fashion world and ended in a fashion empire with 150 boutiques worldwide as well as shops in the most renowned department stores and on the most exclusive shopping streets, á la Avenue Montaigne in Paris or Via Condotti in Rome. There, customers wrestle every season not only for the new Jimmy Choo clothing collections, but also for the Jimmy Choo glasses and Jimmy Choo sunglasses. And while the shoes of the British brand have been seen on the feet of various Hollywood stars since the nineties, their eyewear is still almost an insider tip by comparison.

Male and female model wearing Jimmy Choo glasses

  Who wears Jimmy Choo glasses?

Among the fashion connoisseurs who have already been seen wearing Jimmy Choo eyewear are Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian. Singer Rihanna wears her favourite model at the most important events and Paris Hilton is also "in love with my Jimmy Choo sunglasses". Even the British royal family appreciates the brand's clothes and accessories; Princess Diana was one of the most famous customers of the London-based fashion house. Today, fashion-loving men and women with many different styles and tastes come back to Jimmy Choo eyewear to add the final touch of elegance and haute-couture to their outfits.

Female model wearing black women's Jimmy Choo glasses

  Jimmy Choo Glasses Style

Thanks to timeless designs which are somehow always at the forefront of fashion, Jimmy Choo prescription glasses immediately boost your confidence and add a feeling of glamour, luxury and class to any outfit. These glasses are characterised by their subtle colours, unique and elegant frame shapes and of course, a little touch of sparkle, whether it's a few shining gems on the temples or a glittery acetate frame. While pale pink frames compliment many skin tones and add a feminine feeling, cool blue frames compliment the eyes and add a touch of colour to the face. Either way, you can't go wrong with a neutral frame colour such as classic black, tortoiseshell or gold metal. Available for both men and women, the Jimmy Choo eyewear collection has something for everyone.

Male model wearing metal men's Jimmy Choo glasses

  Shopping with Edel-Optics

If you want to buy Jimmy Choo designer glasses online at low prices, you've come to the right place. In our branded glasses online shop you will find all the latest eyewear collections including Jimmy Choo women's glasses and men's glasses, all with a cleaning cloth and case included in the price. As Jimmy Choo is one of our designer Boutique brands, you get FREE express delivery and a FREE Eyeshaker cleaning set included too. Don't forget, you can choose from a variety of lenses such as normal prescription lenses, blue-light filter lenses or even tinted lenses by clicking on the button "Order with prescription" next to the product. So what are you waiting for? Browse our range above and treat yourself to a glamourous Jimmy Choo glasses frame so you can “SEE AND BE SEEN”!