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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 710/T5)
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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban Oval (RB3547N 001)
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Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses Online

About Ray-Ban - A Part of History

"Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past and present will miss the future”, former President and life-long Ray-Ban enthusiast John F. Kennedy once proclaimed.

That’s why the then subsidiary of Bausch & Lomb immediately grabbed the opportunity when it appeared on the horizon. And although the journey to becoming the most popular eyewear creators worldwide was perhaps not always easy, the company had a vision for the future and only looked to the past when it came to designing iconic eyewear models.

The success story of Ray-Ban RB is a direct result of the rise in aviation in the 1920's. “Higher, faster, further” was not an empty phrase at the time, but the rule rather than the exception in the rapid development of aviation. With new types of aircraft, rising altitudes, higher speeds and increasing distances, pilots in military and civil aviation faced new challenges. After a large number of fighter pilots of the US Air Force complained of headaches and nausea due to the additional workload and increased light exposure, a solution had to be found quickly.

No Sooner Said Than Done!

General John A. MacCready approached the company to order a new type of eyewear specifically tailored to aerospace applications. Not just any type, but one that was attuned to the needs of the pilots and their external environment and that could ensure perfect visibility without neglecting protection against strong light at high altitudes. The experts went straight to work and produced gold-plated metal sunglasses with green lenses made of mineral glass, which had ANTI Glare, infrared and UV protection. In 1936, they introduced the first plastic eyeglass frame in aviator design.

The model was patented the following year and from then on was officially launched on to the market under the name Ray-Ban. The Aviator was a huge success right from the start and hit the market like a storm, both fashionably and commercially. Not least because personalities such as General Douglas MacArthur were photographed wearing this model during the landing of US troops in the Philippines during the Second World War.

In addition to the cult model, the company also brought out two other important eyewear frames with the world-famous logo, emphasising their functional aspects and exterior presentation. The model Shooter (RB3138) is available in two different types of lenses, Ray-Ban Green and Kalichrome (light yellow glasses to wear in fog), and is aimed at sport lovers, who spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature. Especially the version with the light yellow lenses first gained worldwide attention through the US-American writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson, before Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas took it to the next level with this striking model. Special accessory: there is a round hole in the bridge of the nose where, according to the myth, a hunter could stick his cigarette if the prey came in front of his shotgun. Outdoorsman even goes one step further. The model originally bore the name “Skeet Glass” and was designed especially for hunters, fishermen and marksmen.

The fifties were in many ways a time of change and development. A time that also didn’t go unnoticed by Ray-Ban. In addition to the development of the N-15 lens, they later upgrade it to the G-15 lens, which only allowed 15% sunlight to reach the eyes due to the grey-green glazing, without affecting vision.

Apart from technical innovations, societal recognition was also changing. Sunglasses were no longer just a functional accessory, but rather became more and more part of fashion in everyday life. A development in which Hollywood and the increasing importance of cinema in general are by no means innocent.

The Wayfarer - From Accident to Box-Office Hit

The final breakthrough was achieved, as could easily be expected, by a prominent appearance in a movie. Ray-Ban's models were already extremely popular, but the Wayfarer sunglasses topped them, breaking all records almost overnight, catapulting the brand in no time all to the way to the top of the eyewear industry.

The American company owes this circumstance to a crazy misunderstanding. At the beginning of the Hollywood movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Audrey Hepburn appears on the screen wearing what was thought to be Wayfarer sunglasses. With their straight and angular frame that was actually designed as a men’s model, they immediately became acceptable for both sexes. But the grand lady of the film business was not wearing Ray-Bans, but a model in trapezoid-shape from the competitor Persol, which looked very similar to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

Since then, the triumphal march of the TOP brand has by no means come to a standstill. The Wayfarer RB can be found again and again in cult films on the faces of unique artists such as Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, James Dean, Dan Akyroyd or John Belushi, which keeps the myth of Ray-Ban glasses alive and ensures that RB is and remains the absolute number one in the sunglasses business. These sunglasses specialists always keep up with the times, set trends and reinterpret old models again and again.

How can you tell if your Ray-Bans are original?

Edel-Optics as a Certified Reseller

If you are looking to buy ray-bans online, make sure to buy from a certified reseller such as Edel-Optics. This would be the first step into making sure you get your hands on an original pair. There are of course a few other tips that we’d like to share with you:

Make sure the logo is spelled correctly, for example: Ray-Ban is not written Ray-Ben. Other incorrect spellings are: “Ray-Ban,” “Rayban,” “ReyBan,” or “Reh-Benn”. In addition, make sure your model comes with the Ray-Ban glasses case in the form of a small leather case and the Ray-Ban glasses cloth to avoid the possibility of falling for a Ray-Ban sunglasses fake. You should also make sure the correct serial number is engraved on the left bracket.

Until today the manufacturer Bausch & Lomb still plays a role. Original sunglasses from the time of their creation bear the abbreviation BL in each lens, while in newer models of the Ray-Ban Eyewear, which are now produced under the roof of Luxottica, the initials RB are only found in the left lens. However, the imprint of the brand name, which has a fixed place in the upper corner of the right lens, is found in every model. This is just one of the features that indicates an original. If the abbreviation or brand name can easily be scratched off, you most likely have an imitation.

Male model wearing ray-ban sunglasses for men

Famous Models by Ray-Ban

The Aviator

The Ray-Ban Aviator (RB3025) is not the name of a superhero and forgotten member of Marvel’s Avengers, but one of RB’s timeless top sunglasses for women and men. Originally, Ray-Ban sunglasses were developed as radiation protection or “radiation ban” (Ray+Ban) for pilots. The classic design, named “Aviator Large Metal”, are now the epitome of the aviator, a.k.a. pilot sunglasses. For maximum coolness, mirrored Ray-Ban aviators, otherwise named “Flash Lenses”, and polarised ray-ban aviator sunglasses are also offered. Just choose the lens type from the filter on the left or take a look at some of the most popular models in this style: Alex RB4201 // RB3526 // RB4253. For an extra splash of colour, check out the Aviator Craft RB3422Q with tinted lenses in yellow or blue, the RB3449 with green lenses or the RB8317CH with striking blue lenses. The Cockpit RB3362 is another very classic pilot style with its gold rim and brown gradient lenses. An absolute must for both sexes and you don’t even need to take a seat in the pilot’s cabin to wear them!


The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 is, just like the Wayfarer, one of the most famous accessories in Hollywood history. There’s the famous scene in Quentin Tarantino’s classic Reservoir Dogs when the gang around Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi leaves the diner at the beginning of the film. The black Clubmaster RB3016 W0365 also plays an exclusive role worn by Matthew Broderick in the 1980s cult movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. With its clear lines, browline frame made of plastic, UV-protection and an almost endless selection of lens colours, the clubmaster is simply impressive.The Clubmaster Double Bridge RB3816 and the Blaze Clubmaster RB3576N are two slightly different variations on this classic that you might also like to check out.


The Balorama RB4089 has also made a name for itself in the film business. These Ray-Ban men’s sunglasses with a subtle cat-eye shape rounded off the look for Harry Callaghan, the tough cop played by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.


From the ICONS collection, the model in rectangle-shape RB1969 proves to be the right touch of Street Credibility. It’s the perfect frame for those who have always wanted to wear a piece of Hollywood history on their nose. Available in a range of colours, it’s angular shape can be softened with rose pink lenses or intensified with dark grey or green lenses.

Jackie Ohh

Jackie Ohh RB4101 is not a long drink with whiskey and orange juice, but another women’s sunglasses classic with a rounded rectangular frame, which (very probably) owes its name to the former First Lady of the USA and wife of John F. Kennedy Jacqueline “Jackie” Onassis.


As a style icon of their time, the Kennedys in turn made the original Wayfarer RB2140 into a bestseller. The New Wayfarer RB2132 is the less angular derivative of the original, although it doesn’t have the slight forward tilt on the nose that is characteristic of the old model, which seemed almost omnipresent with actors like Tom Cruise in movies like Risky Business. In a wide variety of colour gradients, the New Wayfarer is one of the top frames in a range of sunglasses.

Erika & Justin

The women’s sunglasses Erika RB4171 and the men’s sunglasses Justin RB4165, on the other hand, have already been spotted on guest lists of scene events in 2013 and 2014 and not exclusively on the faces of fashion-loving partygoers. These styles know how to add eye-catching accents to any outfit and they stand out from the crowd in detail like diamonds in a coal mine. With the choice of mirrored lenses, there are no limits to individuality, neither with the Erika nor with the Justin. An alternative version of this style is also the Erika in Metal RB3539.


The Ray-Ban Caravans RB3136 are an alternative to the aviator, with straight lines, a metal frame and a certain masculine touch they are mainly aimed at gentlemen.


Of course, we can’t forget the Ray-Ban Cats series. Especially popular are the styles Cats 5000 RB4125 and the Cats 1000 RB4126, which will make your face shine not only in the sunshine. Alternatively, you can also shine like the eyes of a cat in the night with the Blaze Cat Eye RB3580N in the fashionable mono lens look, nothing is impossible!


Popular round frames are the Ray-Ban round/classic RB2447 and the RB2180. These plastic women’s frames convey the lightness and comfort of the brand like no other. The round metal RB is also popular, RB3447, with gold, silver, gunmetal or black frame and numerous lens colours, there is something for everyone

Predator 2

The Ray-Ban Predator 2 RB2027 models in rectangle shape also made a prominent screen appearance in the film Men in Black featuring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Hexagonal & Marshal

The Ray-Ban Hexagonal RB3458N and the Marshal RB3648 are always a good choice. The metal frames are available in various colours from black to gold and copper as well as various lens combinations. Go one step into the future with the similar fashion-forward style Octagonal RB3556N.


Rimless styles are the hottest trend! With the RB3183 you too can be at the forefront of fashion. Modern but still with a touch of retro, rimless ray-ban frames are popular for those looking to add a touch of futurism to their outfit.

Ray-Ban Junior

In addition to the iconic sunglasses for women and men, we also have children’s glasses by Ray-Ban for the little rascals in stock. With Ray-Ban Junior, we have a great range of many very special styles.

Female model wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses for women

Frame Types and Materials

Ray-Ban has a range of different frame types such as Memo Ray, Carbon Fibre, Light.Ray, Liteforce and Titanium frame innovations. Gunmetal is also a popular, grey coloured metal used in their eyewear frames.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses with Prescription

You can optionally get your Ray-Ban sunglasses with prescription lenses and choose the degree of lens tint yourself. Now the best really(!) comes: with us you can get the original Ray-Ban lenses customised with your prescription at the regular price. Other customisations can also be added such as anti-reflective coating, anti-glare or polarisation, which you can learn more about below.

However, Ray-Ban is not only a sunglasses brand, but also makes prescription glasses for men and women. And full-rim frames with nerd or retro look are by no means the only designs offered by the popular designers. The Ray-Ban RX collections cover just about every style, from Vintage to Youngster models (Ray-Ban Chris RB4187) and from cool Streetlook to Hollywood movie premiere. The Ray-Ban RX eyewear doesn’t compromise on fashion or price.

Ray-Bans with Polarised Lenses

A constant development of technology, high quality lenses and frames as well as a comfortable wearing comfort ensure the high quality of Ray-Ban sunglasses. But what is the difference between Ray-Ban and Ray-Ban P sunglasses? The P in the right lens next to the Ray-Ban logo stands for Ray-Ban polarised, which means that the lenses have a special glare protection. This is especially useful on wet roads or during a trip to a winter paradise. This is because the bright reflected light can quickly tire the eyes or even cause permanent damage, so make sure to choose polarised lenses if you are planning to spend long hours outdoors or driving! Simply look out for the P symbol on the bottom right of the product image or select this option from the filter on the left.

Which pair of Ray-Bans suits me?

It’s not always easy to find the perfect model. Often you have to test a lot of glasses before you find your favourite. To make the search easier for you, you can use the filter on the left side of the screen, which sorts the glasses by make or style. If you want to look at women’s pilot glasses, for example, just set the filter correctly and browse the results. With us you are spoilt for choice!

After sorting and selecting, you can check the 3D Online Fitting to see if the Ray-Ban sunglasses you have chosen suit you. This is available for most of our products – just click on the "online fitting" icon beneath the image on the product page, and a 3D image of the glasses will appear on your face on your webcam screen.

Once you have decided on a pair of glasses that you particularly like, you can now choose either standard FREE delivery or express delivery. This includes free return shipping within 30 days. Custom made sunglasses with prescription lenses are not refundable, unless they have defects. Payment is also flexible and you can choose from a variety of payment methods.

Our Services

If you have any other questions about Ray-Ban sunglasses, our “Master of Glasses” or our Blog will be able to help you. Of course, you can also contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to help you. For discount Ray-Ban sunglasses and many other goodies, check out our sunglasses sale here.

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The Ray-Ban designers are true masters in their fields. With each new collection, they set new standards and trends for the coming season. Since the brand’s establishment in 1937, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban have optimally protected your eyes and been characterised by impeccable designs that attract even the world’s most famous stars. Ray-Ban is a brand that has specialised in the manufacture and development of eyewear right from day one and has established itself as a true professional in its field.
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