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Buy Polarised Sunglasses Online

Are polarised sunglasses worth it?

Polarised sunglasses are not just about style. They have a whole host of benefits both for everyday use and for sports use alike. Once you try them, you'll immediately see the difference between normal sunglasses and polarised sunglasses.

Polarised sunglasses were designed to glare from reflective surfaces and the overall intensity of all light hitting the eye. But this doesn’t affect the quality of your vision. On the contrary, colours appear richer and contrast is increased. The result is a clearer vision and better perception of your surroundings. The retina is relieved and protected, which prevents premature eye fatigue from high exertion in difficult light conditions. That’s why sunglasses with polarized lenses aren’t just a chic accessory that offers you UV protection and makes you look good, but also a particularly safe variation of sunglasses!

Of course, all of our polarized sunglasses also come with full UV protection / UV400 and can be optionally customised with other features, as explained below. While many people think that glasses with heavily tinted lenses or mirrored sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory, polarized lenses are State of the Art when it comes to vision, sun and eye protection.

When do I need polarized sunglasses?

Whether it’s water sports, fishing or skiing, polarised sunglasses are extremely useful. Reflections off snow, water or other shiny surfaces can dazzle your eyes and make it harder to see where you’re going, which is especially important during sports! These external conditions, for example when hiking, mountain climbing or on glacier tours, can tire out your eyes, as the retina constantly tries to adjust to the glare and increasingly changing light conditions.

Polarized sunglasses are by no means only a worthwhile investment for active people who do outdoor sports, but also for drivers. They can help to reduce the risk of accidents during the daytime, which is increased by the glare effect of wet roads or hot roads in summer. When the clouds loosen up after a rain shower and the sun comes out, the road's surface and windows of other cars can reflect light into your eyes in a very unpleasant and distracting way. This is exactly where polarized sunglasses come into play.

What are polarised sunglasses?

If you’re wondering what polarised sunglasses are or how polarised lenses work, here’s a short explanation. When light hits shiny surfaces, such as water or snow, it is reflected back with a degree of polarisation. This means that the electromagnetic waves that make up light are concentrated into only vertical and horizontal waves and so it becomes glaring for our eyes. The light is then polarised again, i.e. made to go in one direction, by the polarising lenses. This time, however, the light is made to go only vertically. The filter that does this is usually made of a special material with chains of molecules all going in a horizontal direction. Only vertical light waves can pass through and horizontal waves are reflected back by the horizontal chains of molecules. By reducing the total amount of light passing through, glare is reduced and we are able to see contrast and colour more clearly.

Polarised Sunglasses for Men & Women – Popular Styles

We offer men's and women's sunglasses with polarisation as well as unisex models. The most popular sunglasses for sports include Oakley and Polaroid Sports. Metal, acetate or plastic frames offer flexibility as well as safety for sports.

Along with models suitable for sports, we have sunglasses with polarisation in many trendy styles such as Browline, Wayfarer, Aviator and rectangular sunglasses. Simply select this frame style from the filter on the left or browse through our most popular brands: Hugo Boss // Polaroid // Michael Kors // Persol // Ray-Ban with the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 or the clubmaster RB3016, both with polarisation. If the sunglasses don’t originally have a polarisation coating, this can be added in many cases as a personal customisation by clicking on “order with prescription” on the product page.

With our huge selection of frame shapes and colours and our exclusive low prices, there is a model to suit everyone's style and budget. But how should you start your search? One way is to apply the filter in our online store. For example, you can find blue, brown or yellow polarised sunglasses by the leading brands. If you need more information or have questions about like: cleaning polarized sunglasses or choosing the correct glasses size, you are welcome to ask our "Master of the Glasses". Tip: Make sure your sunglasses are the right size so that your eyes are fully protected!

Additional Customisation

Looking for coated polarized sunglasses? Mirrored polarized sunglasses? You can also add your own customisations to most of our sunglasses lenses. By clicking on the “order with prescription” button, you can order polarized sunglasses with prescription lenses, mirror coating, anti-blue-light filter and much more. You can also choose a different lens colour. The major eyewear brands even offer their own prescription lenses. So we also offer Ray-Ban sunglasses with original brand lenses and Oakley sunglasses with original brand lenses. For personal advice, please feel free to contact our customer service team by email, phone or Facebook and we will be very happy to help you.

Three models wearing sunglasses

What We Offer

According to our motto “see and be seen”, here at Edel-Optics, we only have original designer and branded sunglasses in stock. To find your ideal pair, look out for our 3D Try-On feature, which we are gradually adding to all of our models. By clicking on the “Try-On” button beneath the product image, a 3D image of the glasses will be projected onto your face in the video camera. Should you happen to want to return your order, we offer free returns within 30 days for all non-customised sunglasses.

We send all of our products with the original case and wipe, as well as a certificate of authenticity if required for the designer brands. We send our polarised sunglasses to the UK and worldwide, with FREE delivery and the option of 1-2 day express delivery for those last-minute sunglasses emergencies. For discounted polarized sunglasses, view our sunglasses sale here, where you can find lots of eyewear goodies. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the wonderful world of Edel-Optics today!