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Burberry Sunglasses

Luxury in the Good old English Art

Josephine Baker once said, "With money you can make many friends, but rarely is one worth the price."

In the case of Burberry, this quotation doesn’t really apply. The Burberry Sunglasses quality is defined by durability (Burberry BE3080), classic designs (Burberry BE4216) and functionality (Burberry Sunglasses BE4117), which are based on the experience of their own successful story, thus being an optimal companion in all situations.

The Burberry Eyewear collections, which have been licensed since 2006, find their inspiration in the brand's innovative "ready-to-wear" and accessory collections. Add to this the fact that the company continues to incorporate iconic elements throughout the product line for both men and women, making the English company one of the most visible and established luxury brands alongside Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors, Persol and Tom Ford in the upscale price segment.



When Thomas Burberry, apprentice of a cloth merchant, realized his dream of owning his own company in 1856, the then 21-year-old founder probably didn’t even think in his wildest dreams where his creation would be in fashion heaven over 150 years later. One of the brightest stars in the fashion industry is now a publicly traded company under the name Burberry Group PLC on the London Stock Exchange and a FTSE 100 Index member.

Originally known as Burberrys until 1999, the British first made a name for themselves with high-priced apparel in the women's, men's and children's segments before the brand continued to expand their feelers to leather goods, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics.

And always according to the motto: as very British as afternoon tea!

Nevertheless, it took another 20 years for Burberry to break through with rain repellent Burberry trench coats and become a household name on the fashion map. The craftmanship, the light material and simultaneous robustness of Burberry coats even convinced the British military, so that during the First World War they were standard equipment of the officers.

For a long time, the English earned their spurs as outdoor outfitters, before Burberry made the transition to the luxury brand. In addition to the British military in and during the World Wars, a multitude of adventurers, researchers and pilots put their trust in the textiles of the label. Among others, the company provided part of the equipment for the first Antarctic expedition to the South Pole. These accomplishments and achievements certainly played a role when Queen Elizabeth II turned the fashion label into a royal purveyor and Burberry equipped the British Olympic team in the 1960s.

Burberry's popularity cannot only be broken down into a few individual products, but rather to a particular pattern that is inextricably linked to the fashion brand. Although Burberry scarves and Burberry handbags cast a long shadow, the sun around which the Burberry universe revolves remains simply the famous and patented Burberry Check pattern.

On the temples of many Burberry plastic sunglasses, adjacent colour surfaces appear in the brand-typical colour spectrum. These are divided by vertical stripes. Even with Burberry sunglasses with a metal frame, there is often room for such an application. Here and there intersecting lines represent a connection to the “Brit-Chic” of the core collection.

This distinctive and simultaneous unique brand look is also one of the reasons why original Burberry sunglasses are easy to distinguish from imitation Burberry sunglasses, weight, craftmanship and the price, of course, also playing a very important role, when determining if they are original Burberry sunglasses or a Burberry sunglasses replica. With fake or copied Burberry sunglasses, the corresponding Burberry sunglasses accessories, such as a Burberry sunglasses case or a Burberry sunglasses cleaning cloth are not included in the purchase. In addition, the lettering "BURBERRY", which is on the inside of the temple on most of the models is spelt mostly as follows: Burrbery, Burbbery, Berberry or Burbry.

Sunglasses from Burberry - Stars Count on Visual Enjoyment

"True wealth lies not in the possession, but in the enjoyment," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, voicing the opinion of a variety of stars even today. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jourdan Dunn, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Emily Blunt, Penelope Cruz or Eva Mendes only find their definite fulfillment wearing Burberry sunglasses on a sunny day. Even male stars are in no way inferior to their female colleagues. Taylor Lautner, Michael Fassbender or the rappers Stormzy and Dizzy Rascal are among the fans of the luxury brand.

Even Jay-Z has already mentioned the name of the brand in one of his songs. As part of '03 Bonnie & Clyde from 2002, the rap icon serenaded Beyoncé with "The only time you wear Burberry to Swim". The models are also very popular in the German market. Burberry sunglasses have almost become a trademark for Kay One.

And finally, there is no way around building a bridge between Burberry and Kate Moss. Since the late 1990s, the supermodel and the fashion label have been so intimate and simultaneously infamous that they are almost as indistinguishable as the brand and the famous designer Christopher Bailey, who served as CEO from 2009 to 2018 holding the company reins in his hands and who has had a considerable share in where the company stands today.

Burberry Sunglasses - the Fine English Art

Timeless and modern eyewear frames paired with a high degree of quality set the pace for children, ladies and men. Stylish elegance is combined with typical insignia of the traditional fashion label. In addition, a harmonious colour mix in combination with the value stability, which results from the high demands on the processing quality, is more than convincing. Burberry customers can rely on the famous check pattern of the traditional brand, without it becoming too prominent.

The check pattern as an unmistakable style can also be found in Burberry sunglasses. Especially the temples of many models enjoy the colour enhancement. Refined and never intrusive, the company integrates the distinguishing feature into the look of its models. In this respect, the well-known pattern is sometimes more and sometimes less in focus, because the pattern, predominantly on the temples, achieves its full effect on the side applications. In plastic models of Burberry sunglasses and Burberry sunglasses metal frames, simpler versions of the check pattern can be found that, despite the catchy colour harmony, never diminish the recognition value of the famous brand look.

However, not every model of the Burberry sunglasses collection works the same way. Decorative sections of horn optic as the flamboyant basis of the Burberry brand lettering can be found in the Burberry sunglasses range as can the options, the check pattern (Burberry BE4227), Burberry BE4241, Burberry BE4146) that are used as the basis for the frontal design. The Burberry style is by no means deadlocked, but repeatedly takes the plunge from the Burberry sunglasses collection 2013 to the Burberry sunglasses collection 2018 even marching to a different tune with some models of Burberry sunglasses for men (Burberry Sunglasses 4273) and Burberry sunglasses for women (Burberry Sunglasses BE4235Q).

Which Glasses Suit Me?

Our online store is the best place to go if you are looking for the right Burberry sunglasses. We have Burberry sunglasses on offer at an affordable price. The following Burberry models have long been put to the challenge and met it with flying colours: Burberry sunglasses blue (BE4173, BE4256), Burberry sunglasses brown (BE4197), BE4245), Burberry sunglasses pink (BE3090Q, BE3096), Burberry sunglasses rose or Burberry sunglasses rosegold (BE4251Q), Burberry sunglasses green (BE4208Q) or the very classical variants Burberry sunglasses black (BE4181, BE4250Q), Burberry sunglasses gold (BE3092Q, BE3072), as well as Burberry sunglasses gray (BE3084), Burberry sunglasses silver and Burberry sunglasses white.

The classical forms of Burberry Sunglasses Cat Eye have become particular blockbusters, e.g. Burberry Sunglasses Cats Eye (BE4267), the Burberry Sunglasses Square or Burberry sunglasses with a quadratic frame (BE4160), BE4233) or Burberry Sunglasses full-rim (BE4173). But also, Burberry sunglasses round (BE4239Q) or Burberry sunglasses pilot or Burberry aviator sunglasses (BE3078J) are among the top sellers in the Burberry sunglasses range. Trendy colours such as Burberry sunglasses turquoise or Burberry sunglasses havanna (BE4255, BE4261) have delighted a wide range of contented customers. In order to find the right model from the Burberry sunglasses selection, you can use our online fitting where, after uploading a portrait photo, you can directly try on different models.


Buy Burberry Sunglasses Online

We cannot guarantee rainbows and sunshine, but we can guarantee that we have the right model for every face in our online shop. To make the search faster and more convenient, the search functions of our online shop are helpful, so it is child's play to find the right Burberry sunglasses online. Simply set the search parameters as you like, according to shape, colour, material or the various other filter options. If you are still not sure, our "Master of Glasses" or our bloggers have some good tips to prevent the fine art of buying glasses from becoming rocket science. However, anyone who prefers a local consultation to a visit to our Internet platform is most welcome in our two Hamburg shops in the AEZ and the Ottenser Hauptstraße.

When choosing Burberry sunglasses with prescription lenses and, of course, when looking for the right kind of lenses e.g. Burberry sunglasses blue lenses or a mirror coating in other popular colours, there are almost no limitations. We can also offer polarized Burberry sunglasses, mirrored Burberry sunglasses, Burberry sunglasses photochromatic or Burberry Sunglasses with prescription lenses. Whether you decide for Burberry sunglasses transparent, depends, of course, on your preferences and your style. When you have found your favourite model, you cannot only buy the Burberry sunglasses online at an affordable price, but they can also be delivered quickly to your home thanks to the various payment methods and the possibility to choose standard or express shipping.

Our Service

Of course, if contrary to expectations you do not like your Burberry sunglasses, you can simply send them back. However, individually made prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical defects. If you have any further questions, just call our customer support via our local telephone number or talk directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores.

About Us

Burberry should always be your first choice ... in all circumstances. We do not advertise special Burberry sunglasses for special Burberry sunglasses trends, we do not give any Burberry sunglasses evaluations about Burberry sunglasses impressions or a Burberry sunglasses test or are solely a< Burberry sunglasses online store, as the glasses need no further introduction.

We at Edel-Optics also neither offer short-term discounts nor short-term Burberry sunglasses sales but shine throughout the year with models at the recommended retail price. But we look with both eyes at our fashion-savvy clientele, who not only want to cut a fine figure, but make a real fashion statement. Our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN" after all, is not a coincidence. Because with us there is always unique quality for a unique price ... no matter what the season.