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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 710/T5)
Ophthalmics Ray-Ban Oval (RB3547N 001)
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Ray -Ban – IN (ON) YOUR FACE!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses – A Piece of History

"Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past and present will miss the future”, former President and designated Ray-Ban enthusiast John F. Kennedy once proclaimed.

That’s why the then subsidiary of Bausch & Lomb also immediately grabbed the opportunity when it appeared on the horizon. The way to the most popular eyewear brand was perhaps not always easy. The company only looked into the rear-view mirror when it came to iconic eyewear models with cult status.

The Ray-Ban success story is a direct result of the rise of aviation in the 1920s. "Higher, faster, farther" was not an empty phrase at the time, but the rule rather than the exception in the rapid development of aviation. With new types of aircrafts, rising altitudes, higher speeds and increasing distances, new challenges faced pilots in military and civil aviation. After a plethora of US Air Force fighter pilots complained of headaches and nausea, due to their increased workloads, a solution to the problems, that were a direct result of exposure to light, had to be made as quickly as possible.

No Sooner Said Than Done!

General John A. MacCready approached the company to order a new type of eyewear specifically tailored to aerospace applications. But not just any type, but one that was attuned to the needs of the pilots and their new external influences. The eyewear should be able to ensure perfect visibility without neglecting protection against strong light at high altitudes. The experts got started right away and developed the ANTI Glare made from gilded metal with green lenses made of mineral glass that filtered both infrared and UV rays. In 1936, they introduced the first plastic eyeglass frame in aviator design.

The model was patented the following year and from then on was officially launched on to the market under the name Ray-Ban. The Aviator was a huge success right from the start and hit the market like a bomb, both fashionably and commercially, not least because personalities such as General Douglas MacArthur let themselves be photographed wearing the Ray-Ban Aviator during the landing of US troops in the Philippines during the Second World War.

In addition to the cult model, the company also brought out two other important eyewear frames, emphasizing the functional aspects, especially in their exterior presentation. The model Shooter (RB3138), which is available in two different types of lenses, Ray Ban Green and Kalichrome (light yellow glasses to wear in fog), aimed at sport lovers, who spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature. Outdoorsman goes even one step further. The model originally bore the name "Skeet Glass" and was designed especially for hunters, fishermen and marksmen.

The fifties were in many ways the time of change and development. A time that also didn't go unnoticed by Ray-Ban. In addition to the development of the N-15 lens and its subsequent upgrade (G-15), which due to its grey-green glazing only allows 15% sunlight into the eyes, without affecting the vision.

Apart from technical innovations, societal recognition was also changing. Sunglasses are not just a commodity, but rather an accessory that is getting more and more attention in fashion-conscious everyday life. A development in which Hollywood and the growing importance of the cinema, in general, are by no means guiltless.


The Wayfarer - From Error to Box-Office Hit

The final breakthrough was achieved, as could easily be expected, by a prominent appearance in a movie. The Ray-Ban models were already extremely popular, but the Wayfarer sunglasses topped them, breaking all records almost overnight, catapulting Ray-Ban in no time all to the way to the top of the eyewear industry.

The American company owes this circumstance to a crazy misunderstanding. When, at the beginning of the Hollywood movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Audrey Hepburn appeared on the screen wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, that with their straight and angular frame were actually designed as a men's model, they immediately became acceptable for both sexes. However, the grand dame of the film business was not wearing sunglasses from Ray-Ban, but a model in trapezoid shape from competitor Persol, which were confusingly similar to the Ray Ban Wayfarer. Since then, the triumphant procession hasn't come to a halt. Ray-Ban is and remains the absolute number one in the eyewear business, because the sunglasses specialists always keep up with the times, set trends and reinterpret old models again and again. Ray-Ban simply combines innovation with inspiration and tradition.

In principle, every day the company lives up to the motto that Kennedy gave his compatriots:

"When, if not now?
Where, if not here?
Who, if not we?"

Phil, Our "Master of the Glasses", Clears up Misconceptions Regarding the Planet's most Famous Eyewear Brand

Due to the overwhelming demand, Ray-Ban has almost become synonymous for brand eyewear. In fact, Ray-Ban is the most popular eyewear brand in the world. The characteristic signature in the upper corner of the right lens of the sunglasses has a high recognition value in major cities around the world. As a Genuine Eyewear Brand, the product range consists of accessories with lenses and temples (metal, plastic, etc.). Ray Ban achieved cult status not least through feature films such as Blues Brothers, Miami Vice and Malcolm X. Despite the widespread use and popularity, we repeatedly encounter immense errors regarding Ray-Ban and we have asked our all-round optics expert Phil to clarify some misunderstandings.

The Name Ray Ban

Ray Ban was not founded by two American opticians with the name Ray and Ben and therefore is not written Ray-Ben. Some incorrect spellings are ReyBan, Reh-Benn or Rebähn. Should other online shops offer you eyewear with one of these article descriptions, I would strongly disadvise you to order it. On the official Ray-Ban ( site, you can look at the original eyewear models, all of which can be bought from us in our online shop, as well as in our two Hamburg stores: And don't hesitate to compare prices. ;)

However, Ray Ban is not only a brand of sunglasses. It is also well established in the field of prescription glasses for men and women, where the brand should not be mistaken as a synonym for nerd glasses or retro look, even if these full-rim designs have their well-deserved place in the catalogue of the cult brand. The collections cover pretty much every style, from vintage to youngster model (Ray Ban Chris / RB4187) and from the cool street look to the Hollywood movie premiere. The brand's "Never Hide" advertising campaign impressively underlines its claim as an accessory for people with striking features.

To date, the manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, who co-developed the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses still plays a role. Original sunglasses dating back to their origin have the abbreviation BL in each lens, while in newer models of Ray-Ban Eyewear, which are now produced under the roof of Luxoticca, only have the initials RB in the left lens. The imprint of the brand name, which has a permanent place in the upper corner of the right lens, is found in every model. Only one of the features where you can be sure to hold an original Ray-Ban in your hands. However, if the abbreviation or the brand name can be easily scratched off, you are more likely to be wearing a fake.

Modelle von Ray-Ban

Aviator (Ray-Ban 3025 oder einfach nur RB3025) is not the name of a superhero or forgotten member of Marvel's Avengers but is, per se, one of the classic sunglass models. Originally developed in 1937 on behalf of the US Army Air Corps by Ray Ban’s parent company Bausch & Lomb as pilots’ goggles for radiation protection (Ray Ban). They are now the epitome of aviator sunglasses with absolute cult status, often mirrored and with maximum coolness factor.

Clubmaster (RB3016) is not a party organizer or house DJ.

And Jackie Ohh (RB4101) is not a long drink with whisky and orange juice, but another classical Ray-Ban model, that (most likely) owes its name to the former US First Lady and wife of John F. Kennedy Jacqueline "Jackie" Onassis. As a style icon of her time and together with her husband, she made the Original Wayfarer into a bestseller.

The Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171) and Ray-Ban Justin (RB4165), however, were also spotted in 2013 and 2014 on the guest lists of trendy events and not only worn by fashion-loving partygoers.

The Caravan (RB3136) has nothing to do with convoys of caravan in the Netherlands, but with the straightforward shape, the metal frame and the certain masculine touch mainly aimed at the men of the guild.

And, of course, the ladies will not be forgotten: How about a model from the Ray Ban Cats series? Especially popular is the Cats 5000, but also the Cats 1000 make your face glow not only in sunshine. Optionally, you can also shine like the eyes of a cat in the darkness. Nothing is impossible with the Blaze Cat Eye (RB3580N) in a fashionable mono pane look!!!

The Cockpit (RB3362) is the epitome of aviator sunglasses. An absolute must for both sexes and you do not even have to take a seat in the flight cabin.

And even without a special name, the Ray Ban 4147 can let men's hearts beat faster or even stand still for a moment. Wearing the transparent frame colour, you will undoubtedly be the centre of attention.

Even Andreas Möller doesn't have to rack his brains about geography when wearing a Andy because with the full rim Sunglasses you will not only look good on the streets of Milan or Madrid.

The style of the RB4181 from the HIGHSTREET is as uncompromising as a punch from Mike Tyson. An absolute knockout, which is why nothing else must be said about this model.

What else is there to say about the Ray Ban Round Metal? Superlatives and flowery descriptions miss their purpose as do euphemistic adjectives and embellished nouns. Plain and simple the sunglasses stand alone in the spectacle sky just like the Halley comet.

In addition to the iconic Ray Ban sunglasses for women and Ray Ban sunglasses for men, the cult brand has of course also Ray Ban children's glasses in the range for little rascals. With Ray Ban Junior the children's glasses get a very special style.


Types of Frames and Material for Ray Ban

Memo Ray is not a greatest hits compilation by Ray Charles, but the name of a Ray-Ban frame, just as are Carbon Fibre, Light.Ray, LITEFORCE and Titanium frame innovations.

Even with a titanium frame and depending on the lens material, "putting on" and "sitting on" should not be confused. But if shit happens: don't despair, we always have replacement lenses available!

Gunmetal is not (yet) a subgenre of the genre, which was coined by Black Sabbath and Motörhead. In contraposition Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal or Metalcore are not novelties in the metal frame range of Ray Ban or other brands that we offer online and in our Hamburg stores. But irrespective of whether the eyewear frames are made of aluminium, metal, plastic or carbon fibre, Ray Ban is popular with musicians of all genres, from the Blues Brothers to Oasis and Beyoncé.

It's official: rimless frames in the typical Ray-Ban sizes are very common, but rimless swimming pools unfortunately are not.

Current Eyewear Designs at Ray Ban

Rare prints are not rare first editions in the hands of comic collectors, but an eyewear frame design comprising brightly coloured patterns of symbols, signs and/or logos. Remix prints also belong to the category of extroverted eyewear fashion. Furthermore, there are even more styles in the current Ray-Ban collection that are out of the ordinary: Logo Mania, in which the inside of the temple is covered with Ray Ban icons on a coloured background, or the flashy denim frame of the Wayfarer series.

Ray-Ban Lenses

If the word "polarised" is heard in connection with men's and women's eyewear, it doesn't mean that the experts differ in their opinions regarding the respective eyewear. Polarised or polarising lenses block reflected light. These are sunglasses lenses with a special filter, which absorbs mirrored light, so that the eyes are not blinded, e.g. by the glare of headlamps of oncoming vehicles. Even snow and water surfaces reflect a great deal of brightness, straining the eyes badly. Quality lenses with polarizing filters are ideal for sports eyewear, but also for lifeguards.

Photochromic is also a lense property and not a Photoshop plagiarism. Photochromic or self-colouring lenses darken in UV-light. This is a great advantage, because with this functionality, anyone with myopia who sooner or later needs prescription lenses can wear them indoors and outdoors, even on sunny days, without sacrificing visual comfort.

Mono pane is not the opposite of a stereo LP, but an eyewear model, in which the lens continues over the bridge and accordingly is in one piece. For a better understanding, we have one or the other example in stock. Have a look at model number RB 3471, which you can get from us at a super affordable Edel-Optics discount price.

High-quality Ray Ban sunglasses in all varieties

The brand Ray-Ban stands for innovative glasses that improve your eyesight, protect you from UV-rays or skillfully combine both functions! And the best part: you can combine frames and lenses variably, according to your own wishes. How to get your Ray-Ban sunglasses with prescription lenses and you can choose the degree of glass tinting yourself. The infinite choice of shades allows a wide range, so that the right lenses are available for everyone! A steady advancement of eyewear technology, high-quality lenses and frames, as well as being comfortable to wear, guarantees the high quality of polarized Ray Ban sunglasses. As a reminder, brown lenses offer, for example, a high contrast in dim light, while green lenses absorbs 85% of the light, providing a clear, natural view. The UV protection that is included ensures that no harmful sun rays reach your eyes. With these facts in mind, you can consciously enjoy your stay in the sun and even look great, thanks to the stylish colours and shapes!

Which Glasses Suit Me?

Round or square glasses? Should the frame cover the lenses completely or only be on the upper part? What colour suits me? It is not always easy to find the perfect eyewear model. You often need to try on many glasses before you find your favourite. To make your search easier, you can use our filter in our online shop, e.g. sorted by eyewear brand or style. If you would like to have a pair of women's aviator sunglasses, simply set the filter accordingly and check out the results.

Thanks to the online fitting, you can immediately see if the selected glasses suit you. As a special service: our "Digital Dispensing Optician" is there to assist you in selecting the right prescription lenses - so you're sure to get the right eyewear.

If you have opted for the pair of glasses that you like most, you can now choose either standard or express delivery. Free return shipping is included, should you decide otherwise. Eyeglasses that are individually made, however, cannot be refunded unless they are deficient. When paying for your glasses you are flexible and can use different payment options.

Our Service

If you have any other concerns about the eyewear models or your order, you can always contact our customer support. We will be glad to help you. You can also take a look at our assortment, even in analogue life. Just visit one of our two Hamburg stores in the Alstertal Shopping Centre or in Ottenser Hauptstraße 33. Our eyewear specialists can hardly wait to give you a taste of the wonderful world of Edel-Optics.

About Us

At Edel-Optics, eyewear specialists meet fashion enthusiastic customers. We sell not only high-quality eyewear models, but also place great emphasis on the fashion aspect - as is obvious in our motto: "SEE AND BE SEEN". Have a look at the Ray-Ban glasses in our range and our unbeatably low prices for Ray-Ban models. Although we are not a Ray-Ban outlet, our cheap retail prices, might make you think we are. Our Ray-Ban Sale is not a short-term discount promotion. At Edel-Optics your cult object is permanently available with a guarantee at a super discount price.

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The Ray-Ban designers are true masters in their fields. With each new collection, they set new standards and trends for the coming season. Since the brand’s establishment in 1937, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban have optimally protected your eyes and been characterised by impeccable designs that attract even the world’s most famous stars. Ray-Ban is a brand that has specialised in the manufacture and development of eyewear right from day one and has established itself as a true professional in its field.
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