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Max Mara Sunglasses

For Ladies Only

Founded in 1951 in Reggio Emilia, the Italian company Max Mara has been delighting its female clientele with ladies’ fashion and accessories for almost 70 years now. Max Mara stands out thanks to its clear cuts and elegant lines in combination with the highest Max Mara quality. The brand is known for classic pieces that stand the test of time while also integrating unique elements in their designs so they are not only on the cutting edge of current trends, but also influence them significantly.

Max Mara founder Achille Maramotti was responsible for the label's lasting success, but today's head designer Ian Griffiths has been wielding the creative sceptre of the brand for over 30 years, making the brand what it is today. He is quasi the adopted son of the Maramotti family and the foster father of the utopian dream of high-quality clothing for everyone that Max Mara symbolises.

History of Max Mara

But how did the company actually rise to become one of Italy's biggest fashion manufacturers for women's fashion? This is where Maramotti comes in as the great patriarch. He was quite literally born into tailoring. His grandmother worked in this craft, while his mother ran a small tailoring shop. Achille was already creating designer fashion in 1947 and founded his own company 4 years later, initially under the name Confezioni Maramotti. The name change came a little later and is derived from Maramotti's surname, while "Max" is based on Count Max. A local great of the 1950s who was rarely sober but always looked stylish.

The foundation was laid, but Maramotti's sense of where the fashion world was heading was not the only reason for his rise and breakthrough. He was one of the first to realise that the future of fashion lay in mass producing quality designer clothing. Moreover, he always put the brand before the individual, unlike other well-known designer greats such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez or Anne Marie Beretta, who sometimes more personally expressed themselves in their ideas and designs.

In terms of fashion, the Italians are known for their coats in addition to elegant blouses and straight-cut trousers, especially the double-breasted wool coat with the random row of numbers "101801". This design turned the market completely upside down in 1981 and is therefore considered a Max Mara icon. The trademark has always been part of almost every Max Mara winter collection. "I couldn't throw away a coat, it wouldn't be a good idea either. It's wonderful to see how coats have changed over time, and how they haven't," Max Mara's fashion director Laura Lusuardi said in 2017. Griffiths even went further, saying "the perfect coat is one you'll still be wearing in twenty years and passing on to your daughter."

But the greatest compliment of all was by Stèphane Bonvin, who commented "there are days when it would be wonderful to be a Max Mara coat." That said everything that needed to be said about the label's status back in 2001.

The Max Mara Sunglasses Styles

The women's sunglasses by Max Mara, all of which are produced by the brand, may not have earned the same iconic status as their coats yet. Nevertheless, the designers do not show any weakness in this accessories segment either, but remain true to their philosophy that their products should not only look classy, but also stand the test of time. High-quality materials ensure the world-renowned Max Mara quality, while the timeless aesthetics of the designs are inspired by French chic reinterpreted in a traditional Italian way.

Just as with their clothing, Max Mara eyewear is mostly monochrome in easily combinable tones (i.e.: classic colour spectrum such as black, brown or grey) in order to remain flexible in use. In addition, there are smart shapes such as cat-eye sunglasses and square or irregular sunglasses and special materials (plastic, metal or titanium), which in combination with the classic touch create an unmistakable style that you can always recognise on the street. Not only are the eyewear models from the Max Mara Fashion Group well positioned in terms of style, but the optimal wearing comfort is also more than impressive.

The lettering on Max Mara eyewear can usually be found on the inside and outside of the temples. It doesn't matter whether they are bestsellers, novelties or retro frames. For example, the Max Mara MM Jewel and the Max Mara MM Lina in black are popular Max Mara shades for women that are also a real hit at the box office in every other colour. The special feature of the latter is that the rimless frame with monoglass has a panoramic view that allows for absolute vision. This design gives the Shield Shades a fresh, sporty look that is a perfect contrast to the classic suit and tie and that also works well with a jogging suit.

Trimmed to a minimum in terms of colour, but all the more timeless for it, other black Max Mara sunglasses frames are on point when it comes to coolness. The oval sunglasses and the irregular frames in the oversized look are particularly striking. In both formats with full rims or in the colour gold or blue or Havana brown, they catch the eye as a dominant fashion statement. If you like them, you don't have to wait for the sun's rays, you can also wear them in spring and autumn with a classic black turtleneck jumper or cardigan. For a nice contrast, especially in spring, just throw on a light, checked coat. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses by Max Mara for autumn, then of course a darker-toned coat or cardigan, by the same brand or by another designer such as Christian Dior, can go really well.

Which Pair Should I Choose?

Every Max Mara collection contains new gems that transport the Italian attitude to life to the world beyond the boot. If you want to wear something special on the bridge of your nose, you should look for frames in yellow, pink or white. Of course, you can also browse the whole Max Mara range for more subtle colours if they suit your wardrobe better. If patterned colours are an option for you, Havana brown and multicoloured Max Mara sunglasses are two options. You can easily sort the entire range according to your preferences using our filter on the left-hand side of the screen and categorise your search according to the different frame types. Otherwise, you can directly check out popular designs like the Max Mara MM Classy I, the MM Prism VII or the MM Needle.

If you have decided on a frame but are not sure whether it suits you, you can get an idea of which glasses frames suit your shape of face here. You can also try on the various frames by Max Mara virtually by using your webcam or uploading a saved photo and clicking on the 3D Virtual Try-On icon next to the product image.

If you have received your sunglasses and the fit is not quite right, you are sure to find valuable tips and fashion inspiration in our blog, covering topics such as: Do Max Mara aviator sunglasses suit me or do Max Mara square sunglasses make my face look to square? Our "Master of Glasses" also has a whole bunch of tips on points such as "Repairing Max Mara frames" or "Adjustment" in his repertoire.

Once you have decided on yourdream glasses, you can order your sunglasses online at a low price. If you change your mind, you can simply send them back free of charge within 30 days. Only individually made lenses with prescription cannot be refunded, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, simply call Customer Service via our local telephone number or contact our Support via email or our social media channels.

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If you have any questions when buying your sunglasses, such as how to choose "the right sunglasses size", you can always come to us. We are always at your side with our concentrated expertise, whether in the digital or analogue world. Feel free to drop by one of our stores in at any time to get professional and individual advice or to ask about Max Mara sunglasses spare parts. In addition, the free return shipping with money-back guarantee and the diverse payment methods make your purchase with us even easier.

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If you want to buy Max Mara sunglasses online at low prices, you have come to the right place. In our brand sunglasses online shop you will find a wide range of Max Mara women's sunglasses at unbeatable prices. (Only Max Mara men's sunglasses are not yet available).

That's why the gentlemen should opt for boutique brands such as Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, [Fendi Sale](Fendi-Sunglasses. html) or away from the boutique, you can fall back on greats like Giorgio Armani, Hugo or even Ray-Ban.

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