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Buy Carrera Sunglasses Online

About Carrera - All the Way to the Top

For more than 60 years, Carrera has been one of the most important sporting goods manufacturers in the industry and the name stands for elegant design and innovation. What began with sports and ski goggles, quickly expanded into the areas of Carrera sunglasses and prescription eyewear. The result was an incomparable success story that founder Wilhelm Anger could never have imagined in his wildest dreams when he began producing sunglasses in his Austrian factories in 1956.

The name of the brand derives from the Spanish word and means "racing", but has no relation to the iconic models by Porsche. Instead the company found its inspiration in what was probably the most dangerous race in the world at that time. The six-day Carrera Panamericana celebrated the completion of the Pan-American-Highway which also explains the close connection to motorsport.

A milestone for the eyewear manufacturer was the patenting of the Optyl material in 1964. The plastic has a great advantage in weight minimization. Optyl is 20 percent lighter than other acetates and thermoplastic materials, while adapting to the face of each individual wearer.

Six years later, the eyewear manufacturer expanded its spectacle range and entered into the production of ski goggles and helmets. The production focuses, above all, on safety and the inclusion of the latest technology, without turning away from their own inherent values. In 1974, the big breakthrough also came in this sector. Carrera completely turned the winter sports world upside down with the introduction of interchangeable lenses for ski goggles.

The steadily growing company reached its first zenith in 1981. Its own sales network spanned 16 countries, while Carrera sunglasses were already in the shop windows in 80 others. In 1987, the manufacturer opened up a new chapter and has since then been significantly more active in the world of sport. The America's Cup, the oldest and most famous sailing regatta, was only the beginning of Carrera’s sponsorship. Over the years, the Carrera brand has played a role worldwide in one or another of the Olympic Games, Formula One, motorcycle racing and the great cycling tours like the TOUR de FRANCE, as well as on ski slopes and in ski jumping.

In the meantime, trend-setting changes have occurred throughout the entire enterprise. The Safilo Group, one of the market leaders in the field of luxury products in the optics sector, incorporated the hitherto independent company and moved the head office from Austria to Padua, Italy.

In individual cases, Carrera impresses with interesting and fashionable collaborations to broaden their horizon. Among them is the cooperation with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche who produces the 1979 revolutionary sunglasses line, the Carrera Porsche Design Collection with foldable frames and interchangeable lenses. The brand also has a collaboration with the well-known designer Jimmy Choo. This truly extraordinary cooperation in the form of a successful women's collection first began to bear fruit in 2013. One year later the partners succeeded in replicating this success with an exclusive capsule collection for men.

Surprisingly, while the eyewear manufacturer has been popular for decades, the launch in the US did not start until 2010. However, this did not hinder the eyewear brand from quickly landing on the nose of some of the most famous celebrities in the film, television, music and sports business. In addition to the actors Jared Leto and Bradley Cooper, their colleague Chloe Grace Moretz and the former child star Ashley Tisdale as well as artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Alicia Keys or Christina Aguilera own some of the elegant sunglasses. The brand also played a prominent role in the film premiere of the Hollywood blockbuster Suicide Squad.

It is worth taking a look back from the present to the past, because Carrera has been counting on excellence for years. Long-time ski dominator Hermann Meier, Olympic gold medalist in ski jumping Jens Weißflog and former motorcycle world champions Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi trusted in the crystal-clear view offered by Carrera eyewear.

Over the course of Carrera's success story, the company always stayed true to the motto "Change is easy".

Male model wearing Carrera men's glasses


Under the mantra #OutThere, Carrera doesn't convey a place, but an awareness of life, a state of mind. Because #OutThere is not a straight line, but a long, crooked path where we never know what's coming our way. #OutThere is unknown territory and at the same time a journey fuelled by curiosity and passion. #OutThere is another perspective that not only accepts but encourages wrong turns and random detours. #OutThere urges us on, so we don't stand still. And this is exactly what Carrera wants to convey and promote with its designer eyewear, because #OutThere is in everyone one of us.

Carrera Sunglasses Always with the Finest Design

The Carrera Champion is the epitome of Carrera's elegance. The finest materials merge with technical innovations, fashionable design and the highest quality standards. The frame combines timeless curves with passion and active urbanity, so that everyone who is either on the hunt for his own best time or his own entitlement feels like Rocky, after he climbed the steps of Philadelphia's Museum of Art.

In addition to the Champion Series and New Champion models, the Safari and New Safari are among the most popular Carrera sunglasses that the company has ever launched. Because these sunglasses are not just something for jungle and savanna lovers. The cocktail of the aviator shape and racing spectacles with a dash of cockpit and a squeeze of Formula 1 charm makes this model a very special item in the Carrera collection. In addition to the drop shape glasses, the most significant highlight is the logo, which comes in a plastic filling instead of the usual cut-out between the temple and the bridge. The Carrera glasses became famous by Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video from the album "The Fame Monster".

The Maverick collection (Carrera 129S) reveals six sunglass models that give each wearer an individual look: Impel is extremely thin lightweight in the shape of a pilot frame, which is made with stainless steel cut by a laser. The lightweight pilot frame of the Vivid has made a great show of the dynamics to suit the passion of the wearer. With its round stainless-steel frame, the Pace connects a contemporary look with the sonorous heritage of the company. The Rise features with its radical cat-eye style frame. Ultralight and razor-thin, the eyeglass frame highlights the curved nose bridge that distinguishes the company's eyewear among thousands of other brand models. The ever-evolving pilot frame is being reissued with the Sprint. At the same time, the name of the Agile model speaks for itself. Because the new and smooth pilot frame is something for the restless souls among us.

The two models Carrera Grand Prix and Carrera Grand Prix 2 succeed in bringing back sportiness in its most beautiful form. The models are an ode to the long racing history on which the company is based. Whereby the Grand Prix 2 with its redesigned pilot form, the chunky temples and cut-out bridge details still sports a special design for the buyer. They give the impression that the wearer could take off at any moment. And even if the wearer should take off, his eyes are optimally protected by the UV400 filters.

The New Panamerica 2R5 is the new edition of the Panamerica and Panamericana and at the same time casts a glance back into the past. With its modern design, the unisex model goes straight to the roots without neglecting the present.

The Speedway is not a racetrack or expressway, but full-rim sunglasses and the gap between the lenses stands out from the rest. For example, a white C adorns the look of the Carrera Speedway. With this small hint, the origin of the eyewear should be obvious to the viewer. The temples of the Carrera Speedway also provide the extra kick with their elaborate design, while the gradient lenses block 100% of the harmful 400nm sun's rays.

The Carrera 5002 with their rectangular frames equally suit men and women and have been one of the company's best-selling models since their launch in 2014, not least because of the sleek lines of the full-rim frame and joint anchoring design.

The striking Carrera 5003 convinces with the extremely durable nylon-reinforced plastic frame, but without losing the usual elasticity, flexibility and dimensional stability, even under extensive temperature fluctuations. The impact- and scratch-resistant lenses are also equipped with anti-fog treatment.

The rectangular Carrera 8002 mainly emphasizes round and oval face shapes, while the full-rim sunglasses Carrera 5003/ST with the oversized lenses and logo on the temple bear a strong resemblance to the Blues Brothers. The fashionable Carrera 91/S weighs less than 30 grams and comes in a sleek glasses case with a microfiber cloth.

Carrera Topcar has nothing to do with car rentals or car washes. This injection-molded plastic model with its soft contours and contrasting graphic lines actually stands for the epitome of urban chic.

Like many Carrera models, the frame of the Carrera 5039/S follows clean lines and contours without throwing its own values out the window.

Female model wearing Carrera sunglasses

Optyl - Technology of Carrera Glasses and Sunglasses

This plastic has two advantages. First of all, it is 20 percent lighter than acetate or similar materials. But this fact does not negatively affect the durability or comfort, as the material adapts itself to every face shape. Secondly, Carrera Optyl is antiallergic and the special coating repels sweat and cosmetics.

The low density of the plastic makes it possible to produce feather-light frames. Optyl is also much harder and more scratch resistant than acetate. A further advantage is the improved dimensional stability under the influence of heat. A special feature: Optyl has a "memory effect". When heated to 80 - 120 °C, this material can be adapted to the facial anatomy and the subsequent cooling enables the altered shape to be kept. If it is heated to the "reminder temperature", the frame returns to its original shape.

When speaking of polarized lenses, one is not referring to stars and starlets, who attract attention with their clothes to get into tabloids and the gossip magazines. We simply mean blocking reflected light from glistening water surfaces like rainy or snowy roads. This effect is achieved by special filters which protects the eyes.

Which Sunglasses Suit Me?

With the wide variety of Carrera sunglasses, we are often spoilt by choice when purchasing glasses at Edel-Optics. Is this a disadvantage? Not at all. Due to our huge selection of Carrera collections, your imagination knows no bounds. On our blog you can learn more about choosing the right pair of eyeglasses for your style and frame shape - which model suits. If you want to go with the fashion of the times and make a real statement, you are in the right place, because Carrera is an absolute must-have for every fashion-conscious customer.

If you still have difficulty in deciding, our 3D online fitting could be of assistance. And otherwise Phil, our "Master of Glasses" can give you some valuable tips in his tutorials. If you need prescription sunglasses, our Digital Dispensing Optician can help you make the right choice.

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Don't forget, you can order many of our Carrera sunglasses with prescription lenses or other customisations such as anti-glare! If you have any questions about your order, we are happy to help you via phone, as well as on our social media channels.

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A range of styles of Vintage Carrera Sunglasses can be found online in our shop. Our low prices are often confused with the prices of a Carrera sale outlet. But while others can only offer temporary sales, our branded eyewear is always available at the lowest prices. One thing is certain: according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN you can always find your dream eyewear here at Edel-Optics. For us sunglasses are not just an accessory, but much more a fashion statement.