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Glasses Levis LS119 03
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Glasses Fraymz 986 C
Glasses Levis LS304 01
Glasses Levis LS120 01
Glasses Levis LS114 03
Glasses Levis LS119 05
Glasses Fraymz L119 C
Glasses Levis LS126 02
Glasses Fraymz 605
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Unbeatable Glasses Deals with StyleDEAL

Buy Low-Cost Glasses with Prescription Lenses Online

Many glasses wearers ask themselves the same question when buying a new pair of glasses: where can I find cheap glasses? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you have come to the right place. With our StyleDEAL you won't get just any pair of glasses at a top price, but high-quality branded frames! This glasses deal applies to both men's and women's frames.

How can we offer high quality glasses at low prices?

With our StyleDeal you can choose from over 2,500 branded frames shown above for less than £20 and add selected low-cost prescription lenses. It doesn't matter what material, look or colour the frame is made of. What matters is that the brand is available in our StyleDeal. The wide selection includes brands such as Levi's, Strellson and Reebok.

The included lenses are high quality lenses from German brand Optimeo with a refractive index of 1.5, which means they are single-vision lenses. Made of durable plastic, they have all the quality standards that glasses wearers need. These include super anti-reflective coating, hard coating (to reduce scratches), clean coat and lotus coating (for lenses that stay cleaner for longer) and anti-static (to prevent static charge). UV protection is also standard among our lens finishes, so your eyes are protected from all kinds of UV rays that might get through the lens to your eyes.

Our Services

To make buying glasses online as convenient and easy as possible, we also offer a variety of payment methods, free shipping and returns including a money-back guarantee. Only custom-made lenses with prescription cannot be refunded, unless there is a technical defect. We also offer 3D Virtual Try-On for selected glasses so that you can quickly get a virtual first impression of your favourite model. All you have to do is grant access to your camera and accept the relevant privacy settings. Alternatively, you can upload a locally stored photo of yourself. If you have any questions, just contact our customer service via the local phone number or email.

Shopping with Edel-Optics

If you are looking for glasses deals online, you’ve come to the right place. In our branded glasses online shop you will find a wide range of glasses at low prices - for women, men and children. Of course, we also have glasses on sale. As eyewear specialists for fashion-conscious customers, we even offer high-quality frames at absolute bargain prices according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". So what are you waiting for? Browse our huge range and save on your glasses with prescription lenses.