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Adidas Sunglasses


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Ophthalmics Adidas Pacyr (AD33 9100)
Ophthalmics Adidas Pacyr (AD33 6700)
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0022 02G
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0026 21L
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0022 92V
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0025 02C
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0024 02C
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0026 02C
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0006 05C
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0026 02D
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0011 05G
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0007 02D
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0007 05G
Ophthalmics Adidas SP0018 01C
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Unique adidas Sunglasses

Quality Characterized by Sporty Elegance and Fashionable Extravagance

"My adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land
With mic in hand I cold took command
My adidas and me both askin P
We make a good team my adidas and me
We get around together, rhyme forever
And we won’t be mad when worn in bad weather"

With "Adidas", the rap legends of Run DMC have not only commemorated the legendary shoe of the German company, but also the entire brand, which has led to the Franks reaching clientele beyond the sporting world.

As one of the largest and most sought-after sporting goods manufacturers on the globe, adidas is especially renowned for its shoes and jerseys. But also, in the field of adidas sunglasses, as well as sports and snow goggles, the company, based in Herzogenaurach, has made a name for itself over the years. However, the production of glasses has not taken place in-house since 1991. Instead, the Bavarian group has handed over production to the Austrian manufacturer Silhouette International, making the Linz operation the worldwide licencee for adidas sport eyewear.

Whether world record or own best time - no matter what goal or type of sport, eyesight always plays a crucial role, which is why the products are tested under as extreme conditions as possible. But that's not all: to guarantee the best possible performance, designers always work with professional athletes to constantly improve the quality and performance of the eyewear. That's why adidas sunglasses not only excel when jogging, cycling, sailing or golfing, but also in everyday life. The sport frames of the brand guarantee a clear view, which is due to the unique design and the extended wrap-around lenses. In addition, there is the long-lasting comfort that comes with high quality materials such as the SPX™ frame material.

Another reason why reputed athletes, such as the Jamaican 100 m World Champion Yohan Blake, golfer of the year 2016 Dustin Johnson and the 2013 US Open winner Justin Rose, as well as the athletes Jeremy Warner (3 Olympic gold medals) and Veronica Campbell Brown (two-time Olympic champion over 200 meters) or mountain bike greats like Darren Berrecloth, Antoine Bizet and Irina Kalentieva, also embrace the sporty style of adidas in their everyday lives.

In the open market, one should always take a moment to scrutinize the model of your desire. After all, adidas sunglasses imitations are widely found all over the planet. Fake adidas sunglasses or adidas sunglasses replicas can be easily distinguished from original adidas sunglasses by paying attention to one or two details. On the one hand, there is the weight of the adidas models that, not without reason, deserve the title "feather light. In addition, one should also look closely at the logo with the three stripes which is located on the sides of the temples, on most frames.


adidas Sunglasses Models

The adidas Evil Eye sunglasses series has nothing to do with the superstitions of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed that the Oculus Malus attacked those who received excessive praise or admiration for their actions that was far beyond what they were entitled to. The series has a variety of models: adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro L (adidas a193), adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro S (adidas a194), adidas Sunglasses Evil Eye Evo L (adidas sunglasses a418), adidas Evil Eye Evo S (adidas a419), adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro S (adidas sunglasses white a198), adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro XS (adidas a180, adidas a199), adidas Evil Eye Halfrim S (adidas a403), adidas Evil Eye Halfrim XS (adidas a412). Although the models differ in design, they are all infused with a superior technology and an extremely wide field of vision which is due to their unique wrap-around design. Their sweeping shape incorporates a ventilation system directing air so that it is not intrusive to your eyesight, significantly reducing the possibility of fogging and thus guaranteeing a clear view.

The Tycane series has nothing to do with the train simulator Tycoon, but instead is the snug wrap-around design of the adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor L (a196), adidas Sunglasses Tycane Pro L (a189) and adidas Tycane Pro S (a190) provide optimum protection, even in the roughest and most rugged mountains. These durable adidas sunglasses that can withstand even the high demands placed on glacier glasses, can also be easily used as snow goggles thanks to the detachable Climacool® foam pad and headband. In addition, because of the built-in floaters, the adidas Red Sunglasses are also excellent for all water and beach sports such as sailing, surfing and beach volleyball. Like the rest of the models in the series, the adidas Sunglasses Tycane S (a192) stands out with their hydrophobic glass coating so that neither water nor dirt or dust particles impede the view.

The adidas Sunglasses Whipstart (a423) is something like the all-purpose weapon of the label from Franconia. Whether male or female makes no difference to the full-rim version of the plastic spectacles, the all-rounder from the adidas sunglasses collection 2017, with their customizable nose pads that fit comfortably on any nose. The Vision Advantage ™ lens made of polycarbonate provides maximum protection and scratch resistance. In addition, a comfortable fit is ensured by the Traction Grip ™ technology with non-slip contact points on the temples, which provide perfect stability and unbeatable comfort.

The adidas Sunglasses Sprung (a429) are innovative sunglasses with light absorbing and mirrored lenses that is characterized by the contrasting effects of the chosen colours. In addition to the ultra-lightweight frame, the model impresses with the combination of sports inspired lifestyle and technical functionality. The attractive plastic model in the Square look is available in different colorations, that range from the adidas Sunglasses brown to the adidas Sunglasses blue, as well as to the classical adidas Sunglasses black.

The adidas Wildcharge (a425) are the successful experiment to weaken the previous separation of sports and lifestyle by allowing a wider range of nuances. The adidas Sunglasses green with their lightweight yet robust frame, customizable nose pads and performance lenses are an excellent example of this development.

The adidas Kumacross 2.0 (a424) and adidas Kumacross Halfrim (a421), made from sturdy materials and with high-quality lenses, are durable and perfect for wearers who lead an active lifestyle. The 2.0 version adds another treat, as the ultra-lightweight frame of the sunglasses has a release mechanism to prevent breakage in a bump or impact situation where the temples of the adidas sunglasses are unfastened from the specially designed hinges for such cases.

Wearing the adidas Arriba (a422), the wearer really gets going in the truest sense of the word. These sports glasses without frills have great features such as the super-lightweight and incredibly versatile wrap-around lenses, which provide exceptional peripheral vision in changing light conditions.

The perfect eyewear for golfers has only one name: adidas Tourpro S (a179)). In combination with the distortion-free lenses that guarantee a clear view of the green even in changing light conditions, the model is a perfect fit, also equipped with a ventilation system. In addition, the lightweight frame and adjustable fit ensure lasting comfort even under the toughest conditions.

The adidas Sunglasses 3matic (a427) is not the third version of the Nas' iconic album Illmatic and its qualitatively inferior successor Stillmatic, but rather the kind of sunglasses by adidas, in which form and function go hand in hand with an indescribable naturalness. The fashionable frame is available in a variety of colours, while the high-quality mirrored lenses provide the perfect look and clear view in all conditions. The deliberate oversize shape provides an ideal fit even for wider faces and, at the same time, the best possible wind protection by adidas sunglasses.

The adidas Sunglasses Excalate is not a new model, that competes with the Cadillac Escalade. The a428 is rather an adidas sunglasses model for today’s self-confident women. The fashionable frame together with the different coloured, high-quality mirrored lenses can be combined individually, which makes the border between performance and lifestyle appear more fluid, without simultaneously losing sight of the need for a clear field of view.

The adidas Sunglasses Matic (adidas sunglasses a426) could also be compared with Illmatic, because let's face it, the album is a piece of musical history. But as we are not so uninspired, let's go back to the basics and let the adidas Sunglasses white just speak for themselves.



Products from adidas sunglasses eyewear are designed to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of sports. For this reason, those responsible for product development always seek advice from top athletes. This results in first-class achievements and products that open the way for a new generation of technologies, filter innovations and customized fits.

At adidas, the motto "See better, be better" is not just a slogan. Designers and manufacturers have no illusions and know that vision plays a crucial role in sport. The adidas sunglasses collections, therefore, lay claim to performance not being limited and this is what the adidas eyewear line is continuously developing, especially in filters that support a sharp view and provide focused vision through innovative, optical correction possibilities.

A perfect fit is also essential, so you can fully concentrate on your performance, instead of exposing yourself to unnecessary stress. For this reason, the company pays special attention to frame technologies that are individually adaptable with adjustable nose pads or flexible temples.

The designers are particularly careful when it comes to frame technology and filter research to guarantee the best possible adidas sunglasses UV protection of the eyes from dangerous rays and other external influences such as rain, snow, wind or dirt.

Wrap-Around Frame

This advanced technology is one of the hallmarks of adidas sunglasses. The strong curvature of the frames and filters of up to 10 base ensure the widest field of view and, simultaneously, a tight fit. Slipping is excluded even under the greatest strain, while the eyes enjoy the maximum protection against external influences, without sacrificing visibility.

Anti-Fog Technology

The ClimaCool™ technology incorporates a dynamic ventilation system, directing air that is not intrusive to your eyesight and, thus, fogging is now a thing of the past.

Filter Mounting

The development of the Lens Lock System ™ ensures fast and easy filter replacement, only requiring a few clicks. In addition, neither sweaty hands nor thick gloves are an obstacle. To do this, put the temple in the closed position and slide the adidas logo away from the filter. To secure the filter, open the temple and slide the logo back in the direction of the filter.

Filter Change

A filter change can be effected simply, quickly and dependably. The Quick-Change Lens System ™ not only guarantees the right fit, but adidas sports glasses guarantee easy handling and proper alignment in all weathers.

Sweat Blocker

To prevent sweat from affecting performance, many sports and sunglasses have an **advanced sweat blocker** which can be quickly and easily removed or reinserted. Another plus is the fact that the foam of the sweat blocker significantly contributes to the **anti-fog function** of the frame.


The specially developed material SPX ™ has the following features:

  • Without exception the production takes place in Austria. With 1.04 g /cm³, the material is ultra-lightweight.
  • Despite its low weight, SPX is extremely resistant, strong and flexible, which guarantees maximum stability. Minimal water absorption not only ensures stability, but also resistance to temperature fluctuations.
  • The material is scratch, abrasion resistant and shatterproof. In addition, the high surface hardness, which strengthens the frame, in turn allows for a longer life.


Optology Lens Science is the roof under which the brand's filtering and glazing technology are combined. The clear restructuring under this term also ensures greater transparency and stronger brand presence in the optical segment. The term OPTOLOGY, originally used for "eye tests", includes the following four pillars at adidas Sport eyewear: RXO, LST ™ Polarized, LST ™ Light Stabilizing Technology and Hydrophobic.


Of course, adidas also offers a full range of replacement parts for adidas sunglasses, ranging from easy-to-replace replacement lenses for adidas sunglasses and adidas sunglasses replacement temples, to adidas sunglasses nose pads, as well as various sweat blockers, so you don’t have to buy new glasses in case of a little mishap.

A special category, however, are the adidas sunglasses clips for adidas sports glasses, because not every athlete, whether professional or amateur, is blessed with outstanding vision. In fact, every second person suffers from ametropia. Contact lenses are a solution, but if you do not want to resort to them, adidas offers an exciting alternative with its Performance Insert Clips, which is not least due to their extremely simple application.

Which Glasses Suit Me?

Our online store is just the place to go if you are looking for the right pair of adidas sunglasses. Our online fitting is a proven tool when selecting adidas sunglasses. After you have uploaded a portrait photo, you can put on the model directly to test the shape and colour of the frame and see whether the model suits your face.

Buying adidas Sunglasses Online

We cannot guarantee rainbows and sunshine, but we can guarantee that we have the right model for every face in our online shop. To make the search faster and more convenient, the search functions of our online shop are helpful, so it is child's play to find the right adidas sunglasses online. Orient yourself on your search parameters and use the various filter options that are at your full disposal. If you are still not sure, our "Master of Glasses" or our bloggers have some good tips up their sleeve to prevent the fine art of buying glasses becoming rocket science. However, anyone who prefers a local consultation to a visit to our Internet platform is most welcome in our two Hamburg shops in the AEZ and the Ottenser Hauptstraße.

When choosing your adidas sunglasses with prescription eyeglasses and, of course, looking for the right glazing, your preference is virtually limitless, e.g. the adidas sunglasses with blue lenses or the mirror finish in other popular colours. Alternatively, in most cases we can also offer you adidas sunglasses with polarized prescription lenses. Other options would be the adidas sunglasses mirrored or adidas sunglasses photochromatic or the adidas sunglasses self-tinting to round off the adidas sunglasses diopters to your liking. Of course, whether you opt for adidas sunglasses with transparent lenses or frames depends, of course, on your preference and your style. When you have found your favourite model, you can not only buy the adidas sunglasses online at an affordable price, but they can also be delivered quickly to your home thanks to the various payment methods and the possibility to choose standard or express delivery.

Our Service

Of course, if contrary to your expectations, you do not like your adidas sunglasses, you can simply send them back. However, individually made prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical defects. If you have any further questions, just call our customer support via our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores where they will be delighted to help you.

About Us

adidas sunglasses should always be the first choice ... in all situations, but especially when it comes to an active lifestyle. We do not advertise special adidas sunglasses trends for certain adidas sunglasses, nor give any reviews about adidas sunglasses that praise the quality of adidas sunglasses or do an adidas sunglasses test, and the reason for this is quite simple: adidas eyewear needs no further introduction. Furthermore, we by no means regard ourselves solely as an adidas sunglasses online store. After all, we have so much more to offer in the field of sunglasses.

Neither short-term discounts are our thing, nor bargains in adidas sunglasses sales. Instead, we shine throughout the year with models at recommended retail prices. But we do look with both eyes at our fashion-savvy clientele, who not only want to cut a fine figure, but also want to make a real fashion statement. Our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN" after all, is not a coincidence. Because we offer unique quality at a unique price... no matter when.

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