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Maui Jim Sunglasses


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Maui Jim Sunglasses

Colour. Clarity. Details - Maui Jim offers the full perspective

A Hawaiian proverb says, "Oi kau ka lau, E hana I ola Honua - Live your life for as long as the sun is still shining"

The Maui Jim brand has taken this adage to heart in its very own way, so that Maui Jim Sunglasses not only stand out from the broad mass in the eyewear universe but noticeably stand out. Despite having more than 700 employees, the traditional O'hana feeling is conveyed around the world with a mixture of Hawaiian serenity and Aloha spirit, which has made the company seem like a one-man business since its establishment.

In addition to the exceptional comfort that results from the low weight of the sunglasses, to the cool design of Maui Jim Sunglasses models that always transport a real touch of the Hawaiian way of life, and to the quality of the frame materials, Maui Jim Sunglasses are particularly characterized, by the clarity of the view they provide. In accordance with the song line of rapper Celph Titled in the Army of the Pharaohs track "Seven": "You can say that you specialize but Pharaohs will optimize."

Maui Jim Sunglasses PolarizedPlus2® is in this respect the magic word and one that raised the US company to an absolute heavyweight in the eyewear business. Their glass technology withstands even the harshest conditions, relying on more than just protection against glare and harmful UV rays, but also intensifying natural colours, which no other eyewear manufacturer has succeeded in doing so elegantly and in such detail in the highly competitive sunglasses market.

History of Maui Jim Sunglasses

Already in 1980, the company started its success story as a one-man operation under the leadership of founder, William Hester, by launching his first models of Maui Jim Sunglasses on the Ka'anapali beach in Lahaina on Maui Island. To this day, it is a question of putting the colours in the limelight, even in glaring sunlight, so that the clientele not only perceive the colours of their environment razor sharp but can also enjoy them to the fullest. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Hester was inspired by his house parrot Jimmy, not only for the brand name but also for the Maui Jim Sunglasses logo.

Believing that colour and light are the key to human experience, the specialization began mainly from the view of the wearer of sunglasses. Over the years, the Hawaiians have blossomed to becoming the absolute top supplier of polarized and mirrored lenses in the industry

And this has remained the same until today. Functionality and vision, especially regarding sophisticated lens technology, continue to be the focus of the company's philosophy, although Maui Jim Sunglasses models have also become increasingly trendy and fashionable, without subjecting themselves to the respective current fashion trends. New Maui Jim Sunglass creations are still designed and thoroughly tested under the most varied conditions at the main headquarters on the second largest Hawaiian island, while most of the production now takes place at other locations such as Peoria, Illinois or at the European headquarters in Braunschweig.

With increasing popularity, the counterfeiters have also been keeping an eye on the sunglasses, which have now gained almost something of a cult status. Apart from the lens quality, original Maui Jim Sunglasses can also be distinguished relatively quickly from fake Maui Jim Sunglasses by just a few details. On the one hand, there is the Maui Jim sunglasses price, which, depending on the quality of the lenses, has no limits, but never drops below 135 euros and is therefore in the "premium price segment" for sunglasses. And on the other hand, there is the curved lettering "Maui Jim" on the top of the right lens and on side of the temple. In addition, a real Maui Jim can also be determined by its weight. The motto here is: "The lighter the more likely," because due to their wearing comfort you can easily forget that you have Maui Jim Sunglasses on your nose.

You should also avoid models that do not come in the Maui Jim Sunglasses case with the famous parrot-brand logo and the colorful Maui Jim Sunglasses bag, which you can also use as a Maui Jim eyewear cloth. And it is almost certainly a Maui Jim Sunglasses fake, if, to make matters worse, the brand name is misspelt.

Since Maui Jim Sunglass replicas and Maui Jim Sunglasses imitations are now ten a penny, you should always remember: "to keep your eyes wide open when purchasing eyewear!"

So be careful! Especially if you are offered a bargain price by a dubious seller on the street or on the Internet, and who by no means is among the opticians of your trust.

Stars are Discovering Maui Jim

Just like surfing, sunbathing on the beach, being in the open air or on the tennis court with such greats as David Ferrer and Martina Hingis or German pros like Sabine Lisicki or Philipp Kohlschreiber, who act as testimonials on the German market, the creations of Maui Jim are no longer an insider tip. For golf legend Ernie Els and in high society, the sunglasses have achieved a standing, which can easily compete with top brands such as adidas, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Carrera or Prada Sport.

Stars like singer Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, actors George Clooney, Jude Law and Brad Pitt, as well as Captain America actor Chris Evans and other celebrities like Ryan Gosling, David Beckham or Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, the little wonders of lens technology from the Maui Jim sunglass collections have become indispensable. Also, their colleagues Morena Baccarin from the hit series Homeland, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus or the former US President Barack Obama let their eyes relax behind Maui Jim's, even in the dazzling sunlight.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses Models

The Maui Jim Sunglasses Lighthouse (Maui Jim 423) is one of the most popular models from the Maui Jim Sunglasses collection 2017. With the frame material made of nylon and polarized lenses, the Hawaiians have set both technological and fashionable standards.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses Sugar Beach (Maui Jim 421) provides a frameless look that corresponds to the sweetness of your face. The model from the Maui Jim Collection 2016 impresses with its exceptional UV protection and doesn't have to hide from the competition when it comes to the glamour factor.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses Sand Island (Maui Jim GS253) leaves no room for compromise. The lines of the metal frame, made of monel with no frills and double nose-bridge optics, immediately mutated to become the dream of every sun worshiper.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses Breakwall (Maui Jim 422) can be understood as a kind of breakwater. The model immediately attracts your attention when purchasing a pair of sunglasses, being the Maui Jim Sunglasses for larger faces and any occasion.

Maui Jim is more than just functionality. The company proves this with the Maui Jim Sunglasses Makaha (Maui Jim 405). The plastic frame provides light and airy wearing comfort and lets you even forget that you are wearing a pair of sunglasses.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses Byron Bay (Maui Jim 746) is so versatile that it can be regarded as an all-rounder of the brand. With the full rim design, a fashionable accent can be set in any situation, whether on the ski slopes, on the beach or in the city.

With the Maui Jim Sunglasses Hana Bay (Maui Jim H434), the company has created unisex sunglasses, e.g. the Maui Jim Sunglasses Havana, that are a cut above the rest.

The full rim frame of the Maui Jim Sunglasses Black Coral (Maui Jim 249) has been one of the top sellers for years. And it is not surprising that envious looks are inevitable, with such an optic.

Looking for a metal frame in a gunmetal colour? May we introduce the Maui Jim Sunglasses Kahuna (Maui Jim 162). There is no need for more intro at this point, because the Hawaiians simply let the design and optics speak for themselves.

The titanium frame of the Maui Jim Sunglasses Frigate (Maui Jim HT716) makes the hearts of beach mermaids and sunbathers beat a little faster.

Maui Jim Style - Sunny Prospects for Everyone

To this day, the Hawaiian company's products and models are still largely selling due to their unsurpassed lens technology and functionality, which, in addition to excellent craftmanship, is an important aspect of Maui Jim Sunglasses quality.

However, those responsible for design have made quantum leaps over the past few years, and the combination of fashion + functionality has helped make the label increasingly popular across the globe.

Current trends in the sunglasses market, idiosyncratic forms and unusual colour combinations hardly play a role and can be rarely or even not found. The people in charge of Maui Jim eyewear prefer to rank their Maui Jim Sunglasses in a retro or vintage style. Because of their clientele, one of the intentions of the brand is and remains: it is less important how the world perceives them than how they perceive the world.

Technology - Maui Jim as the “Maybach” Among Polarized Lenses

Evil tongues could now say that despite some exceptional materials (plastic, acetate, metal, stainless steel, monel or titanium) for the production of their frames, Maui Jim is just the same as everyone else and they might be right. But it is exactly this fact that fundamentally changes the quality of the lenses. The Hawaiians are the absolute market leader in this area - quasi a manufacturer with the highest standards, since good is not good enough for this label.

There are seven different layers on the Maui Jim silicate lenses, while the Maui Jim plastic lenses have nine different layers. In addition, a surface hardening is applied, as well as antireflective coatings on the back surface of the lenses, while an additional coating is added on the top and bottom of the lenses on the front surface for a twofold filtering of the incoming sunlight. Moreover, due to the use of rare earth elements, a gain in colour is achieved that does not darken the environment, but faithfully reproduces it.

Maui Jim, therefore, masters the handling of colour and clarity like no other sunglasses manufacturer in the world. The reputation of the company is based on the development of advanced technologies for dual and single gradient mirrors with and without prescription lenses. These reduce 100 percent of the harmful UVA and UVB rays and eliminate 99.9 per cent of the glare from the sunlight that enters from above and below as well as from behind the lenses. Only Maui Jim integrates up to nine different protective layers in each of the lenses. One of them is the patented polarized Polarized Plus2® technology, which makes colours look lively and intense.

Not without reason, has Maui Jim received the Skin Cancer Foundation's recommendation seal for its products. The manufacturer of these high-quality polarizing sunglasses lenses is thus one of the three sunglasses manufacturers worldwide who are allowed to add the renowned seal as a symbol for safe and effective sun protection.

This includes the Maui Jim Sunglasses Blue Hawaii collection. This collection includes several runaway successes of the popular label that benefit from the development of a lens, which has been inspired by the vibrant blue colours of the island of Maui. The stylish look offers the same advantages in terms of visual performance that Maui Jim has made since its establishment.

Exactly these advantages make the creations of Maui Jim, without ifs and buts, the undisputed “Maybach” of polarized sunglasses.

Which Glasses Suit Me?

Our online store is the best place to go if you are looking for the right Maui Jim sunglasses. We have Maui Jim sunglasses on offer at affordable prices. The following Maui Jim Sunglasses have long been put to the test and have passed with flying colours in every respect: Maui Jim Sunglasses Blue (Kaa Point 713, Alakai 743), Maui Jim Sunglasses Brown (Sweet Leilani 722, Kahi H736), Maui Jim Sunglasses Purple (Seven Pools RS418), Maui Jim Sunglasses Gold (Wiki Wiki HS246, Cliff House HS247), Maui Jim sunglasses green (Mixed Plate HT721, Tail Slide HT740) or the very classical variants Maui Jim Sunglasses Black (Hookipa 407), Maile RS294, Hot Sands 426), as well as Maui Jim Sunglasses Gray (Koki Beach 433, Ocean GS723), Maui Jim Sunglasses Silver (Baby Beach B245) from the Maui Jim Blue Hawaii Series, Maui Jim Sunglasses Guardrails 327, Maui Jim Sunglasses Melika GS760) and Maui Jim Sunglasses White (Sunshine GS725, Nahiku GS436, Nalani HS295).

Especially popular are Maui Jim Aviator Gold, which further enhances the Maui Jim Sunglasses Aviator-Look with their complex patterns. The Maui Jim Aviator Sunglasses, e.g. the Maui Jim Sunglasses Pilot H210 or the Maui Jim Sunglasses Mavericks GS264 are Maui Jim sunglasses for round faces. But other face shapes also have the right look with one of the most classical and iconic frame shapes. Models like the Maui Jim Punchbowl H219 or Maui Jim Peahi H202 are just as popular with customers as the Maui Jim Jasmine HS738.

Maui Jim Hanalei H413N or the Maui Jim Sunglasses Red Sands 432 are also worth more than a glance. The Maui Jim quality runs through the whole range of the Hawaiians.

This is especially true for the Maui Jim Sunglasses Havana (Spartan Reef H278, Summer Time HS732, Wakea H745) or the Maui Jim Sunglasses Wayfarer (Stillwater 706, Snapback 730).In addition, many satisfied customers have also found models such as Tail Slide B740 or the Maui Jim Swept Away HS733.

To pick out the right model from the Maui Jim Sunglasses range, such as the Starfish RS744or the Stingray 103, try our online fitting, where after uploading a portrait photo, you can try on your selected models directly.

Buying Maui Jim Sunglasses Online

Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee rainbows and sunshine like on the beaches of Hawaii, but our shop can offer the right model for every face. The search functions of our online shop help to make searching quicker and easier, and it is also child's play to find the matching Maui Jim Sunglasses online. Set the search parameters as you like, simply by size, price, colour, material or the various other filter options.

If you are still not sure, our "Master of Glasses" or our bloggers have some good tips up their sleeves to keep the high art of buying glasses from becoming rocket science. However, anyone who prefers a local consultation to a visit to our Internet platform is most welcome in our two Hamburg shops in the AEZ and the Ottenser Hauptstraße.

When choosing your Maui Jim prescription eyeglasses and, of course, finding the right lenses, your imagination is unlimited. In contrast to the competition, all Maui Jim Sunglasses are polarized and glazed with diopters. Optionally, we can mirror the Maui Jim Sunglasses or offer them with photochromatic lenses.

Whether you choose Maui Jim Sunglasses transparent or crystal (Maui Jim Kawika B257), of course, depends entirely on your taste and your type. If you have discovered your favourite model, not only can you buy the Maui Jim sunglasses online at an affordable price, but you can also have them delivered to your home the next day thanks to the various payment methods and standard or express shipping.

Our Service

Of course, you can return your Maui Jim Sunglasses if models like the Pohaku H528 and the Koko Head H737 and the Kumu 724 or Pohaku H528 do not fulfill your expectations. However, individually made prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical defects. If you have any further questions, just call our customer support via our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores where our staff will be delighted to help you.

About Us

Maui Jim has long struggled to develop a reputation that is just as good as other top brands like Prada, Versace, Michael Kors, Persol, Céline and Polaroid, having even left these fashion giants miles behind in some areas. Today the Hawaiians should be your number one choice, no matter what, as they will support you in every activity, and not leave you lurking in the shadow.

However, we do not run any separate Maui Jim Sunglasses advertising for Maui Jim Sunglasses trends, do not give any ratings for any experiences with Maui Jim Sunglasses or carry out Maui Jim Sunglasses tests. After all, we are not only a Maui Jim Sunglasses Online Store.

Furthermore, Edel-Optics does not offer any fast discounts or have short-term Maui Jim Sunglasses sales but shines all year round with models at suggested retail prices. But we do look at our fashion-savvy clientele with both eyes, who not only want to cut a fine figure, but also want to make a real fashion statement. Our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN" after all, is not a coincidence. With us you always get unique quality at a unique price… no matter what the season.

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