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Gucci Sunglasses


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Gucci Sunglasses

Elegance for Time in the Sun

The adjectives influential, innovative and progressive have been combined at Gucci with the nouns quality, tradition and sustainability ... and that for almost 100 years. In 1921, founder Guccio Gucci opened a leather goods company in his hometown of Florence with a small shop for suitcases and handbags. The Italian who was working in London brought the vision of setting up his own brand in his homeland, Tuscany. As an employee at the Savoy, he experienced firsthand the aesthetics of such a noble hotel, as well as the English aristocracy.

Since then, the fashion brand has stood for a cosmopolitan lifestyle in combination with the craftsmanship of Tuscany, living up to its responsibility for the embodiment of luxury and elegance. When the business went through a difficult period, the then unknown star designer Tom Ford revived the failing company in the 1990s, before the creative director Alessandro Michele reorganised Gucci in 2015 with his vision for the 21st century. This course consolidated the fashion house's position, making Gucci one of the globe's most respected and hottest fashion brands.

Even in areas outside the fashion world, Italians like to dip their toes in such previously unknown waters. The typical example for this is the label Armani that has been putting out its feelers into other areas beyond its actual core business for quite some time.

Gucci, which has been part of the world's leading fashion, accessories and luxury goods group Kering since 2004, dared to leap from haute couture to haute cuisine with its star restaurant Gucci Osteria, while remaining true to its line. Eclectic, contemporary and romantic products that, above all, stand out from the competition because of their quality and unique love of detail.

As early as 1997, the brand no longer relied solely on clothing, but also on perfumes, sunglasses, jewellery and watches. Especially in the field of glasses and sunglasses, the Italians let their creativity run wild in a typical Gucci manner. The collections range from large bold eyeglasses like the GG0083S and delicate designer models like the GG0061S. At the heart of the sunglasses designs are square GG0010S and rimless frames that are available in a wide range of colours, without neglecting the classic elegance that has always characterised the Gucci fashion house.

And, for what feels like an eternity, a whole horde of counterfeiters have been trying to capture exactly this elegance. So far, however, their attempts have not been fruitful, because a fake is just not the same as an original. Nevertheless, attention should be paid to a few details when buying Gucci sunglasses, so that you are not bamboozled by illegal dealers.

Special attention should be paid to the inside of the frames. All Gucci sunglasses are "Made in Italy" by the Safilo Group. After "Made in Italy" there should be a CE. This stands for "Conformité European", which means "European affiliation“. The colour code and the model number can also be found there. Furthermore, in addition to the sunglasses, a Gucci case, a Gucci sunglasses cloth, a plastic bag to protect the sunglasses, a certificate of authenticity and a warranty letter should also be included. You should always also check the spelling and the weight of the sunglasses frame.


Stars Rely on Gucci Sunglasses

Famous celebrities have not only succumbed to the appeal of Gucci's designs, but are also unable to keep their fingers off the extraordinary models of Gucci sunglasses. Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Christiano Ronaldo, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Aniston and Ludacris are just some of the celebrities that can be photographed time and again wearing fashionable Gucci sunglasses.

Sunglasses Models by Gucci Eyewear

The names of the sunglasses models and the simultaneous logo "GG" have nothing to do with the acronym of computer gamers for "Good Game“ but are the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci. It does not matter whether it is sunglasses for men or women, with or without prescription lenses.

Aviator metal sunglasses with a thin metal frame could not be more fashionable in design and are more in demand outside (caution: trend alert) of the cockpit than ever before. Gucci has as range of metal sunglasses and the traditional unisex version - in aviator style - with the wide temples is one of the most iconic frames that Gucci has launched on to the market in recent years. In addition, gold-coloured sunglasses always look classy and are really fashionable. They can be combined with any outfit and make you look radiant. Sunglasses by Gucci embody the euphoria of La Dolce Vita. Especially eye-catching are the round oversized sunglasses, which make the frames one of the most unusual that Gucci has ever launched on the market. Among the most popular Gucci eyewear sunglasses are the following:

The Gucci crystal-embellished sunglasses GG0116S are stunning with their sparkling star crystals, so that you're not only protected from the sun but also shine in it.

The GG0034S is among the most popular models from the 2017 Gucci collection. The graceful design is simply timeless and appeals to power women of all ages. Especially the wide plastic temples stand out without appearing pretentious. And with 100% UV protection for your eyes, the sun can shine at any time.

Designer sunglasses for women are literally ten a penny. But the GG0035S effortlessly lives up to its promises. Because the eyewear model not only offers an extensive field of vision, but revives the flair of the good old days, when glamorous film divas were still around.

The clean lines of GG0200S are never out of place. Whether at the desk, in the bar or on the catwalk. There's always a place on the nose for the stylish rectangular frame to turn your face into an absolute fashion statement.



Without exception, Gucci sunglasses come with the UV400 sun protection, which shields the eyes from harmful UV rays. But when it comes to matching lenses to the right eyesight, you should order prescription lenses with our helpful online form. Super anti-reflection, cleaning layer, anti-static and lotus effect are just a few of the advantages that you will enjoy in connection with hardened plastic lenses.

Optionally, you can also get polarized lenses for designer eyewear models. When speaking of polarized we are not talking about the polar circle or the physical principle of polarization, in which light waves only oscillate in one plane. What we are talking about is anti-glare, which relieves the eyes of reflected light, instead of overstressing and tiring them.

Which glasses suit me?

Want to find the right pair of eyeglasses for your style? Not so easy. We offer numerous possibilities to get an accurate picture of the possible object of desire beforehand. The search is simplified by a filter that only shows you glasses that match your search. For example, if you are looking for Gucci acetate sunglasses, mens Gucci sunglasses or Gucci sunglasses for women you can put this in the filter and you will only be shown these eyewear models. Butterfly-frame, round-frame or square-frame sunglasses can also be chosen from the filter. During an online fitting, you can then put the designer glasses on your uploaded photo and see which colour and form suits you best and are immediately noticeable. For any other questions you can always consult our "Master of the Glasses".

And talking about eyes: to select the right prescription lenses, our eyewear specialist can help you in customer support or directly in one of our two Hamburg stores. Once the choice has been made and you have found your dream eyewear, everything happens very fast. For this you can choose between standard and express delivery and the various payment methods. If you are not satisfied, you can send your glasses back for free. However, custom-made glasses with prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical problems.

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