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Luxurious eyeglasses from Bvlgari

Do you want extravagant luxury?
Do you want unique quality?
Do you want traditional design?
Do you want timeless style?

Then a bell should ring when you hear the name Bvlgari.

Behind Cartier and Tiffany's, Bvlgari, is the third largest jewelry producer and was founded by immigrant Sotirios Voulgaris in Rome and now offers not only rings, necklaces and bracelets, but a whole range of products such as watches, accessories, leather goods and perfume. After guest appearances on Corfu and in Naples in 1880, the silversmith from a Greek village near Epirus pitched his tents permanently in the Eternal City. There he found the perfect breeding ground to lay the foundation for his own Roman Empire.

So why Bvlgari instead of Bulgari? It's quite simple. In the classical Latin alphabet, the letter "U" does not exist and is replaced with "V", so the Italian luxury manufacturer not only connected himself to the ancient Romans by the location, but also by the peculiar spelling of his name. And why Bvlgari? Because the immigrant converted his Greek name Sotirios Voulgaris to the phonetic version Sotirio Bulgari.

With the expansion to other core areas such as hotels or Bvlgari Eyewear, the products of the Italian never lost their attraction. Andy Warhol's saying is still valid today: "A stop at a Bvlgari shop is like a visit to the best exhibition of contemporary art." And this is exactly how the luxury eyewear brand presents itself. Always with one foot in the future, while the other is firmly anchored in the past and the present to guarantee the incomparable look of Bvlgari fashion eyewear that has conveyed the typical Italian attitude to life since its foundation. The love of detail can be attached to the Roman and Greek influences, as well as the impact of Italian Renaissance, Parisian fashion consciousness and Art Deco style. The beautiful Italian capital with its vibrant life in front of its historical and artistic backdrop also offers a constant flow of inspiration. At every turn, you can discover things that are inspirations for the eyewear designs of the Bvlgari collections. The result is extraordinary creations which even enchanted stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich or Gary Cooper.

The Bvlgari glasses for men and women also stand for concentrated and contemporary star power. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kirsten Dunst are proof that the magic of the Italian designer has not lost any of its radiance among the ladies and gentlemen of the actors’ guild. The deciding factor, of course, is comfort, as well as optic. The temples of prescription glasses must not be too tight, while the bridge on the nose should not leave pressure marks from pinching. A reasonable size for eyeglasses should also be taken into consideration, which is not a problem due to the light weight of Bvlgari eyewear.

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Original or Fake

Keep your eyes wide open when buying glasses! That sounds trivial, but it makes the saying no less true for Bvlgari glasses for men and women, because you should make sure that you have an original and not a fake on your nose? The first indication is the serial number on every pair of glasses which is registered with the manufacturer. On the other hand, the quality and perfect craftmanship allow conclusions to be drawn regarding the authenticity of the designer frames, even for laymen. Typical for Bvlgari are also the tapered lenses and the sophisticated and elegant design. Counterfeiters often also misspell the brand name. Bulgari or Bvglari are just two of the less creative attempts to fool gullible people. In addition, counterfeiters also neglect small details such as the already mentioned serial number on the original glasses.

Timeless and Modern Designer Glasses by Bvlgari

Bvlgari glasses are not just a visual eye-catcher. The models also convince with excellent craftmanship and this in a variety of sizes. There are variants with full-rim frames or rimless models.

A full-rim frame and the round Bvlgari glasses like the model BV2186 are currently back in fashion - timeless classics that have the advantage of higher stability, which also protects the spectacle lenses more effectively.

Rimless eyewear like the BV1086TK, on the other hand, is particularly light and inconspicuous. The designer frames are made of high quality synthetic and are therefore particularly flexible and dimensionally stable. The Bvlgari glasses and sunglasses with or without prescription lenses provide an optimum wearing comfort and 100% protection against UV rays. The clear lens glasses option is available if you do not need glasses from a medical point of view, but you want to wear Bvlgari glasses as an accessory for lifestyle or fashion reasons.

If you have any further questions about our Bvlgari glasses or glasses in general, you can always check them out under the heading "Master of the Glasses". Here, we can answer your questions about cleaning, the choice of the right size and the choice of a suitable model, as well as possible repairs if your glasses are damaged.

How do I find the appropriate model for me?

With the huge selection of Bvlgari glasses you can easily lose track. Not everyone immediately knows which Bulgari frame type is right for them. We are happy to help you find the right designer glasses. You can narrow down the selection of Bvlgari frames for men and women with the aid of the filter options below for example, to only see Bvlgari glasses with a rim and round glasses or glasses with a special colour, such as Bvlgari glasses black, Bvlgari glasses gray or Bvlgari glasses blue You can also find Bvlgari glasses with rhinestones and Bvlgari glasses Swarovski. We also offer you the option to try them on online. You can simply upload a photograph of yourself and put the glasses on virtually. This way you can see directly if Bvlgari glasses suit you and appeal to you. Our Digital Dispensing Optician will help you to choose your prescription lenses .. and everything from the comfort of your own couch.

Service Without Ifs or Buts!

Our service team is here to help you! If you've opted for glasses, we'll help you with the next steps. We can offer you express delivery, or, on request, a faster delivery and give you the opportunity to order Bvlgari glasses on account. For further questions, we have set up a customer support telephone line. However, we would like to inform you that individually made prescription glasses cannot be returned to Bvlgari. Otherwise, we offer you a free return via return shipping. You can also visit one of our Hamburg stores in the Alstertal shopping center or on Ottenser Hauptstraße 33, to clarify any further questions directly on site. Whether online or in the store, you will always receive advice about your Bulgari glasses from our specialists.

Edel-Optics - the eyeglasses specialist

We always respond to customer requests and help you to get your new Bvlgari glasses. We are just as fashion-conscious as our customers. Whether you buy Bvlgari glasses online or go window shopping at our stores, we always do our best in accordance with our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". For us, glasses are not just a corrective and reading aid, but a fashion accessory with a low-price guarantee. There are no sales at Edel-Optics, because our price is always right. So, switch on your computer and surf in our online shop until you have found the model that is perfect for you.