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Porsche Design Eyewear

Glasses by Porsche Design: Functionality without any wavy lines

Look for me, Young B
Cruisin' down the west-side, highway
Doing what we like to do, our way
Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason,

These are the first lines of the hit ‘03 Bonny & Clyde by Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but it could just as well be an introduction to Porsche Design sunglasses and Porsche Design prescription glasses. Well of course that was not the thought behind the hit single, but still it captures the Porsche Design feeling perfectly.

Here, uncompromising, clear and functional alignment meets timeless and casual elegance, making you feel like you’re taking your Porsche 911 Cabriolet for a spin in the countryside, your hair blowing in the wind. Away from the short-lived world of fashion, the Porsche Design brand designs eyewear fashion with character that is inspired yet not dominated by the current trends. This fact is also reflected in the choice of material. Resilient while carefully processed, the Porsche Design manufacturers won’t make do with anything less but the best Porsche Design standards.

Porsche Design history

The Porsche Design brand looks back on a truly turbulent history, which had its beginnings in 1972, when it became apparent that Porsche family members were systematically excluded as decision makers at the Swabian sports car and engine manufacturers. As a direct reaction to this, founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, offspring of Ferry Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and cousin of Ferdinand Piëch, began to build the first structures, initially in his Baden-Wuerttemberg home. Then the label went, with kith and kin, to settle down in Austrian Zell am See with its then brand-new office.

And this is where the company‘s triumph began, with its watches, suitcases, briefcases as well as its very own leather and sportswear collection. The first breakthrough on the eyewear market already happened in 1978 with the introduction of the Porsche Design sunglasses P8478 that have an intelligent Porsche Design sunglasses lens change mechanism, causing excitement all over the globe and sending shock waves through the sunglasses industry. With the Porsche Design sunglasses quick lock the drop-shaped lenses can be swapped for Porsche Design sunglasses exchange lenses in no time to correspond to changing light situations or to give the wearer an entirely new look.

During the following years the label established itself with its core business on the contested market. It became obvious that its success could be ignored no longer by other companies and competitors, and Porsche was now playing along in the concert of the giants. However, with its curious history in mind it is no less than a small miracle that in 2003, F.A. Porsche AG sold shares of its so far independent designer label to a Porsche subsidiary, of all companies.

Admittedly, it remains open to speculation whether Porsche’s life’s work hadn‘t always been directed towards bringing the presumably messiest chapter of brand company history to a conciliatory ending, after all, and to go full circle in terms of business connections.

As of today, the confusion never did the popularity of the products any harm, which also shows in the countless attempts at selling Porsche Design glasses counterfeits. And it’s not just the Porsche Design sunglasses classic models that are popular with the forgers. For it’s just like Oscar Wilde once wrote: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." The Porsche Design sunglasses original produced by Rodenstock are, however, so fundamentally different from the Porsche Design glasses copies in terms of materials and production that real Porsche Design glasses as compared to a Porsche Design glasses replica stick out like a sore thumb.

Alongside the obvious differences that make Porsche Design Glasses Quality stand out against renowned competitors such as Tom Ford, Ray-Ban or Dolce & Gabbana, also the Porsche Design glasses counterfeit literally won’t see the light of day. To be on the safe side nevertheless, the Porsche Design glasses models come in a Porsche Design glasses box including a Porsche Design glasses case and Porsche Design glasses cloth, to prevent even the slightest chance of a Porsche Design glasses copy coming anywhere near your nose. This way you can enjoy the full spectrum of the Porsche Design glasses experience without a worry in the world.

Celebrities go for Porsche Design glasses

Be it on the red carpet, at the beach or while shopping: also the stars have long since discovered the designs for themselves. Blake Lively for example is just as loyal a fan as Usher and David Beckham when they manoeuvre through the flurry of camera flashes.

Glasses by Porsche Design: an ode to minimalism

With Porsche Design glasses models the focus is clearly on the production process, the details and the materials. This is why the Porsche Design glasses designer only ever busy themselves with the best of the best. Anything but titanium, high-quality metal and plastic of the highest value won’t stand a chance to get anywhere near your face.

Another difference as compared to the competition is the exceptional focus on the surfaces, which especially with Porsche Design metal frames have been matt satin-finished several times, to then be flattened under great pressure and polished to a high gloss.

Square, round, and motley now and then – Which Porsche Design glasses suit me?

Timeless silhouettes and well-balanced proportions are the brand’s recipe for success, without succumbing to short-lived fashion trends. And that’s also why Porsche Design prescription glasses fans can look forward to a broad Porsche Design glasses catalogue. Here, especially for round faces Porsche Design glasses rectangle stand out, as well as Porsche Design glasses irregular and Porsche Design glasses square to give the face a distinctive look. But also Porsche Design glasses round deserve proper recognition, of course. Especially for the more chiselled face, as they tend to tone down the pronounced effect a little.

What is your preference? Classic or extravagant? With Porsche Design glasses men and Porsche Design glasses women the brand offers a huge spectrum of alternatives that go in one or the other direction and represent the best of both worlds. When it comes to Porsche Design glasses ladies and Porsche Design glasses gents, Perfectly matching colours of lenses and frames go along with distinctive shapes and even more distinctive details as well as high-quality materials.

True to the motto “all things optional, nothing is a must“, especially glasses enthusiasts appreciate the best quality in combination with trendy looks. As regular customers of the increasingly popular label, they seek to give their outfit the final polish. Stylish, expressive and timeless, also the classic frames keep their popularity as compared to brands such as Versace, Gucci or Prada, making them one of the most successful accessories on the market. The clear shapes and sophisticated details characterise the reading glasses by Porsche Design and in every shape or colour make you look your best.

With such a wide selection, sometimes it is not easy to find the needle in the haystack. Along with the classic Porsche Design prescription glasses in black, blue or ">gold we offer frames in all possible colours. There is something for every taste, for sure. Silver enjoys an increasing popularity, but also and especially more complex colouration like a futuristic light grey, an extravagant dark brown or noble bronze tones. We conclude: it’s a modern look that doesn’t appear phoney nor cold. And then it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Porsche prescription glasses full rim look, the Porsche prescription glasses semi-rimless design or just the Porsche glasses rimless style.

For Porsche Design prescription glasses come in many shapes and colours, but never without harmonious transitions, which for example you will notice between the frames and temples or the curved nose bridges.

How about, for example, the Porsche Design prescription glasses P342 Havana style? Or are you looking for something different, still? If you already know which features you would like your glasses to have, you can use the filter for that. Then your wishes will show up directly as various model suggestions. Should you be unsure about your decision, however, at here you can get an idea of the various possibilities, or just go and upload a picture of yourself and try on the glasses virtually.

When it comes to shape, the Porsche Design glasses range gives you plenty of choice. In search for suitable reading glasses by Porsche Design, we recommend our online fitting, where you can place your model directly on the back of your nose. Should the frame still not quite be the right fit, in our blog Blog you can most certainly find valuable hints and advice. Also our „Master of Glasses“holds in store lots of tips on topics such as„Fossil glasses frames repair“ or „adjustment“.

Once you have made your choice, our digital optician can assist you with the correct Porsche Design glasses lens fitting. We offer Porsche Design glasses with prescription lenses for everybody. When you have found your favourite, you can order your Porsche Design glasses online at a low price. Should you not like them against all odds, you can just send them back within 30 days free of charge. Merely individually fitted prescription lenses cannot be refunded, except in case of a technical fault. If you have any questions, please simply contact our customer service via our local phone number, our support via our social media channels or our staff at one of our Hamburg stores.

Our individual service

With all questions that may arise during your glasses shopping such as “the right Porsche Design glasses size“ you always have the option to approach us. With our cumulative expertise we are always at your disposal, in both the digital and the analogue world. Just pop by anytime at one of our Hamburg stores, at the AEZ, the Mundsburg Center, in the Ottenser Hauptstraße or in Northern German Buxtehude for an individual professional consultation. Also, shopping with us is made simple by easy shipping (Standard or Express), return free of charge and various payment methods.

About us

If you would like to purchase Porsche Design glasses online and to feel the exceptional Porsche Design glasses quality on your nostrils, we are here for you. In our brand eyewear online shop you find the great variety of models of the Porsche Design glasses women, Porsche Design glasses men or Porsche Design glasses unisex range at the unbeatable Porsche Design price. As glasses specialists for fashion enthusiasts we offer even the highest quality frames at absolute bargain prices, according to the motto „SEE AND BE SEEN“. Also glasses at reduced prices and products of the in-house sale are available here. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at our exceptional glasses world at Edel-Optics.