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Prada Prescription Glasses


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Prada Prescription Glasses

From Classic Fashion to Contemporary Designs

When Mario Prada and his "fratello" Martino joined forces in 1913 to found Fratelli Prada in Milan, no one could have known the relevance the brand would one day have in the fashion world. Starting with handbags, suitcases, shoes and other leather goods, Prada immediately received a lot of attention for its high-quality creations. Even the Kingdom of Savoy recognised the remarkable quality of the Prada style, making the company their purveyor to the court.

The Italian fashion house proudly bears this fact in the Prada logo. It incorporates the coat of arms of the House of Savoy with the four figure-eight knots. Mario Prada's daughter inherited the company and ran the fashion giant until 1978. Today's heirs are Alberto, Marina and Miuccia Prada.

Prada is still one of the top brands for clothing, accessories and eyewear frames after the generational change, thanks above all to Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli. The couple's creativity coupled with the right sense for fashion trends is a huge asset for the fashion house. Miu Miu (as Miuccia is also known) was also the one who designed the famous collection in parachute nylon in 1985. This was the first step that propelled the fashion label to dizzying heights. It was not to remain a one-hit wonder, which critics certainly suggested it would be. In the 90s, Prada ugly hit like a colour bomb that turned the fashion world upside down. The "bad taste" look celebrated under this name shocked on the catwalks with garish colours and catapulted every fashionista out of their usual comfort zone. Today, Prada continues to break with dusty conventions. For the Italian Prada designers, the constantly changing world of fashion is not a challenge to be mastered, but rather everyday business, which is as good as ever.

Male model wearing Men's prescription glasses by Prada

How can I recognise a Prada Original?

Then, in 2000, the Milanese label launched the first Prada frames. These included both Prada sunglasses and Prada reading glasses. These relatively quickly made a name for themselves not only within the company but also, together with Prada Sport Eyewear, on the world market.

With Prada sunglasses, as with Prada glasses, there are some clues by which you can check the authenticity of the respective model of glasses. The Prada glasses and sunglasses come in a Prada cardboard box, which also contains a Prada glasses case. A booklet is also included, which is another sign of authenticity and informs you at the same time. In addition to the Prada eyeglasses, there is also a Prada eyeglass cleaning cloth in the case. Another way to find out if it is an original is to visually inspect it. Two places can be inspected: Namely, the Prada logo, which is located on the inside of the temples next to the serial number and the Made in Italy label. In the latter, the brand name is written out in full; a "PR" abbreviation, as is the case with "RB" on Ray-Ban, indicates a fake.

Since the black market of Prada imitation glasses also knows these authenticity symbols, you should definitely check the authenticity of your Prada glasses. You should not be able to scratch off the Prada glasses logo. If you are offered such trash, you should definitely keep your hands off it, because otherwise your health is in danger. With fake glasses, you can't be sure that they have the necessary UV protection. And your eyesight is certainly worth more to you than the savings from buying inferior goods.

Is the Prada eyewear style for me?

Whoever wants to wear Prada glasses can do so. Basta. There are no guidelines, recommendations can, but do not have to be accepted. So anything goes, but nothing has to. Experience has shown, however, that Prada glasses for women sell most often. The best seller here is the Prada glasses Triangle (Prada PR 11RV). Their popularity is so high that new deliveries always sell out pretty quickly. If you like Prada cat-eye glasses and Havana shades, you should strike before the last one leaves our warehouse. A Prada PR 11RV that is no longer available has already made some Prada fans go wild.

For those who find the Pink Havana a little too extravagant, the more neutral Prada glasses PR 11TV can be recommended. These Prada reading glasses are timeless black and therefore a model for every occasion, but also for every style. They are just as popular with young girls as they are with mature women. If you want a pair of black Prada glasses* that set a little more of an accent, then we recommend the Prada PR 53UV glasses, which also belong to the low-key family, but create a refreshing contrast with a golden nose bridge. The masculine counterpart, i.e. the Prada glasses for men, could be the Prada glasses PR 11UV, for example, which plays the same game in black-silver.

If you like things a little more modern and want to be bold with colour, you can check out the Prada B PR 13UV. Their look is strongly fashion-forward and suggests a connection between Prada and Miu Miu. The rather thick frame with full rim is once again set off by golden temples. Other it-pieces with intense, fiery colours that are always in demand are the PR 04XV and the Prada PR 07VV. The latter is also available in a very similar version as sunglasses (PR 01VS).

How do I find the right pair of Prada glasses?

It all depends on what style you have. While some prefer a simpler look and are perfectly happy with rectangular Prada glasses, others absolutely have to have an eye-catcher and prefer Prada cat-eye glasses. There are certainly one or two divas who count the Prada Minimal Baroque (Prada PR 27NS) among their range of sunglasses and would accordingly also go for a thicker frame for a pair of Prada prescription glasses. The Prada Ornate, among others, is suitable for this, as it attracts attention from afar (and makes it worth its price).

However, trendsetters know that the popular frames, which include the Prada round glasses (e.g. the Prada PR 52XV) and Prada oval glasses (e.g. the Prada PR 12UV), can also be combined well with all outfits so that the end result - i.e. the desired look - is always achieved. Fortunately, this is particularly easy with Prada Eyewear because the Prada eyewear range offers the whole spectrum of colours. Thus, the usual colour variations such as Prada blue glasses and Prada grey glasses are just as available as more gaudy colourways, which include Prada red glasses and Prada pink glasses (e.g. the Prada PR 11VV). To answer the above question, it's best to take a look in your wardrobe. You will certainly find out what kind of style type you are. Depending on this, you can choose between elegant Prada glasses or sporty Prada glasses as well as many more other styles. Once you have an idea of your wardrobe in your mind, you can adjust your eyewear search accordingly.

Female model wearing women's Prada prescription glasses

If you have found a pair of Prada glasses that suits your taste and the only question left is how well they fit, you can try them on with our Online Fitting service, which allows you to try them on directly on the bridge of your nose. To do this, turn on your webcam or take a photo of yourself, save it to your computer and then upload it. We have a large selection of glasses that you can try on online. Just look on the individual product pages to see if the symbol with the "Online fitting 2D/3D" is displayed underneath the picture gallery. If your glasses don't fit well, our Blog can certainly help you. Our "Master of Glasses" also has a lot of tips on topics such as repairs or adjustment in his repertoire.

Once you have made your choice, the Digital Opticians online form will assist you in finding the right lenses. We can provide you with your Prada glasses with prescription or Prada glasses without prescription. The lens thickness depends on your values. Whether you choose a particular material such as metal, plastic or acetate for the frame depends entirely on your personal preference. However, please note that plastic frames are more suitable for thick lenses than thin frames made of metal. After all, when it comes to buying glasses: to each his own!

Once you have discovered your favourite model, which not only looks good on you but also fits well, you can order your Prada glasses at a low price. You also have the option of returning Prada reading glasses free of charge within 30 days if, contrary to expectations, you don't like them. Only custom lenses or prescription lenses cannot be refunded, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, simply call customer service via our local telephone number or contact support via our social media channels.

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If you have any questions while buying glasses, such as "how to choose the right Prada glasses size", you can always contact us. We are always happy to help with our combined expertise. In addition, the free return shipping and the diverse payment methods make shopping with us even easier.

Since Prada is one of our premium Boutique Brands, you're guaranteed to get this brand's prescription glasses and sunglasses delivered tomorrow if you order by 6pm today. Plus, in addition to free express shipping, we'll throw in an eyeshaker to keep your brand glasses shining.

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