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Miu Miu Prescription Glasses



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Miu Miu Prescription Glasses

Always Unique

"Art is truer than reality and more real than truth", once wrote the US writer Thomas Wolfe.

This statement, however, that should by no means only be applied to art in the traditional sense, but above all to the fashion world. This sentence is particularly true of Miu Miu. The prêt-à-porter collection from the house of Prada captivates people around the world with colourful designs and an accentuated avant-garde style, which has always stood in contrast to the more minimalist looks of Prada itself.

The brand, which was launched at the behest of Miuccia Prada, aims to reach a younger customer base as well as stars and starlets. The second line, often referred to as the Italian fashion giant's "little sister", has succeeded impressively since its founding in 1993. For the first time, when Kate Moss shone on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in 1995, the less expensive entry-level Milan-based label caused a sensation with its rebellious yet sensual creations.

Miuccia Prada, whose nickname served as inspiration for the naming of the label, saw the opportunity to create a point of contrast with Miu Miu as a sensual and rebellious line that opened up new territory and another target group for the fashion empire. Stylistically, this can also be seen in the designs. Miuccia Prada unfolds her "bad girl" side - wild prints, extravagant cuts and bold fabric combinations. The designs are often based on her personal affinity for the hippie style. In addition to clothing and handbags, this successful mix of retro influences in combination with current trends is particularly evident in the brand's eyewear collections, which have been impressing customers with a variety of iconic models for years.

The unique interplay of elegance and sophistication, which can be traced back to the most diverse inspirations - a skilful tightrope act between masculine and feminine, historical references and a kind of "jilted modernity" - result in an unexpected and extraordinary look, in which all these influences come together in a playful puzzle. The design of the fashionable Miu Miu eyewear - with or without prescription - is unique and stands out from other eyewear brands.

This attention to detail, the unique play of colours and the love of unusual patterns make it impossible for any fakes to be successful. You should nevertheless pay attention to some general features that distinguish an original pair of glasses from a Miu Miu fake. On the inside of the right temple, for example, you will find the model number and the colour code. In addition, the Miu Miu lettering adorns the outside of the left temple and the lower edge of the left lens.

The bottom line for Miu Miu is the old coffee cup wisdom: sometimes good, sometimes strange, sometimes great... but always unique!

model wearing miu miu prescription glasses

Who wears Miu Miu glasses?

Well-known stars love the cool glasses and have regularly been photographed wearing them. Actors like Mischa Barton and >b>Dakota Johnson have already been photographed with their Miu Miu eyewear. Actor Elle Fanning also likes to wear extravagant models by Miu Miu because they go perfectly with every trendy outfit and should be part of every trendsetter's repertoire. Other celebrities like Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Selma Blair or Kirsten Dunst, who have helped to bring the brand to where it is today, can escape neither the fascination nor the spell of Miu Miu and can be seen time and again on the red carpets of high society with the Italian frames.

Extravagance and Everyday Practicality in One

The extravagant glasses by Miu Miu helping you to see better, but also to feel better when you are wearing your new favourite accessory. The models are characterised above all by their high quality. Produced mainly in Italy, they are robust and scratch-resistant. If something does get damaged, you can always contact us to get spare parts for your Miu Miu eyeglasses. You can choose from a variety of frame shapes such as cat-eye and half-rim in all the trendiest colours. Whether a round or square frame, with coloured or clear lenses or with plain or patterned temples, we have something for every taste – even non-prescription Miu Miu glasses with window lenses.

Which glasses suit me?

Since it can be difficult to find the right model when shopping online, there are numerous ways to get an exact idea of the possible object of your desire in advance. Narrow down your search by using the filter on the left. For example, if you are looking for Miu Miu glasses in plastic, you set this in the filter and only corresponding models will be suggested to you. You can then try them on your uploaded photo and see which colour and shape suits you best. At the top of the popularity scale are models in the rectangle look, with cat-eye frames or the Miu Miu glasses with glitter. Many trend-conscious women appreciate these extravagant models because they spice up any look and catch the eye.

When ordering your prescription lenses, our easy online form will guide you through the process. Included in the price is the original Miu Miu glasses case, which protects your precious accessory and allows you to take them with you wherever you go. Once you have made your choice and decided on your dream glasses, you can choose between various payment methods. If you are not satisfied, you can return your glasses free of charge. However, the cost of custom-made lenses with prescription cannot be refunded unless there are defects.

Our Services

If you have any questions about the models, your order or information that our Master of the Glasses doesn’t answer, you can contact our customer support via a local phone number. If you happen to be based in Germany and wish to try on your glasses in person, please visit one of our stores! Our doors are always open to you and our highly qualified staff can't wait to help.

Since Miu Miu is one of our high-quality Boutique Brands, you're guaranteed delivery of this brand's sunglasses and glasses tomorrow if you order by 6pm today. Plus, in addition to free express shipping, we'll throw in an eyeshaker glasses cleaner on top to keep your branded glasses shining.

About Us

Here at Edel-Optics, our focus is not just on high quality designer eyewear at unbeatable prices, but also on fashion-forward frames for our fashion-loving clientele. Because glasses are not only there to help you see better, they are also a lifestyle item and a fashion accessory - according to our motto: "SEE AND BE SEEN". In our Miu Miu glasses online shop, we offer you a huge selection at unbeatable prices. Although we’re not a Miu Miu glasses outlet, we have made affordable brand-name glasses our business. So drop by, because with us the lowest price is not just the best price, but our standard price!