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Eyewear at Edel-Optics - Our claim is SEE AND BE SEEN

The German comedy legend Heinz Erhardt once said: "Some people want to shine, even though they haven’t got a clue!"

That can be easily remedied. Because the world through the eyes of Edel-Optics would be unimaginable without the hottest and most fashionable eyewear. Men's glasses, women glasses, kids glasses, work glasses, gamer glasses, reading glasses, glasses for nerds, prescription glasses, glasses without corrective lenses and glasses for eyewear enthusiasts, we have almost everything you can put on your nose from major brands and designers, e.g. Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Oakley, Detroit, Porsche Design, Prada Prescription Glasses or Boss. Because according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN" we are aware like no other that at the end of the day optics always matter.

Even among stars and celebrities, trendy eyewear is no longer purely a necessity, but has become fashionable stylistic accessories or even hallmarks. Just think of Steve Jobs, Johnny Depp, Queen Elizabeth II, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Woody Allen, Elton John or Anne Hathaway. But also other celebrities from sports, film or television like LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, Tom Brady, Russel Crowe, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Gere, Cate Blanchett, Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker Jean Reno, Martin Scorsese, Samuel L. Jackson, Julia Roberts, Chris Pine, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Bono from U2, Moby, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams or Vitali Klitschko, Kendall Jenner, Susan Sarandon, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid who have discovered the little wonders of technology for their noses. And these are just a few examples of a list that is so long that there is not enough space for it in this text.

To experience a piece of glitter and glamour of the stars, you should leave your contact lenses in the closet and put on one of our prescription eyeglasses that perfectly matches your character, face shape and, of course, your ametropia.


History of Eye Glasses

What we take for granted today, has a history of more than 700 years: when eyesight diminished and eyes grew weaker, it was commonplace in antiquity for people to simply come to terms with it, a situation that was certainly not appealing. The famous Roman orator Cicero complained that it was a burden that his slaves had to read texts to him. Even the infamous Emperor Nero used Emeralds to better follow the gladiatorial fights in the Colosseum and chariot races at the Circus Maximus.

Neither ancient civilizations such as the Maya, Egyptians or the Chinese found a solution to this problem at the peak of their creativity. The Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes (287-212 BC) provided food for thought with the invention of the concave mirror, which, according to legend, is said to have set a large part of the Roman fleet on fire during the three-year siege of Syracuse.

Gaius Pliny (23-79 AD) in one of his countless studies, recorded the magnifying effect of a water-filled glass ball, but he didn’t pursue this knowledge, apply it in practice or make corresponding use of it. The first step in the right direction was made by the Greek philosopher Ptolemy (around 150 AD) with the establishment of the laws of refraction. Yet it took more than a thousand more years for this to be picked up by the Arab mathematician and astronomer Alhazen, also known as Ibn al-Haitam, in his book "The Treasure of Optics" and were used as a basis in the laws of refraction, which are crucial for good eyesight.

In the work, which further reports on the doctrines of seeing and reflection, he was the first to suggest the idea of supporting the "eye" with a polished, optical lens before Snell (1581-1626) some 500 years later created the light refraction law and published it in his five-volume work on optics.

The first pioneering success in the field was recorded by Italian monks as early as the 13th century who made the first semi-polished lens which in practical use mainly served as a magnifying glass. For this purpose, they used the rock crystal Beryll, before the Oxford Franciscan monk Roger Bacon provided the academic proof that the special cut of the glasses could enlarge small and difficult to recognize letters in 1267.

The birthplace of eyeglasses is therefore logically in Italy, to be more exact in the world famous Venetian Glassworks of Murano, but for logistical and less scientific reasons. Indeed, in the thirteenth century, only this facility was able to produce the white glass that was absolutely necessary for the manufacturing process. The result of this success was that a short time later even the first regulations were laid down to ensure quality assurance for the manufacturing process.

The first reading aids or glasses, whose word origin can be derived from the rock crystal beryll, had a convex cut lens, which the Italians framed with iron, horn or wood. The mount was usually a simple style to stabilize the first eyewear, which served only to give the farsighted the opportunity to continue enjoying the written word.

With the spread of the teachings of Snell, the manufacture of glasses also began to have a distant resemblance to our models today. Rivet-glasses were increasingly replaced by spectacles. Especially among rich and wealthy citizens and noblemen, the unified one-piece versions were well received, as they had them made of bronze or iron to clearly differentiate themselves from the lower classes of the population

In Spain, large models began to dominate public life and were even be considered to be a kind of status symbol. For the first time wearing comfort became an important issue, so that a nose bridge made of leather was no longer a rarity. Nevertheless, the fixation of the eyeglass frame remained one of the biggest problems of that time, which with the introduction of the so-called Nuremberg wire glasses in the 18th century became a solution. So far, the eyeglasses frame either slipped off the nose or it was so tightly fixed that it wasn’t particularly comfortable for the wearer.

By the end of the 18th century, eyeglasses, better known as monocles, became increasingly popular. Above all, the fine society in Germany and England always resorted to them, while the French preferred the "scissors glasses". These glasses were not borne by the nose itself but held by the muscles around the eye. It also had the advantage that they could easily be made to disappear in order not to show any hint of weakness in the aristocratic circles in and around Paris.

Our eyewear owes its present appearance to developments in the twenties of the last century, so that the variety of forms, colours and materials today has hardly any limits. Especially in the new millennium, eyewear has evolved from a necessary evil to become one of the most important fashion accessories worldwide.

Prescription Eyewear

Needless to say, our technically excellent opticians not only understand their trade, but are aware of the fashion aspect, as well as the importance of being able to see every last detail with pin-sharp attention even in the last row. After all, today a large part of the population needs glasses.

When it comes to prescription glasses, we can quickly help resolve any issue with our expertise, to prevent a frowning face from becoming your hallmark. Nevertheless, ametropia is not the same as ametropia. Here, the limit of single-vision glasses must be drawn between shortsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). Otherwise, there are no other hurdles to take in selecting eyewear. Only with high dioptric values in the minus range should the choice fall on thicker spectacle frames.

A further subdivision should also find its place at this point, since a lot of the budding spectacle wearers already has reading glasses. Because at about the age of 40, the presbyopia begins to leave its first traces, i.e. the natural loss of the function of the eyes. This does not fall under the category nearsightedness or farsightedness, which is why it needs an additional corrective. This is specialized in the close range of about 30 to 45 centimeters.

However, this solution is by no means only advantageous. After all, reading glasses have to be put on and taken off again and again because they are not designed for looking in the distance. Therefore, the frames are also often very narrow, to facilitate looking out over the edge to see things in the distance. Therefore, progressive lenses have proved to be an excellent alternative, since they eliminate the need to always put them on and take them off.

Buying Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses not only correct nearsightedness or farsightedness but also presbyopia. Responsible for this are the three different zones, which have specially manufactured lenses. The upper visual range is for long-distance vision, the lower for a sharp view of close distances and the centre for intermediate distances, allowing for a stepless, smooth transition from close to far views. But beware! Small frames are rarely suitable for use with progressive lenses as the three zones need enough room to unfold their effect so that only frames of a sufficient size are suitable for progressive lenses.

If you are looking for a pair of progressive lenses, then you should make your way to Germany's eyewear mecca, our flagship store in Hamburg. There you will find not only the largest selection of designer eyewear and our brilliant opticians, but also the expertise and technical possibilities for perfectly adjusted progressive lens at a low price. If you are unable to fit in a trip to Hamburg at the moment, you can at least save some money on the frame. Unfortunately, with progressive lenses we are unable to offer them online at this point due to our high quality standards.


Our Filter Features Make it Easy to Select Eyewear

To make the search for your new glasses as easy as possible, take a closer look at our filter features in the left navigation bar. Here you can narrow down the selection of eyewear so that the path to your dream model is only a stone's throw away.

Face Shape: This is where you will find frames that are perfect for your face and emphasize and underline your features. Round, angular, heart shaped or oval faces, with just one click you will find everything your heart desires. Which frames accentuate your face type is easily found in our tutorial.

Size: The rule of thumb is that the glasses should not be wider or narrower than your face. Exceptions in the form of extravagant models, which have a fashionable background, of course, confirm the rule. Do you already own a pair of glasses? Then you can simply measure the lens size and enter it directly in millimeters. If you still have doubts about the size of your type, our "Master of Glasses" can help you with a few helpful tips.

Frame shape: Does a particular eyewear suit your face, or do you feel like having something new? Maybe a rectangle, square, panto, cat eye shape, or perhaps a round, rectangular or oval frame? Then just select the shape or narrow your search with the face shape filter.

Type of frame: This filter organizes each model into rimless, full-rim or semi-rim. Rimless Eyewear stands for a subtle and minimalistic look. Full-rim eyeglasses are considered the classical version, but thanks to a wide variety of colour and shape options, they can quickly become eye-catching, trendy accessories. Semi-rim can again be subdivided. While glasses with a bottom semi-rim are mostly used as reading glasses Glasses with an upper semi-rim are new and contemporary models that are less noticeable than full-rim frames.

Colour: The eyeglass colour should always match your hair and eye colour. For people with a lighter skin: golden, brown or pastel colours are always a good choice, while darker types should also not be afraid to try out brighter colours.

Material: If you are looking for a particular frame material, this filter will help. Plastic Glasses offer a comfortable fit and a wide range of shapes and colours. Metal, Titanium or Carbon are the perfect match for a classical look, are extremely durable and can be made into very thin frames.

Brands: At Edel-Optics you will find everything you need for your eyes. Well-known designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Emporio Armani , Burberry, Persol and Esprit are just as available in our eyewear catalogue as JB by Jerome Boateng prescription glasses or Strellson.


Which Glasses Suit Me? - Watch the Video and Try Them on Online

You have your cool outfits for the whole year, but you're still looking for something that will not only round off your outfit, but, like the sun, is the centre of your fashionable universe. Then you are in the right address, because our technically competent staff knows which eyewear is hip and which model suits your face. Alternatively, check out our Master of the Glasses, that always has the right tips for you when it comes to eyewear.

Because apart from the different shapes of the frames, glasses for women and glasses for men are available in a wide range of variations. The difference is not only in the look, but also in the processing, the design and the refinement.

Classical Glasses like the Ray-Ban Glasses Round Metal, the Tom Ford Glasses FT5294 or the Porsche Design Glasses P8801 never go out of fashion and are available in a variety of colours, especially the brown glasses or the gold glasses that are always a popular option when it comes to the colour assortment.

An important criterion in any case is always the correct size or lens width of the glasses and the rule of thumb is: "The best glasses for you are those that are neither too big nor too small." The "Master of Glasses" has also a few tips up his sleeve to help you in your orientation. You can also find additional information on each of our more than 40,000 different products on the respective product page of the individual models. Here you can also read again which colours 2017 and 2018 for glasses for women and glasses for men are in vogue, whether glasses with round lenses or rather glasses with square lenses better match your style requirements. Any further questions? No problem. Our blog doesn’t have to be asked twice to deal with any last doubts you may have.

Of course, the ultimate test for the right choice is how the glasses feel and look on your nose. Many of our models can be tried on virtually with our Virtual Mirror via our online fitting to give you a first impression of how you look wearing the new model. For this you can use your webcam or upload a photo. The Virtual Mirror Icon can be found on the product detail pages of those glasses where online fitting is available. Alternatively, you are free to use our free return shipping and test the look and feel in the comfort of your own home.

But which frame is worth considering? To make this decision it makes sense to orient yourself on your own face shape, in order to get an approximate idea as to which frames suit you:

Heart-shaped face: Cat eye glasses or variations of cat eye models such as the Dolce & Gabbana Glasses DG5025 or the Prada Glasses Cinema (PR55SV) or Butterfly Glasses like the Ralph Lauren Glasses RL6145 or the Bvlgari Glasses BV4108B are among the box-office hits because of their upward curvature. Other options include round glasses like the Oakley Pitchman R (OX8105) or the JB by Jerome Boateng Musickid (JBF104) or oval glasses such as the Versace VE1248B, where the style plays a more significan role than the colour. When choosing glasses one limitation should be kept in mind. Keep your fingers off frames with wide and eye-catching temples.

Round Face: The best frames for round faces are square (Esprit ET17444, Michael Kors Vivianna II (MK4030)) and unobtrusive models like the Ray-Ban RX6375 or the Emporio Armani EA3026 as they lend the face a more slender appearance.

Square Face: Angular face shapes are the complete opposite. (Tommy Hilfiger TH 1467, Detroit UN562) and oval frames (Vogue VO5037) that give the face a softer touch. In addition, you should look out for discreet colours to round off the picture with a touch of elegance.

Oval Face: There is no rule of thumb for oval faces. Basically, any pair of glasses, such as the Marc Jacobs MARC 51, the Strellson ST1028, the Fendi FF 0308 or the Fossil FOS 6014 will look perfect on your nose. But take care: make sure that the glasses are right for you and match your personality!

In addition, of course, we also have everything else that the heart or the eyes desire in our range of eyeglasses. How about the black glasses (Boss Orange BO 0084, Givenchy GV 0084), that in terms of the latest fashion trends are incomparable with other models. The grey glasses (Giorgio Armani AR7151, Miu Miu MU 53OV) and blue glasses (Diesel DL5181, Calvin Klein CK5864) to the red glasses (Guess GU2587, Kate Spade Jelissa/F) and the pink glasses (Ray-Ban Ja-jo RX6392, Max Mara MM 1289) to silver glasses (Saint Laurent SL 179, Polaroid PLD D401) we have everything you need for your everyday life.

Of course we also have the classics like the white glasses (Burberry BE2255Q, Just Cavalli Glasses JC0818) and the transparent glasses (Persol PO3183V, Lacoste L3612, Timberland TB1600.

We also stock eyewear models like the Roberto Cavalli Glasses RC5028 for enthusiastic birds of paradise. For example, yellow glasses (Boss Glasses BOSS 0917, Céline CL 41419), orange glasses (Arnette Input, Emilio Pucci EP5089), green glasses (Nike Glasses Nike 6053, Cazal CZ 4198) or lilac glasses (DKNY DY4676, Liu Jo LJ3602). Also the Glasses with Animal Print (Jimmy Choo JC147), Wooden Eyeglasses (Wood Fellas Maximilian) or Vintage Eyewear always gives a fresh look and ensures brisk sales in the eyewear world.

At the end of the day all that is left to say is that “We have them all! Zegna Glasses , Escada Glasses, Ralph, Puma, Polo , G-Star Raw or Prada Sport can be found in our Glasses Portfolio. Which brand you finally choose, is entirely up to you, because when you buy glasses everything depends on your own taste and preferences!

However, there are other factors besides the face shape and the brand that are crucial for choosing which model suits you. To ensure that you are happy in the long term with your chosen frame, you should choose one that fits in well with your style of clothing and matches your appearance. If you are more of an extrovert, who likes to be conspicuous, you should go for frames in bright colours. If you value restraint, unobtrusive glasses are generally more suitable. Of course, with glasses you also have the opportunity to give exciting contrasts to the rest of your appearance. But even then, the eyewear should basically suit your personality and not look artificial - so that you feel good.

If you have discovered your favourite model, such as metal, acetate or titanium glasses, you can order the glasses online at an affordable price. In addition, the model can simply be send back for free, if you should change your mind. However, glasses with custom-made lenses and glasses with prescription lenses cannot be refunded unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, just contact our customer support via the local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores.


Which Glasses Suit Me: Online Fitting

With more than 40,000 products on our website, we have plenty in store for everyone who wants to find the exact model that best expresses their own individual style. And with our daily updated best prices we've almost always got the latest eyewear trends in our online designer glasses outlet at sale.

Whether you already have your most visible accessory for 2018 or are just trying to figure out whether you prefer Ray-Ban or Gucci, Prada or Tom Ford, at Edel-Optics we have the whole range of major brands and designer eyewear in our assortment. We also offer the possibility of an online fitting for increasingly more and more models. Check out the product detail page for the Virtual Mirror Icon and put the Glasses on your virtual nose via webcam or by uploading a photo. As we offer a free return policy, you can alternatively make the final decision among your favourites in front of the mirror in the comfort of your own home.


We don’t want to set ourselves apart from other online opticians only on the basis of a price comparison. Edel-Optics wants to create a thoroughly compelling shopping experiences for their customers, because buying the right frame to match your favourite sneakers or new handbag should always be fun. This also means that our customer support is available by phone or email and is delighted to help you if you have questions regarding the ordering process or the handling of returns. Our service also includes the optional express delivery which is well received by our customers and the delivery of the eyewear is often guaranteed on the next working day. Also, the payment on account is part of our payment methods - providing an overall package in terms of service.

Just like in our flagship store, you can also order your prescription lenses in our eyewear online shop from top brands such as Hoya and Seiko. Our digital dispensing optician will guide you through our online shopping, ensuring that you know exactly what your lenses can do and so you only have to be surprised about the low price.

Your Questions are our Favourite Topics

Our enthusiasm for the subject of eyewear does not end with us providing the spectacle case together with the designer eyeglasses and spectacle cloth to the customer. As experts we are dealing, for example with, cleaning your glasses thoroughly or inserting lenses that have fallen out of the frame.

Precisely because of our focus on the sale of eyewear on the Internet, we are often asked how the glasses are adjusted for the perfect fit and, of course, we want to give you an answer: First, the frames come with a standard pre-adjustment, so many customers are satisfied from the onset with the fit. If this is not the case, then our Eyewear Brain Phil will have instructions for adjusting glasses, which will help you adjusting most of the frames yourself.

As we have only eyeglasses in mind, we consistently produce interesting content in our blog that keeps you up-to-date about what’s going on in the world through the eyes of Edel-Optics. So, check it out every week if you want to be informed about the latest trends, fashion and lifestyle anytime, anywhere.

As eyewear specialists for fashion-enthusiastic clientele, we offer only the highest-quality models at absolute bargain prices under the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Reduced eyewear is also included, which goes without saying. Check us out online or visit our stores in Hamburg to see the eyewear collections of the best and hottest designer glasses, as well as the own creations of our testimonials Sylvie Meis or Jérôme Boateng in the exceptional world of Edel-Optics.

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