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Buy Tom Ford Sunglasses Online

Here to Stay

The story of Tom Ford International is closely rooted in the founder and namesake of the label. Along with Louis Vuitton, Georgio Armani and Calvin Klein, Ford is probably one of the best-known designers in the ever-changing world of fashion. The 55-year-old began his precipitous career in New York, where he enrolled at New York University and initially studied art history, before switching to architecture at the Parsons School for Design.

In 1990, he had his first big career leap. Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ford moved to Milan to take up the position of designer of women's clothing at Gucci. Within a short time, he helped the then failing fashion label to shine again in new splendour. His meteoric rise in the Italian company continued unabatedly, so that four years later he was appointed Creative Director for all product lines, ranging from clothing to perfumes. In addition, he was also responsible for the store designs, the corporate image, as well as the advertising campaigns.

In the ten years that Ford was creative director at Gucci and in the Gucci Group, sales increased from $ 230 million in 1994 to nearly $ 3 billion in 2003, making Gucci one of the largest and most profitable luxury brands in the world. All in all, the Gucci group was worth $ 10 billion when Tom Ford took his leave. There is still no doubt today about the influence Ford had exerted, not only on Gucci but on the entire fashion market. It was therefore even more surprising to learn that Ford fell out with the company in 2004 and shortly afterwards resigned. After a kind of sabbatical year, Ford founded his own brand, Tom Ford International, LLC in New York in April 2005, with the support of Domenico De Sole, former president and CEO of the Gucci Group.

In the same year, Tom Ford announced that they had entered into a cooperation with the Marcolin Group to tackle the production and distribution of prescription glasses and sunglasses. In addition, an alliance with Estée Lauder conjured up the Tom Ford Beauty Brand out of thin air. Both Tom Ford’s sunglasses and beauty collections have been huge successes and are worldwide among the three most frequently purchased brands in their respective specialty stores.

It took another two years for Ford to open his first flagship store. The location on 845 Madison Avenue in New York, was, of course, as carefully chosen as was the date, as the opening coincided with the announcement of Tom Ford’s first men's fashion apparel and accessories collection. In total, the company now has 98 independent shops or shop-in-shop systems in major cities such as Milan, Dubai, Shanghai or New Delhi.

It is not so easy to pigeonhole the all-rounder Ford. Already in 2005, he created his own film production company “Fade to Black” and his first film “A Single Man” that was co-written, produced and directed by the Ford, co-starring Collin Firth, getting the actor an Oscar Nomination. In 2016 the director and fashion guru released his second film, “Nocturnal Animals”. The Hollywood stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal played the leading roles. In Ford’s illustrious career, the American has garnered countless awards including five from the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America, Designer of the Year for Men's Clothing (2008), GQ Designer of the Year, and Russia's GQ Man of the Decade. But the awards are only the adornment of his work. Because Tom Ford could justifiably claim that he has the "Midas Touch" because everything he touches seems to turn into gold. His unparalleled creations are among the most popular and prestigious eyewear designs in the world. The Tom Ford label stands for individuality and innovation paired with exclusivity and state-of-the-art eyewear design. He relies on warm, natural shades, predominantly classical shapes and different materials, ranging from plastic to leather. The gold-coloured inserts on the hinges provide the right shine, which at the same time promises a luxurious and glamorous impression with a corresponding dash of coolness.

A coolness that neither Hollywood stars nor society prodigies or music icons can resist. Janet Jackson and Britney Spears wear them, Paris Hilton and Kourtney Kardashian love them almost as much as their dogs, and they're part of the wardrobe of Eva Longoria or Jennifer Aniston. Probably the most prominent appearance on the screen, was in the Bond movies Quantum of Solace and SPECTRE with Daniel Craig in the lead role and Tom Ford on his nose.

How to Avoid Fakes

While the British actor did not have to worry about it, you should always pay attention to a few details when you buy sunglasses by Tom Ford, so you don't end up with a fake. Pay special attention to the engraving. The word "Tom Ford" is noticeably engraved on the outside of the lens, which you can feel when you run your fingernail over the spot in the upper left corner of the lens. If the lettering is indistinctly or fuzzily readable, you could be holding a fake in your hands. The same applies if the 9-digit serial number LPxxxxxxx, which identifies each pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and is located on the inside of the temple, is neither etched nor engraved. And please note: don't confuse the serial number with the model number or the colour code, that are only printed in colour. Another feature of a Tom Ford Original is the metal insert in at least one of the two temples. The metal plate with the "Tom Ford" lettering is deeply embedded in the plastic, whereas in a Tom Ford fake this security feature is only printed or glued on or is even completely missing. In addition, the sunglasses should always come in a labeled retail box with a Tom Ford glasses case, certificate of authenticity in the form of a card, an info booklet and a lens cloth. Tom Ford Women's Sunglasses

Best-Selling Tom Ford Sunglasses Styles - Ready for Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston probably inspired the ladies model Jennifer Soft Square or FT0008. Particularly striking in this bestseller is the elegant full-rim frame with trendy cut-outs, the slightly curved temples and the oval lenses.

In addition to the Jennifer, especially in the colour brown, the Whitney Oversized Soft (FT0009) is very popular among sunbathers. The highly fashionable full-rim spectacles, which have a striking resemblance to the mathematical sign for infinity, provide corresponding luxury in everyday life. An all-round fashionable women's eyewear accessory, which does not elbow itself into the focus like Whitney Houston's voice, but gives any outfit the appropriate edge, rather than stealing the laurels.

With Miranda, we are not talking about a programming language or the Uranus moon, but about sunglasses for women. Whether in gold or in another colour, the cross-over bridge makes the frame one of a kind. The extraordinary frame is rounded off by the cut-away spectacle lenses, which create space between the lens and the frame, both inside and out, which lends the frame a very special flair.

The Tom Ford Henry Clubmaster or FT0248 made its appearance in Daniel Craig's last Bond movie: SPECTRE and rightly raises the question of whether it might actually be possible to purchase style? And the version with the vintage look and trapezoid frame stands for absolute fashion taste.

The men’s Tom Ford sunglasses model, Marko FT0144, also worn by James Bond in Spectre, impresses with its retro style, sending all fans of 80's series like Magnum, TJ Hooker or Chips into raptures. The drop-shape lenses and the narrow frame contribute to the rest, so that the only answer to the question of coolness can be this model FT 0144. Another popular pair are the Jacob FT0447 with bold plastic rim in aviator style.

Our final tips include: the Anoushka, for example, in Havana look or the Tom Ford Henry in brown. And you should definitely try on the Tom Ford Sunglasses Snowdon and Dimitry for men or the Penelope for women. Tom Ford Men's Sunglasses

Which Glasses Suit Me?

With so many eyewear choices, it's sometimes not so easy to find the needle in the haystack. In addition to the classic Tom Ford sunglasses in black, there are frames in all sorts of colours and there is something for every taste.

If you already know what features your new glasses should have, you can specify this in the filter. You will then receive your wishes directly in the form of different models. If you are uncertain about your decision, you can take a look at the various possibilities here or upload a photograph of yourself and try the glasses on virtually. For other tips and tricks, you should consult our "Master of Glasses".

What We Offer

If you have any questions about specific Tom Ford glasses or your order, feel free to contact our customer service via the local phone number at the top of the page. If you prefer a personal consultation and happen to be based in Germany, just pop into one of our two stores in Hamburg, the Alstertal Shopping Centre or Ottenser Hauptstrasse 33, and we will gladly help you with advice and assistance. If you have decided on an eyewear model, you can choose between standard or express delivery. If you change your mind about the glasses you have chosen, you can send them back to us with FREE returns within 30 days. However, prescription or customised glasses cannot be returned unless they are faulty.

About Us

We are the specialist for your glasses. Our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN" reflects our fashion affinity and our trend awareness. Looking for new Tom Ford glasses at a cheap price? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Edel-Optics value-for-money sunglasses are not a mayfly nor only available during sales. Our prices are as solid as a rock in the Edel-Optics ocean, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, giving you the impression of being in a sale, no matter when, no matter where, when comparing our prices with the normal recommended retail price.