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Céline Sunglasses


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Céline Sunglasses

Pride without the fall

"Give me be the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities!” The quote, which is falsely attributed to Oscar Wilde actually comes from the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and perfectly fits the style of Celine sunglasses. The models of the French company, which was founded in Paris in 1945 by Céline Vipiana and her husband, Richard, originally specializing in exclusive children's shoes, impress with their strikingly eye-catching contours, the glamorous lines, and the eye-catching, provocative, but equally consistent colour gradients, coupled with the courage to add a little more edge and frame, as is the case with many other brands.

The luxurious designs of the Celine sunglasses collection play with the imagination of the clientele, which means that the saying "caviar to the general" by Shakespeare in Hamlet is tailored to the brand like no other.


After being founded, it took 14 years for the small family-run company to expand its range to women's footwear. The elegant ladies moccasins, in particular, caused a sensation, giving the brand a first taste of life in the spotlight.

By the mid-sixties, those responsible had licked blood and expanded their range to include perfume (1964), leather goods, such as handbags, gloves and belts. The success lead to the international expansion of Céline. The opening of the first Céline boutique in the St. Germain des Prés district of Paris was the logical consequence, especially regarding prêt-à-porter fashion, which debuted in 1969.

After steadily advancing into ever higher spheres of the fashion industry, Dior owner, Bernard Arnault, not only became aware of the French family business, but also acquired the company in 1987, also making radical changes. He directly excluded the founding family, installing the architect Peggy Huynh-Kinh as chief designer, before Céline from 1994 to 1996 was gradually incorporated into LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton SE, which Arnault had headed since 1989. The global market leader in the luxury goods industry, which holds the rights to more than 70 different brands and prestigious names such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Emilio Pucci, Marc Jacobs and Fendi added a new weight to the group. This was also reflected in the fact that Michael Kors took up the challenge as chief designer for a period of four years, before returning to his own creations and to his own company.

The American fashion designer not only helped Céline to new splendor and unimaginable heights with his designs, but also with his association with Hollywood stars before Roberto Menichetti became the creative successor. Although the designer had put the weakening Burberry brand back on track, he failed to build on the successes the French had learned under Kors' creative leadership during his creative period at Céline. Instead, after years of rapid ascent, the company had to deal with its first dry spell, a hurdle that turned out to be higher than those responsible had originally imagined. The resurgence was then due to the designer Phoebe Philo, who switched from Chloé to Céline in 2008 and took the creative helm, radically changing course by removing old stock from the warehouses, canning loss businesses, such as perfume production, and raising Céline to the luxury category - also in the price segment.

In the spring of 2015, with a stroke of genius that made a splash both in the fashion world and off the beaten track, Philo succeeded in promoting the legendary American author and essayist, Joan Didion, as the figurehead of the Celine sunglasses campaign, covering the full product range of the French company at one fell swoop. The former Vogue editor was presented in black oversized glasses, a black shirt and a gold pendant. The shoot was made in Didion's apartment in New York's Upper East Side. She was also featured in the spring/summer resort campaign in the same year. The famous photo of Daria Werbowy in the Corvette alluded to the famous photograph of Didion in her yellow Stingray, which Julian Wasser had shot in 1968 for Life Magazine.

These measures more than resonated with the young female target group and made Céline one of the primary portals of fashion and trends. The sunglasses segment in no way lagged behind in this respect. In fact, the opposite is true: Celine sunglasses do not follow trends, they create them via their unique and distinctive style.

This is valid for the whole range. From the design of the frames and the Celine sunglasses case, to the Celine sunglasses eyewear cloth. In this respect the French leave nothing to chance, which is why the clientele feel that they are well looked after and are more than happy to put their eyes in the experienced hands of Céline eyewear. And the fact that the Safilo Group has phased out the licensing agreement for design, production and worldwide distribution since the end of 2017 hasn't changed the situation.

Whether this will result in an increase in imitations of Celine sunglasses or not is to be seen in the future. Original Celine sunglasses are still relatively easy to distinguish from fake Celine models. First, there is the name of the eyewear brand, which is either on the inside or outside of the eyeglass temple.

The stars and starlets do not have to grapple with Celine sunglasses replicas. The fans include famous names like Irina Shayk who is often spotted wearing the Céline sunglasses Tilda or Céline CL 41732/S. Also, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kourtney Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Demi Lovato, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lena Dunham, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton are among the proven fans of this brand of sunglasses.

Sunglasses by Céline - Pure Luxury

The round eyeglass frame Céline Bevel CL 41370/S from the range of Celine sunglasses has always been trendy since 2017. Futuristic in the hue, combined with the traditional eyewear shape, Celine sunglasses are never out of place in New York or in any other major cities.

The Céline Céline CL 41443/S is available as Celine sunglasses havana or as Celine sunglasses blue. The rectangle-look frame is completely hip again this summer, making the hearts of eyewear lovers beat faster, who refuse to wear standard out of the box spectacles.

Be a trendsetter... even if only for one night. There is no time restriction with the Céline CL 41397/S. Because no matter where or when, with the full-rim prescription frame you don't have to compromise when you combine the sunglasses with your favourite outfit.

Céline CL 41077/S are Celine sunglasses for men and women and belong to the absolute box-office hits of the brand. From a style point of view, these unisex sunglasses go the whole way. The uncompromising lines are somewhat softened by the fashionable double bridge made of metal.

The design of Céline CL 41756 is reminiscent of a mixture of the Celine Shadow ((CL 41026/S)) and Céline Matrix (CL 41804) sunglasses, but are still quite unique. Playful yet futuristic like a Lady Gaga video but without deviating from the typical Céline line.

The new and shiny Céline sunglasses collection has come up with a few models like the Thin Preppy (CL 41091/S) which have even seemed to surprise the French company. This time the creations are a little less daring and much more classical, even almost restrained and regarding form, colour and material will remain accessories of the extra class in the year 2018.

High Quality Frames and Designs

The unique Céline sunglasses impress with unusual, puristic designs (Céline CL 41445/S, Céline CL 41392/S), and colored frames (Céline CL 41801/S). Stylish (Céline CL 41373/S ) urban (Céline CL 41434/S), and with the courage to add a little extra frame width (Céline CL 41450/S) for a certain celebrity look.

The uncompromising interpretation of basic forms contrasts with the extravagant aura created by focusing on fashionable eyewear frames. At the same time, Céline eyewear uses precise processing and attention to detail in the right places. And in addition, there is the elegant integration of the brand logo, which since 1973 has been based on the shape of the links in the chain barrier around the Arc de Triomphe. The two opposite C's, for example are not blatantly obvious as is the case with Dolce & Gabbana.

Which Glasses Suit Me?

If you're looking for Céline sunglasses, your search has now come to an end. At Edel-Optic you are spoilt for choice. How about the Celine sunglasses Pilot-Style (Céline 41398/S) with brown tinted lenses which exude a very special fashion awareness? On the other hand, Céline models like only a few other eyewear brands with round lenses (Céline CL 41395/S) or cat eye shape (Céline CL 41093/S), and fashionable colours of the Celine sunglasses grey (Céline CL 41040/S), the Celine sunglasses red (Céline 41082/S) and the Celine sunglasses pink (Céline CL 41805/S) to the Celine sunglasses gold (Céline CL 41452/S) and the Celine sunglasses yellow (Céline CL 41436/S) underlines the face of the wearer.

Of course, we also have the Celine sunglasses green (Céline CL 41755) the Celine sunglasses beige (Céline CL 41448/S), the Celine sunglasses white (Céline CL 41373/S) or alternatively also the Celine sunglasses black (Céline CL 41423/S) on offer. To find the right Céline model, check out our online fitting where you can try on the model directly. Still not found anything? Then our blog can certainly be of assistance. And our Master of Glasses always comes up with some tips regarding the subject of repairs.

Once your choice has been made, our Digital Dispensing Optician will help you with Céline prescription eyeglasses and, of course, to find the right lenses. The design and lens colour, whether mirrored, polarized or photochromatic depend entirely on your taste. After all, when buying glasses, it's each to his own!

If you have discovered your favourite model, you can directly order Celine sunglasses online. In addition, should change your mind, the model can be returned very simply and free of charge. Only individually made Celine prescription sunglasses cannot be refunded unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, just call our customer support via our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores.

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