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Browline Glasses

If you’ve just scrolled through our range of browline eyewear, you’ve practically been on a journey through time as no other frame style is better suited for a throwback than the browline style. Already in the 1960s, it led the eyewear trends and was even the trend among all eye accessories. Browline eyeglasses have never been out of fashion and are still combined with a wide variety of outfits today.

What are browline glasses?

Eyeglasses in browline style typically consist of a thin metal rim on the sides and bottom and a thicker acetate rim on top of the lenses. This creates the effect of a line between your eyebrows, hence the name browline. The Clubmaster style by Ray-Ban is one of the most classic examples of the browline frame and is practically synonymous with this frame shape.

As a rule, there are two versions of the browline frame. One is the classic version, where the upper part of the frame consists of two separate plastic rims, which are connected by a metal bar. The other one is the monobrowline frame, which consists of a continuous plastic rim on the upper part.

Browline Glasses Mens

Are browline glasses in style?

Browline eyeglasses are available in so many colours and materials that you are sure to find the perfect pair for every look. This classic style with a thick upper rim has a strong retro vibe, not least because it was already worn by famous personalities such as Malcom X in the 1960s. They give you a very classy look and go well with suits or office wear.

For a more modern or sporty style, we also have the perfect browline frames for you. Instead of an acetate or plastic upper rim, opt for metal or titanium. The brand with the largest selection of metal browline eyewear is Charmant, which has even more browline glasses for women than for men. The fashion designer Kate Spade has also conjured up beautiful designs of metal designs for women. The Kate Spade Danyelle in blue with its filigree frame is the perfect feminine variation. Suitable browline models for men are the Tom Ford FT5504 and the Ray-Ban Clubmaster.

The most popular colours tend to be black or tortoiseshell upper rim with gold or silver lower rim. Havana brown is also a popular choice. A good example of this is the Persol Browline Glasses, which not only has a warm nutty colour, but also looks light and elegant at the same time. Whether you prefer vintage or classic frames or modern, oval versions like the Ray-Ban Clubround or even cat-eye browline glasses depends on your personal preferences.

What face shape for browline eyeglasses?

Browline glasses always work as an accessory - no matter what shape of face you have. In the best case, however, the upper part of the frame should not go above the eyebrows, so that the glasses lie on the line of the eyebrows and thus adapt perfectly to your face.

If you have decided on a particular model but are not sure whether your favourite accessory fits your face, you can learn about which glasses frames suit my shape of face here. You can also use our 3D Virtual Try-On to try on the various frames by using your webcam or uploading a saved photo.

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Choosing Your Favourite Pair: As with all other frame types, all our browline frames are of the very highest quality from top brands and designers, which means that there is no chance of making a mistake when choosing your glasses. If you are looking for a specific colour or material, you can easily sort the entire range of sunglasses according to your preferences using our filter on the left-hand side of the screen. With just one click, you have the largest selection in Europe at your fingertips via the browser on your mobile phone or desktop.

Lenses: Currently we only offer non-prescription or single vision prescription lenses for our eyeglasses online. Don’t forget, you can customise your glasses and order non-prescription browline glasses with window lenses or blue-light filtering lenses for the computer. Many other customisations are possible via the button “order with prescription”.

Delivery & Returns: To make shopping online even easier, we offer FREE delivery and optional EXPRESS delivery as well as various payment methods. If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like your browline model, you can simply return it within 30 days free of charge by free shipping. Only individually produced lenses with prescription are not eligible for free returns, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, simply contact our customer service by phone via our local telephone number, or with your e-mail address to the support via our social media channels.

Support: If you have any further questions, you can always get some tips and fashion inspiration on our blog. Our Master of Glasses also has a lot of tips on topics such as repairing frames or adjusting your glasses. Otherwise, simply contact our customer support by phone via our local telephone number, or with your e-mail address to the support via our social media channels, and we will be delighted to help!

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If you would like to buy branded and designer browline eyeglasses online at low prices, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find a wide range of eyewear, all with cleaning wipe and case included in the price. Each one of our eyewear models is a real and brand new original. Used products and copies have no place in our warehouse!

As proven specialists in eyewear, we offer even the highest quality models at absolute bargain prices to our fashion-enthusiastic clientele, according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Feel free to check out our in-house Glasses Sale. Here you can find a wide variety of models at unique prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit us in the extraordinary world of Edel-Optics eyewear and treat yourself to the hottest retro glasses with a browline-style frame.