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Oakley sunglasses - A heavyweght of the industry

Oakley is undoubtedly one of the planet's most famous eyewear manufacturers. The iconic company logo "O" on the side of the temple alone has become a symbol that no longer must be introduced anywhere in the world. Originally designed for motor sports, the eyewear brand is well-known in sports eyewear and sunglasses. For this purpose, the dedicated team of designers works closely together with top athletes and recreational athletes, to be permanently inspired by their experiences again, to further improve the already high-quality standards and set new ones. Above all, the brand scores with its customers for its futuristic design and the combination of organic and artificial elements which lend the extravagant shapes their very own look.

The Name Oakley

James Jannard, who started his one-man business in his own garage in 1975 with $ 300 in seed money, named the company not after the famous markswoman, Annie Oakley but after his dog, an English Setter.

The first product - the innovative B-1B handle for BMX handlebars, which was grippier rather than slippery when wet or in contact with sweat. Jannard sold them from the boot of his car at motocross events.

In 1980, the founder of Oakley then designed the first safety goggles under the name O-Frame, whose design also served as inspiration for the relevant logo. Four years later, the Oakley range was expanded to include the sports glasses "eyeshades". However, the rapid rise to a global brand did not begin until the three-time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond became aware of the company's products.

Today, Oakley are glasses that are impossible not to imagine on the noses of stars and starlets. Actors like Bradley Cooper, Reese Witherspoon, Antonio Banderas and Jessica Biel never leave the house without them. For motorcycle superstar Valentino Rossi and Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge and sister-in-law to Prince William, there is no alternative to the innovative lenses and future-oriented eyeglass frames of the subsidiary of the Luxoticca Group.

But not only stars choose Oakley sunglasses but also the film industry in Hollywood. Oakley Sunglasses for men and women alike have already made famous appearances in action films such as Black Hawk Down, X-Men, Blade 2, Mission Impossible 2, Drive Angry and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

It's this worldwide success that makes Oakley eyewear one of the most counterfeited eyeglasses in the world. Which is why the names "Foakley" (fake Oakley) or Joke-ley have gained notoriety all over the globe. Spellings such as Oakly or Oclay can be found on the imitations and fakes, which have already appeared in some renowned Internet shops.

The 33 Chilean miners did not have to worry about imitations in October 2010 when a journalist who reported on the ten-week mine accident contacted the company. The reporter inquired if Oakley would donate sunglasses to the workers who urgently needed eye protection after weeks in the dark. The company didn't have to be asked twice and sent 35 pairs of Oakley eyeglasses from their Oakley Radar sports glasses with a special tint.


Sunglass Models

The Oakley Holbrook is not a city in the fantasy world of Harry Potter, but rather a timeless frame in a classic design, which blends in with the cutting-edge technology. Inspired by the movie stars of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, the sunglasses equally rely on performance and style.

Meanwhile, the Oakley Racing Jacket has as little to do with Formula 1 or NASCAR as the Oakley Flak Jacket with bulletproof vests.

Likewise, the Oakley Jupiter Squared is not a space mission to the largest planet in the solar system. In fact, the glasses are based on a flick knife.

Oakely's Gascan, on the other hand, is not the standard equipment of a pyromaniac. Instead, the design is so unique that even the oval logo had to be specially adapted for the frame.

When referring to Frogskins, the company isn't speaking of a more or less questionable French delicacy. In fact, it is a unique eyewear design from the 80s.

The Oakley Jawbreaker doesn't refer to a new term in the boxing but is still the flagship model for top athletes.

At the same time, the Half Jacket 2.0 has nothing in common with the sequel to Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam masterpiece, except that the lens technology in combination with the futuristic frame is no less uncompromising, so that both top and amateur athletes can keep up with the competition in the changing light.

The Oakley Straight Jacket has no relation to "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," or to straitjackets, but a goggle frame that emerged from the partnership with the US Army that began in the 1980s and relentlessly relies on the safety, efficiency and comfort of their soldiers. At first, many of the products could not be purchased, or only through limited channels, but Oakley makes it possible for ordinary people to also enjoy these quality products.

The frame Oakley Mainlink is not new platforms in the social media universe, but a frame that sits comfortably on the ears and nose, whether in the office or doing sports. The best solution for an employee with an active lifestyle.

The classic keyhole bridge and the rounded shapes of the Latch are an inspiration from the skateboard universe. This also includes the integrated clip mechanism with which the eyewear can be attached directly to the shirt.

With the Oakley Crowbar, the manufacturers are reviving the crowbar in a somewhat weaker form. Oakley's designers have put all the technology and experience into the model that they have learned in the last 25 years of eyewear production.

A fuel cell is not for storing energy but rather an energy converter. The same applies to the Fuel Cell. The model is a mixture of art and technology to draw clear lines for those, who not only want to walk through life but also leave their footprints behind.

Oakley's M Frame® is the answer to the inquiries of heavy industry and workers of all kinds who need confident visual protection for their jobs. As declared safety lenses, this small work of art meets all standards for clarity and impact resistance, as well as the necessary Canadian protection criteria.

With Flak 2.0, Oakley raises its performance to a new level, at the same time also taking the style on the journey. The eyewear model offers a full-size frame, whose special feature is an increased lense surface, where every millimeter is designed to optimize the peripheral vision and be a protection against wind and weather.

With a Crosshair, you do not end up in bad position in shootout. In fact, the frame is a journey into the past, where the flowing contours of the classic drop shape of the lenses are lent a fresh coat of paint.

The Enduro is not based on the same off-road motorcycle but draws their inspiration from the rebellious screen and music legends of the 60s. With the light O Matter® frame with sweeping curves, metal accents and deep contours, the frame has a convincing vintage look.

With Oakley Twoface, the eyewear manufacturer is not alluding to Harvey Dent from the Batman universe but has undeniably relied on its surfing and skating tradition, combining two different materials, O Matter® and aluminum, to create an expressive look.

If, in addition to Alfred, Robin and Batgirl, you think of Batwolf as a new member of the team around DC’s Batman, you may be surprised that the elegant model, whose most prominent feature is a continuous single glass, is not a hairy, snarling beast.

Armed with the best lenses in the world, Bottle Rocket sets out to conquer the planet. The lightweight O Matter®-frame, that guarantees wearing comfort for the whole day, raises the bar even higher.

With interchangeable icons and zone inserts made of non-slip unobtainium®, the Turbine revolves more than that of the Russian nuclear submarine in "Hunt for Red October". Suitable for everyday use and at the same time compatible with an active lifestyle, the frame is unmatched in terms of flexibility and wearing comfort.

Chainlink has nothing to do with wire-mesh fences. Instead, the active lifestyle sunglasses were inspired by the popular correction frame Crosslink. A must-have for all those who do not compromise and want an original style for life away from the sport.

TinCan is not an Aztec sight in Central America. In fact, the model originates from the roots of industrial design: stainless steel core, carbon temples and stylish, durable hinges.

Madman is not a spin-off of the popular US-series, but a frame, which defines itself by its flexible temples and the comfort that is linked to them.

Wiretap is not about bugs and listening devices which are used in a big way as by the NSA or seen in "the Lives of Others", but elegant half-rim glasses.

With the Oil Rig, Oakley has thrown conventional thinking out the window and imposed on its designers an embargo for typical shapes. The result is a unique rig that truly stands out above the water surface in an ocean of glasses and frames.

Glass Properties and Technologies

Oakley Prizm is not the codename for the NSA's ultra-secret espionage software, but rather a revolutionary eyeglass lens technology that tunes your vision precisely to the respective environments or to the wearer's needs in certain sports.

While the concept behind Oakley High Definition Optics is, in principle, self-explanatory, HD Polarized is not to be mistaken for the next technical level in the entertainment sector but is rather glare control providing uncompromising clarity. For if polarized is mentioned in connection with eyewear, this is not a reference to the most recent selfie posted by the Kardashian clan, but rather it is about blocking reflected light. These are sunglass lenses with a special filter that protects the eyes by absorbing reflected light from snow and water surfaces.

The same applies to OO® Red Iridium® Polarized. The lenses are a must, especially for cyclists and runners, as glaring light on flat surfaces can quickly lead to eyestrain. As much as 99% of the glare effects from paths and asphalt are neutralized, which also leads to improved depth perception.

When referring to Plutonite® lens material, we are not speaking about Superman's new vulnerability, but rather about a durable and optically pure lens material, which guarantees exceptional impact protection that goes far beyond the norm. The glasses are put to the test under extreme conditions, as Oakley is committed to continually bringing the highest performing eyewear to market. In addition, Oakley's unique manufacturing process allows even clear lenses to filter 100% of the harmful UV rays, preventing eye diseases such as snow blindness or opacity of the eye lens.

The so-called True Digital™ (OTD) correction lenses provide a stable and clear view, as well as a good peripheral vision. The conception of the lenses was specifically aimed at the "high horizontal" frames which are curved along the sides. This reduces blurring and distortion to a minimum so that movements in the peripheral visual field are better perceived. And with the OTD Edge™ you are going beyond the limits of your own prescription. Because of this technology, the selection of lenses for "high horizontal" sunglasses could be extended from +4.00 to -6.00. Thus, advantages, such as the extended peripheral field of view, can be utilized, which the customer has come to appreciate and love.

With TruBridge ™ Technology wearers of Oakley eyewear don’t have to worry about missing a trend. The revolutionary technology adapts to the width and depth of the wearer’s nasal root in the form of four different types of nose bridges, which guarantee a perfect fit.

Lenses which automatically darken or adjust their colour, depending on the respective light intensity, are called photochromic / photochromatic / phototropic. Self-tinting lenses are often used in the field of optics to protect against strong light.



The Oakley Microbag not only serves to store the glasses, but can also be used as a spectacle cloth, so that the best glasses on the planet get the proper care. The bag is made of microfine material, which is why it was christened "Microclear" and should be the only thing that touches your lenses.

With the purchase of glasses, the purchase of a corresponding eyewear case is almost essential. Again, Oakley can serve with a small but fine and elegant selection. Soft- and hardcover cases are also, of course, included. Particularly recommended are the cases from the Vault series, in which the models are as safe as in Fort Knox.

As part of the Oakley Youth Movement, the manufacturer has launched the Quarter Jacket, which combines a practical interchangeable lens system with the clarity and protection of High Definition Optics® to provide the full range of advantages to the next generation, whether athletes or not.

They may be called auxiliary glasses, but Oakley's interchangeable or replacement lenses are simply not off the shelf, but each pair is custom-made and, of course, subject to the same quality and care standards that have made the Oakley brand world-famous.

Laces for glasses are also a part of the inventory. Nevertheless, like all the other accessories, the Americans don't do things by halves. Instead, there are adjustable quality laces made of durable nylon with fasteners made of Unobtainium®.

Tinfoil® has absolutely nothing to do with aluminum foil. In fact, it is the result of Oakley reflecting on its industrial design tradition by combining mechanized hinges with stainless steel, to shake up the conventional world of metal frames.

With the spare parts you can easily give your glasses a new colour look. The temples of many models can be easily and quickly exchanged, while four different nose pads guarantee a perfect fit irrespective of the nasal root.

Our Service

If you have any questions about the models, your order or info that are not addressed in the YouTube tutorials of our "Master of Glasses" you can contact our customer support via a local phone number. Would you like to try on your glasses personally? Then you should make a detour to one of our two Hamburg stores in the Alstertal shopping centre or the Ottenser Hauptstraße 33.

Whether online or offline you will always receive excellent advice from our proven eyewear experts. You will be supported regarding the choice of the brand and spectacles, about the colour to the completion of the order in all stages of the purchase of glasses. Our Digital Dispensing Optician of glasses can help you with the correct vision acuity for your glasses and when shipping you can choose between normal or express delivery. If you are not satisfied with your selection, you, of course, can send your eyewear models back for free. However, individually made glasses with prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless they are defective. Any further questions? Then grab the phone and contact our customer service via a local number or use our social media channels.

About Us

At Edel-Optics there is always something on the nose according to the motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". As we neither offer short-term discount promotions in either of our Hamburg flagship stores nor in the online shop, as you will find in an Oakley outlet, you'll get the Oakley sunglasses (guaranteed at the best price !!!) straight from the Oakley glasses case directly on to your nose.

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