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Porsche Design Sunglasses


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Sunglasses by Porsche Design

About Porsche Design

Not only does Porsche produce stylish cars, the cult label also excels in other areas, which has been proven by their trendy sunglasses. Inspired by their unique car designs, Porsche has created glasses, which are not only optical eye-catchers, but also impress with their lightness and flexibility. Choosing a pair of Porsche Sunglasses means choosing a pair of unique high quality glasses with timeless elegance. The sunglasses are available in different models as Porsche Design Sunglasses Women and Porsche Design Sunglasses Men. The particularly innovative design Porsche Design Sunglasses 8478 allows for a rapid exchange of interchangeable lenses within seconds, thanks to a special type of quick release fastener. With this model, Porsche has created the world s first sunglasses equipped with an exchange mechanism for lenses. You have bought a Porsche Sunglasses Classic and you are not sure if it is an original one or fake Porsche Sunglasses? Check for the brand name Porsche Design on the left upper edge of the left lens. This is a proof of authenticity of your glasses. Can the name be scraped off easily or is there a typing error in the writing? If so, your Porsche Design Sunglasses are most likely a fake.

These stars love Porsche Eyewear

Design-Sunglasses by Porsche are enjoying great popularity amongst many stars. Thanks to Yoko Ono, Porsche Sunglasses gained worldwide recognition in 1979. The celebrity was not gracing only the covers of various magazines with her Porsche Shield-Sunglasses but also some of her own album covers that s how the glasses frames became cult frames. Also Kim Kardashian has been seen countless times wearing the popular Porsche Design Sunglasses. No wonder, because nobody wants to do without this stylish lifestyle article!

Technical details

All Porsche products are produced with high quality standards. First-class Porsche Design Sunglasses Lenses are both scratch-resistant and unbreakable. Naturally, all sunglasses are equipped with one hundred percent UV-protection, which prevents harmful sunrays to reach your vulnerable eye. You can choose the darkening level of your lenses yourself. You need a pair of Porsche Sunglasses with corrective lenses? No problem, you can individually customize your lenses. Most of the designs are created using the lightweight material titan, which creates high wearing comfort together with the necessary stability. Temples made of polyamide or stainless steel emphasize the slim design. Porsche Design Sunglasses are foldable and perfectly represent the current trend, as proven by the new edition of the sunglass-classic from 1980. This model is foldable, saves space and fits in every pocket. You need tips and tricks about glasses? Our Master of Glasses will be happy to assist you further.

Which glasses fit me best?

Since every person has his or her own individual face shape with its various peculiar features, it is important to try on different eyewear designs to find the perfect glasses at our place. If you prefer to have your fitting at home, our online-fitting is the right thing for you. Suitable filter options such as values, brand and shape assist you at finding your perfect pair of glasses. You want your **Porsche Eyeglass Frame **to be combined with corrective lenses? Our digital optician is at your disposal. If you cannot choose between different types of lenses, simply choose a model with alternating glasses. That way you remain flexible without any losses in quality or design. This is the reason why Porsche Design Sunglasses Exchangeable Lenses enjoy so much popularity. Once you have decided on your favorite design, you can order your Porsche Sunglasses via standard shipping or, if you need them faster, via express delivery.


You are not quite sure yet and want to order some different models to choose from? No problem Thanks to our free return shipping, we will not incur an additional cost to you if you want to send your glasses back to us. Please not, that individually customized corrective lenses cannot be refunded, unless the glasses show any defects. There are different payment options available to choose from, such as purchase on account or prepayment. You want to repair your Porsche Sunglasses, you need spare parts or you have some questions concerning model, design and frame of your glasses? Feel free to contact our customer service via telephone, which will be happy to help you with any questions and problems.

About us

Loyal to our slogan SEE AND BE SEEN, glasses are both an accessory as well as a lifestyle-product to us. Our fashion enthusiastic customers will find their perfect glasses design, thanks to our glasses experts. Furthermore, you can find countless glasses at reduced prices in our Porsche Design Sunglasses Outlet. A huge selection of glasses frames, including collections by Jérôme Boateng or Sylvie Meis can be found in our Porsche Design Sunglass Online Store as well as our stores in Hamburg.