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Bvlgari Prescription Glasses



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Luxurious eyeglasses from Bvlgari

The Bvlgari brand is one of the most prominent brands in the luxury segment. Bvlgari was founded by Sotirio Bulgari and hence obtained the synonymous designation of names Bulgari and Bvlgari . Today, the Italian manufacturer based in Rome belongs to the luxury group MHLV. Bvlgari is the third largest jewelry manufacturer in the world, designing not only jewelry but also watches, accessories, leather goods as well as perfume. Because of the long company history, Bvlgari has created some well established models. For example the Bulgari - Bvlgari ; A timeless watch whose collection began as late as in 1975. Or the Monete-collection, which contains jewelry from antique coins. Of course, the Ladies Bvlgari glasses and the Gents Bvlgari glasses are a classic component of the brand. Bvlgari designs both sunglasses and classic eyesight visual aids. When it comes to glasses, the comfort is as important as optics. The brackets must not be too tight fit and the nasal bridges should not squeeze the nose. Also, the glasses should have a reasonable size. Moreover, the Bvlgari eyewear and Bvlgari eyeglasses convince with their light weight. Do you want to make sure that you are buying an original and not fake? Paying attention to some of the features will prove quickly whether your model is original Bvlgari glasses for women or Bvlgari glasses for men. The first thing to consider is that every Bulgari glasses have its own serial number. This is registered with the manufacturer. Also the perfect manufacture and the Bvlgari glasses quality let you draw conclusions about the originality of Bulgari glasses. Fraudsters also often misspell the brand name or eliminate small details of the original. Also typical for Bvlgari are the slanting glasses with glamorous and elegant design. The designers are always able to create new inspirations from the beautiful Rome in their collections and create a beautiful connection with the art.

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Prominent wearer

Especially luxury labels like Bulgari glasses are also very popular among the stars from film and television. The actress Kirsten Dunst and Hollywood Megastar Leonardo Di Caprio have already been seen with Bulgari glasses.

Technical details

The Bvlgari glasses are not just an optical eye-catcher. The models can also convince with an excellent workmanship and in many different sizes. There are variants with full rim or also completely without edge. A full rim has the advantage of higher stability, which also helps to protect the glasses better. On the other hand, Rimless Bulgari glasses are particularly light and less noticeable. In particular, the round Bvlgari glasses in the pilot style are trendy - a timeless classic. The frames are made of high-quality synthetic material and are therefore particularly flexible and dimensionally stable. The Bvlgari glasses with or without eyesight provide high wearing comfort and 100% UV protection. Bvlgari glasses with plain-glass are suitable for you, if you want your glasses to be glazed. If needed, we also manufacture sunglass lenses suitable for your visual range. If you have further questions about our Bulgari glasses, you can find out more under the section "Master of Glasses". Here we answer your questions about the cleaning, adjustment, the choice of the right size and the suitable model as well as possible repairs in case of damage to your glasses.

How do I find the appropriate model for me?

With the enormous range and variety of Bvlgari glasses, you may get lost and lose the overview. Not everyone knows right away or from experience, which form of Bulgari glasses is the right one for him or her. We will be happy to help you find the right model for you. You can limit the range of Bvlgari glasses with different filter options and then you can display, for example, only glasses from Bvlgari with border, round glasses or glasses in a specific color, like Bvlgari glasses black, Bvlgari glasses gray or Bvlgari glasses blue. Additionally, you will find Bvlgari glasses with Strass and Bvlgari glasses Swarovski. We also offer the option of an online trial for size fitting. You can simply upload a picture of yourself and virtually put on the glasses. So you can see directly if you like the Bvlgari glasses and if they match with your personality. With the help of digital optician, you can also choose and select suitable correction lenses for you.

Our service

Our service team is always there for you! If you have already chosen your glasses, we will be glad to help you with the next steps. If you request for fast delivery, we can offer you an express delivery for your Bvlgari glasses and also the Bvlgari glasses on account. For further questions about your Bulgari glasses, we also offer telephone customer support. First of all, we would like to inform you that customized glasses with eyesight cannot be returned at Bvlgari glasses. Otherwise, we offer you a free Bvlgari glasses return shipping. Or you also have option to return your glasses to the nearby Bvlgari glasses store. Bvlgari Glasses Hamburg is also a contact point for all further questions concerning your glasses. Whether online or in the store - you are always welcomed by our specialists and you will get advices on your Bulgari glasses!

Edel-Optics - the eyeglasses specialist

For us, it is a duty to fulfill our customer wishes and help you get your new Bvlgari glasses. We are as fashionable as our customers and love Bulgari glasses. Therefore, we follow the motto "SEEN AND BE SEEN". The Bulgari glasses are for us not only a correction and reading aid, but also a fashion accessory. We are your contact persons in terms of buying glasses online. Bvlgari glasses prices are always fair and with the Bvlgari glasses sale, the prices are reduced for you again. Browse our Bvlgari glasses online store and find your favorite Bulgari glasses. Also the celebrity stars Jérome Boateng and Sylvie Meis love our shop and provide us exclusively with their own eyeglasses designs.


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