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Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Eyewear at Edel-Optics - SEE AND BE SEEN

Whether it's men's glasses, women's glasses, children's glasses, glasses for work, gaming glasses, reading glasses, blue light glasses, glasses with prescription or non prescription glasses, we offer all the major branded and designer glasses online. Our most popular brands include: Ray-Ban glasses, Tom Ford, Oakley, Detroit, Porsche Design, Prada and Boss. According to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN", we know like no one else that at the end of the day, it's style AND quality that counts.

Even among stars, fashionable glasses frames have long ceased to be a necessity and have become fashionable accessories or even a trademark look. Just think of Steve Jobs, Johnny Depp, Queen Elizabeth II, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Woody Allen, Elton John or Anne Hathaway. And these are just a few, easy examples of a list of glasses-wearing celebrities that is so long that there is no room for it here! To experience the glitter and glamour of the stars, you should leave your contact lenses at home and put on a pair of glasses that perfectly complements your style and face shape instead. Read on for an overview of details of our services and advice on how to order prescription glasses online!

Three models wearing prescription glasses

Glasses with Prescription Lenses

It goes without saying that our excellent opticians not only understand their craft but also how important it is that you can see sharply, even from the back row, and feel confident with your new look. When it comes to prescription eyeglasses, we can quickly resolve any questions with our expertise. Of course, not all eyesight problems are the same.

In terms of ** single vision lenses**, you simply have to choose between short-sightedness (myopia) and far-sightedness (hyperopia). You should choose a thicker frame for high dioptre values in the minus range.

Reading glasses are sufficient for the majority of glasses-wearers. Around the age of 40, presbyopia, i.e. the natural loss of eye function, begins to leave its first traces. This is neither short-sightedness nor farsightedness, which is why an additional corrective aid in the form of prescription glasses or sunglasses is required. These are specialised for the close range of ca. 30 to 45 centimetres. Although reading glasses are a good solution, they have to be put on and taken off again and again because they are not designed for looking into the distance. For this reason, the frames of the lenses are often designed very narrowly to make it easier to look over the edge.

Varifocals, with a progression between short- and long-distance in their lenses, can be a suitable alternative, as they don't need to be frequently put on or taken off. Currently, we don't offer these online but if you happen to be based locally in Hamburg then you are most welcome to visit one of our physical stores where we can arrange this type of lens for you. As for online prescription glasses, we only offer single vision lenses.

Male and female model wearing Tom Ford prescription glasses

Non-Prescription Glasses & Customisation

Whether it's for fashion purposes or for reducing blue-light strain, those of you looking for glasses without prescription lenses or "non-prescription glasses" won't be disappointed. All of our glasses frames can be ordered with window lenses, a.k.a clear lenses. You can also customise them with an anti-blue light filter coating (blue light glasses are especially useful if you’re spending long hours looking at computer screens). We also offer anti-scratch or extra hardening for the lenses as well as other features that you can find out about by clicking on "order with prescription" on the product of your choice. If you just want window lenses then click "Add to cart" or if you want window lenses with customisations then click "order with prescription".

Our Filter Functions Allow You to Buy Prescription Glasses Online Easily

To make the search for your new glasses as easy as possible, you should take a moment to look at our filter functions in the left navigation bar. Here you can narrow down your selection so you can find your dream pair of spectacles easily.

  • Size: The rule of thumb is that the frame should not be wider or narrower than your face. This means the arms of the glasses should be just slightly angled outwards from the front of the frame, not too much, and certainly not angled inwards. Exceptions to this rule are extravagant frames designed to surprise. Do you already own a pair that fits well? Then you can simply measure the size of the lens with a ruler across the width, from inside edge to inside edge, and then check the lens size on the product details. If you still have doubts, then our "Master of Glasses" can help with a few helpful tips on ascertaining the right size of glasses.

  • Glasses shape: Do you already know what shape you would like? Maybe you'd like a Rectangle, Square, Panto, Cat-Eye shape or rather a round, rectangular or **oval frame? Then just select this shape directly from the filter.

  • Frame type: With this filter, the different models are sorted by rimless, full frame or half frame. Rimless glasses convey a delicate and minimalist look. Full frame glasses are considered the classic variant, but thanks to a wide variety of colours and shapes they can quickly become an eye-catching, trendy accessory. Semi-framed glasses are another category altogether. While glasses with lower half rim are mostly used for reading, glasses with upper half rim are new, contemporary styles that are less conspicuous in appearance than full rim frames.

  • Colour: You can choose your frame colour according to your hair and eye colour. For lighter hair colours, golds, browns or pastel colours always work well, while darker hair colours can suit the stronger tones in the colour pot. Of course, we also have everything else that the heart or the eyes can desire. Classic black glasses, are always fashionably up-to-date. From grey and blue to **red ** and **pink ** to silver glasses, we have everything you need. Of course, we also offer white and transparent frames. We also have models of glasses for the more extravagant individuals among spectacle enthusiasts in stock. For example, yellow, orange, green or purple glasses. Glasses with Animal Print, made of wood or Vintage or Retro-Look always provide a fresh breeze and are popular in the world of eyewear.

  • Material: If you're looking for a specific frame material, this filter will help. Plastic frames are comfortable to wear and offer a variety of shapes and colours. Metal, Titanium or Carbon on the other hand are best suited to classic looks, are extremely robust and can be used in very thin frames.

  • Brands: With us you'll find every brand your eyes could desire. We offer all of the well known designer brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Emporio Armani, [Burberry](Burberry-Prescription-Glasses. html), Persol, Esprit, JB by Jerome Boateng and Strellson.

Male model wearing JB prescription glasses

Choosing Glasses Based on Face Shape

You might have all your outfits ready for the whole year, but you still need that special something to complete them. So if you’re looking to buy glasses online, then you've come to the right place! You can also get information from our Master of Glasses, who always has useful tips for you.

Face shape: Below you will find a list of frames that ideally match your face shape and compliment your features. Whether you have a round, cornered, heart-shaped or oval face, you will find everything your heart desires with just a few clicks. You can easily find out which frames accentuate your face type particularly well in our Tutorial

  • Heart-shaped face: Cat-Eye Glasses as well as Butterfly or Butterfly Glasses are popular for this face shape due to their upward curvature. Another option is round glasses or oval glasses. However, remember to steer away from frames with wide and eye-catching temples.

  • Round face: For round faces, square or discreet frames are recommended, as they make the face appear narrower.

  • Square face: Completely opposite, square shaped faces suit round or oval shaped frames, which helps to give the face a softer touch. The choice of material (plastic, metal etc.) and lens colour is of course up to you.

  • Oval face: There's no rule of thumb for oval faces. Any frame shape or lens type, can find a place on your face. Make sure that they fit you and your personality!

Our general advice is to choose a pair that fits in well with your dress style and fits your appearance. If you are an extrovert person who likes to stand out, then go wild with frames in bright colours. If you prefer to be reserved, discreet eyeglasses are usually more suitable. In addition to the different shapes and materials of our glasses, we offer cheap prescription glasses for women and for men in a wide variety of styles.

Which Glasses Suit Me? Try-On, Customisation, Returns and Inspiration!

The ultimate test for the right pair of glasses is how they feel and look. With many of our models you can virtually try them on with our Virtual Mirror via online fitting and get a first impression of how you look with the new model. You can use your webcam or upload a photo. Just look for the the Virtual Mirror Icon on the product detail pages next to the glasses.

For customised lenses, you can choose from the top brands such as Hoya and Seiko in our Glasses Online-Shop. Our digital master optician will guide you comfortably through the online purchase and make sure that you know exactly what your glasses can do. In the end, you only have to wonder about the cheap prices!

Alternatively you are also free to use our free return shipment to test the look and feel at home. Simply order frames with window glass, make the final decision between your favourites at home in front of the mirror, send them back and then order your favourite pair with prescription lenses. Only individually manufactured lenses cannot be reimbursed, unless there are technical defects

Further information on each of our over 50,000 different products can also be found on the respective product page for the individual models. Further questions? No problem! Contact our customer service or get fashion inspiration by reading our Blog and following us on social media.

Our Services

Ordering your prescription glasses to the UK or any of our other shipping countries is easy with 3D online fitting and super fast 1-2 day delivery! With over 50,000 glasses and sunglasses on our site, we have a wide range of options so that everyone can find exactly the model that perfectly expresses their own individual style. And with our daily updated best prices, many of the latest trends in our Online Store of Designer Glasses appear to be on sale. Here the glass is more than half full, not only for optimists.

Even though we do offer some very cheap glasses, our goal is to stand out from other online opticians not only in terms of price! Edel-Optics wants to give customers an all-round outstanding shopping experience for branded and designer glasses online. Buying the right pair to go with your favourite pair of sneakers or new handbag should be fun! This includes ensuring that our customer support team will be happy to help you by phone or email, whether it's questions about the ordering process or the handling of returns. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support by phone via the local telephone number or, if you happen to be based locally, visit one of our three Hamburg Stores in the AEZ, the Mundsburg Center or the Ottenser Hauptstraße as well as our Lower Saxony store in Buxtehude.

We also offer express delivery so you can order today and have it delivered tomorrow. Even though there are few things more exciting than anticipation, we offer super speedy next day delivery for any last-minute glasses emergency. As an online company shipping to multiple countries worldwide, you can order your prescription glasses to the UK with express delivery and free returns for non-prescription lenses. Payment on account is offered as one of our easy payment methods.

Our enthusiasm for eyewear extends to including the matching glasses case and cloth with each pair of glasses. As glasses-nerds we provide in-depth information on everything from how to clean glasses properly, putting back fallen out lenses or everything to do with UV protection and UV rays.

Especially because of our focus on selling eyewear on the internet, we are often asked how the glasses are adjusted for a perfect fit. On the one hand, the frames come with a standard pre-adjustment so that many customers are satisfied with the fit right from the start. If this is not the case, our glasses-nerd Phil has here a Guide to fitting glasses, with which you can help yourself with most of the frames.

About Us

As eyewear specialists for fashion-enthusiastic clientele, we offer only the highest quality eyewear at absolute bargain prices with money-back guarantee under the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". For cheap glasses online, check out our reduced price glasses sale. Take a look around online now or view all the eyewear collections of the best and hippest brands as well as the fashionable eyewear and sunglasses creations of Sylvie Meis, Guido Maria Kretschmer or Jérôme Boateng to get a picture of the extraordinary world of Edel-Optics.