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Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses


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  1. Due to the overwhelming demand, Ray-Ban has almost become synonymous for brand eyewear. Ray-Ban is, in fact, the most popular eyewear brand in the world, the characteristic signature in the upper corner of the right lens giving it high recognition value in major cities around the world. As a genuine eyewear brand, the product range consists of accessories with lenses and frames. Originally designed by Bausch & Lomb for pilots in the US Army, Ray-Ban has already achieved cult status, not least through movies like Blues Brothers, Miami Vice and Malcom X. Despite the widespread use and popularity, we repeatedly encounter numerous errors regarding Ray-Ban and we have asked our all-round eyewear expert, Phil, to clarify some common misunderstandings.
  2. The name Ray-Ban

    Ray-Ban was not founded by two American opticians with the name Ray and Ben and therefore is not written Ray-Ben.
    Some incorrect spellings are ReyBan, Reh-Benn or Rebähn. Should other online stores offer you eyewear with one of these labels, we would strongly disadvise you from ordering it. On the official ray-ban site, you can find the original models that are also for sale in our online shops and in the Hamburg flagship store. And don't hesitate to compare prices ;)

    In the range of corrective/prescription eyewear, Ray-Ban is not synonymous with nerd or retro eyewear, although full rim models are also available in the catalogue of the cult brand. The collections cover almost any style, from vintage to youngster models and from cool street look to Hollywood movie premieres. With the brand's "Never Hide" campaign, its claim to be an accessory for people with striking features is strikingly underlined.
  3. Ray-Ban models

    Aviator (RB3025) is not the name of a superhero and forgotten member of Marvel's Avengers, but rather of classical sunglasses per se. Originally designed in 1937 to protect against radiation on behalf of the US Army Air Corps, the parent company Bausch & Lomb developed them as radiation protection (Ray Ban) goggles for pilots. They are now the epitome of aviator sunglasses with absolute cult status, often with a mirror finish and with the maximum coolness factor.
    Clubmaster (RB3016) is not a party organizer or House DJ.
    And Jackie Ohh (RB4101) is not a long drink with whisky and orange, but rather another classical Ray-Ban model, that (most likely) owes its name to the former US First Lady and wife of John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline "Jackie" Onassis. As ​​a style icon of her time, she was responsible for making the Original Wayfarer (RB2140) a bestseller.
    Erika (RB4171) and Justin (RB4165), however, were also spotted in 2013 and 2014 on the guest lists of trendy events and not only worn by fashion-loving partygoers.
    The New Wayfarer (RB2132) is not just the original Wayfarer for men and women with a strong tendency to use anglicisms. But rather it is the less angular derivative of the original Wayfarer. The New Wayfarer lacks the slight forward inclination on the nose which is characteristic for the original Wayfarer.
  4. Types of frames and materials for Ray-Ban

    Memo Ray is not one of Ray Charles’ greatest hits compilations, but the name of a Ray-Ban frame, as are Carbon Fibre, Light.Ray, Liteforce and Titanium frame innovations. Even with a Titanium frame and depending on the particular lens material, "putting on" and "sitting on" should not be confused. But if it does happen: don't despair, we always have replacement lenses available!
    Gunmetal is not (yet) a subgenre of music that was influenced by Black Sabbath and Motörhead. In contraposition Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed ​​Metal or Metalcore should not to be confused with novelties in the metal frame range of Ray-Ban or other brands that we offer online and in our Hamburg outlet. But irrespective of the eyewear frames being made of aluminium, metal, plastic or carbon fibre, Ray-Ban is popular with musicians of all genres, from the Blues Brothers to Oasis to Beyoncé.
    Now it's official: Rimless eyeglasses are widespread, borderless swimming pools are not.
  5. Current eyewear designs at Ray-Ban

    Rare Prints are not rare first editions in the hands of comic collectors, but a frame design comprising brightly coloured patterns of symbols, signs and/or logos. Remix Prints also belong to the category of extravagant eyewear fashion and there are even more styles in the current collection that are out of the ordinary: Logo Mania, on which the inside of the temple is covered with Ray-Ban icons on a coloured background, or the flashy denim frame of the Wayfarer series.
  6. Ray-Ban lenses

    If the word "polarized" is heard in connection with men and women's eyewear, it doesn't mean that the experts differ in their opinions of the respective eyewear. Polarized or polarizing lenses block reflected light. These are sunglass lenses with a special filter, which absorb mirrored light, so that the eyes are less blinded, e.g. by the glare of the headlamps of oncoming vehicles. Even snow and water surfaces reflect a great deal of brightness which can badly strain the eyes. Quality lenses with polarizing filters are ideal for sports eyewear, but also as sunglasses for lifeguards.

    Photochromic is a lens property and not a Photoshop clone. Photochromic or self-colouring lenses darken when exposed to UV light. Great advantage: with this functionality, anyone with myopia who sooner or later needs prescription lenses can wear them indoors and outdoors, even on sunny days, without sacrificing visual comfort.

    Shield is not a piece of armour, but an eyewear model, in which the lens continues over the bridge and accordingly is in one piece. For a better understanding, we have one or the other example in stock. Have a look at model number RB3471, which you can order from us at a super affordable Edel-Optics discount price, also on account.
  7. On our own behalf

    Our Ray Ban sale is not a short-term discount promotion. At Edel-Optics your cult object is permanently available at a discount price, delivered in a case and with a guarantee.
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The Ray-Ban designers are true masters in their fields. With each new collection, they set new standards and trends for the coming season. Since the brand’s establishment in 1937, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban have optimally protected your eyes and been characterised by impeccable designs that attract even the world’s most famous stars. Ray-Ban is a brand that has specialised in the manufacture and development of eyewear right from day one and has established itself as a true professional in its field.
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