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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 710/T5)
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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 622/T3)
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   Ophthalmics Gucci GG0091S 001
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Prescription Sunglasses

Summer, sun, sunglasses! But for people with vision impairment, the best time of the year can turn into a nightmare - if they don't have prescription sunglasses. These glasses not only protect your eyes from the bright sunlight but also serve as a fashion statement and add that certain something to your outfit. And even if you wear contact lenses, an individual pair of sunglasses with diopters can be a beneficial change, since your eyes occasionally need a break from contact lenses. If you are suffering from vision impairment, you should definitely wear prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

How long have prescription sunglasses been available?

In ancient Rome, even Emperor Nero protected his precious eyesight - but how did he do it? Green emeralds! These precious stones enabled him to see gladiatorial battles much better. In early times, the Inuit also used bones or wooden boards with fine sight slits to protect themselves from snow blindness.

The foundation stone for our present-day sunglasses was laid in the fifteenth century when coloured sunglasses (coloured with amber, manganese dioxide or nickel) were produced to protect against the glare of the sun. In addition, cloth and leather was added to some models to prevent scattered light getting into the eyes from the side.

The development of sunglasses with diopters continued to progress. Experiments by opticians in the 19th century accelerated the launch of the first genuine sunglasses with diopters on to the market.

The mass production of prescription sunglasses started from 1930. Bausch & Lomb, an American manufacturer of optical devices, manufactured protective lenses in series. The first sunglasses followed in 1936 with the model Aviator. The Ray-Ban subsidiary, which only dealt with goggles for sun protection, was founded in 1937 - the starting shot for both the medical and fashionable overwhelming success of sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses: what should you pay attention to?

When buying prescription sunglasses, you should ensure that the glasses are closed as far as possible to the outer edge of the face so that sunlight cannot get into the eyes from the side. The colour of the lenses is also decisive: colours are less distorted with gray or brown lenses. Whether you choose plastic or mineral glass is a matter of taste. More important is that prescription sunglasses are of good quality: the lenses should be anti-reflective on both sides, to avoid disturbing reflections. And it should be ensured that your prescription sunglasses also provide UV protection. Pay attention that the spectacle lenses are marked with and meet the requirements of the UV-400 test mark. You will find a sticker with this reference directly on the lenses. The importance of the test mark: the harmful UV rays are filtered out of the sunlight with a wavelength between 280 and 400 nanometers. The CE test mark of approval is another quality and authenticity feature: all sunglasses sold in Germany must be CE test marked on the inside of the temple. This guarantees that the glasses comply with EU safety requirements and you can wear them without having to worry about your eyes.

Buying prescription sunglasses online

You can find cool prescription sunglasses in our online shop. We have a wide range of designer prescription sunglasses that will definitely suit your style. A bestseller is the prescription Ray Ban Aviator. We offer all our Ray Ban sunglasses with prescription lenses. You can also buy most other brands such as Prada, Oakley, Michael Kors, Persol or Miu Miu as prescription sunglasses with UV protection at our online shop, at an unbeatably low price.

Ordering prescription sunglasses online

The ordering process for prescription sunglasses is extremely easy: just choose your model, click on "order with prescription", choose the basic version or add extras and our digital optician will show you suitable lenses. Many models can be tried on virtually. You can also order different frames for free fitting at home before you make your decision and order your prescription sunglasses online. Individually customized prescription lenses, however, cannot be reimbursed, if they are not defective! For that reason, we recommend you try the frames on first before we insert your lenses.

Free and fast delivery

We will deliver the model you would like to try on free of charge. We also pay the return delivery. The information on how long you have to wait for your new favourite glasses can be found on the order page. If standard delivery takes too long, you can also order by express. Available payment methods vary according to the country where the order is made. There are normally the following possibilities: Credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal, invoice. If you have any questions or need help, you can reach us via a local telephone number and we will be glad to help you! You can also visit us on Facebook for direct help!

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