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Kids’ Sunglasses

Sun Protection for Children's Eyes

Anyone who's ever looked into the bright, giant saucer eyes of a child knows how easily they can enchant us. But these delicate children's eyes are as sensitive as they are enchanting. This is because the larger pupils and lighter lenses are more susceptible to UV radiation. While the permeability of the lenses in people over 25 years of age is only 10 percent, ** in small children 75 percent of dangerous UV light penetrates the inside of the eye**. This can cause permanent damage to the retina and, in the long term, even cause late effects such as cancer or cataracts.

With babies, too much direct sunlight can easily be avoided, because parents can simply park their child in the pram in the shade or lie them back in the cradle at home after getting enough sun. For kids who are starting to run wild, wearing sunglasses with tinted lenses becomes even more important. Boys and girls alike love to be outside to discover the world. This is also important for the eyes, because real light is a welcome change from the artificial light that constantly surrounds us in buildings with LEDs and screens.

So, while baby sunglasses are nice to have, children's sunglasses are a must-have. To ensure perfect all-round protection, we recommend ** high-quality sunglasses with wide temples** that fit snugly enough. These not only provide the necessary stability when playing, but also prevent UV rays entering from the side. In general, what makes a good pair of sunglasses for adults also holds true for kid's sunglasses:

  • Shatterproof glass
  • CE mark of quality standard
  • Sufficient UV protection

What UV protection do kids’ sunglasses need?

The glass experts at Zeiss recommend sunglasses lenses with UV protection up to 400 nanometers. This corresponds to UV-A radiation with wavelengths between 315 and 400 nanometers. This long wavelength range is one of the reasons why we wear glasses with tinted lenses on bright days. UV-B radiation, on the other hand, remains for the most part in the ozone layer if the ozone layer is intact (we only come into contact with about 8 - 10% of these waves). And UV-C radiation is completely filtered even in the higher layers of the atmosphere.

Another reason for child sunglasses is the glare protection. This is especially important when taking your child to the sea or to the mountains. To prevent the little explorers from being constantly exposed to strong or blinding sunlight during their holiday adventures, glasses with a dark tint are recommended. Here we recommend the glare protection category 3; otherwise, you can get through the cloudier days well with category 2.

Optimal glare protection for children's eyes

The best way to protect the eyes from strong blinding light is to use polarised lenses. These have the property of filtering concentrated light reflected from snow or water surfaces particularly effectively. The brand Polaroid Kids exclusively offers sunglasses for children with polarized lenses. As with the parent brand Polaroid, the equivalent for adults, you can be sure to buy optimal protection when choosing Polaroid sunglasses.

Another brand that offers polarized sunglasses for children and has long since proven itself on the market is Ray-Ban Junior. Check out our selection of Ray-Ban Junior Sunglasses to enjoy the large selection of cool kids’ sunglasses in all colours and shapes. In addition to these two features, you can also filter by lens characteristics to find sunglasses specifically for children with polarized or mirrored lenses. Of course, most models are also available with prescription lenses, so that the glasses wearers among children do not have to sacrifice their vision.

At Edel-Optics, you have a wide range of glasses and sunglasses for kids. Not only UV-400 protection is guaranteed, but also the satisfaction of your child! With almost 500 cool sunglasses for children, even the most stubborn kids will find a frame they like. It's best to take a look directly online and browse the colourful world of sunglasses from Edel-Optics together.