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Emergency call not necessary with sunglasses by Police!

That’s the sound of da Police!
That’s the sound of the beast!

…that’s the New York MC legend KRS-One rapping in one of his most famous tracks. In the case of the well-known label Police it‘s of course not as much about the sound but rather the image. In any case, Police sunglasses are just as memorable as the sirens of the law.

However, the brand name is not randomly chosen, though the company’s heads were neither inspired by the English New Wave Band „The Police“ nor by the Polish city of Police in West Pomerania, but by the sunglasses of US American police officers. The designers unswervingly make their way ever since, so much so that their designs are perceived as a synonym of coolness, trend and individuality.

Police frames with their road life style of the land of the American Dream are so divers that, frankly, it is often just not enough to only own one model. True to the motto of the land of opportunity: from rags to eyewear riches.


Officially the Italian brand Police was founded in 1938. It emerged from Charme Lunettes and definitely got people excited at last when in the 1980s the impact of sunglasses on the mainstream had changed profoundly. From being a day-to-day necessity to an ‘it’ piece, a fashion accessory and statement.

It followed that consumers were increasingly keen on individuality and to satisfy their desire to stand out. Ever since the 90s, Police sunglasses deliver this satisfaction to men as well as to the fair sex in a convincing manner. Especially with the Police sunglasses collection 2016, the Police sunglasses collection 2017, the Police sunglasses collection 2018 and also with the new models, for Police Fans there is nothing left to be desired as their every wish has come true.

Police prescription glasses designs obviously orient themselves towards the latest market trends without betraying their own personality and character – a fashion conscious, stylistically confident yet individual appearance is and always will be the line of approach!

To continue to facilitate and nurture this image, diversification of the Police offer product range apart from Police eyewear including Police prescription glasses plays an important role that should not be underestimated. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to spirit away Police jewellery, Police watches and Police perfumes with the ubiquitous Police logo from drugstores, jewellers and department stores.

Here everything is aligned with the company’s philosophy oozing coolness and masculinity. With such an offer it is no surprise that brand ambassadors Bruce Willis, George Clooney or Antonio Banderas as well as football superstar Neymar could be won for the label. This is also represented by the Italians‘ versatility, as in the middle of the last decade they revised the Police image thoroughly and properly polished it once again, such that modern individualism and a cosmopolitan, never mediocre lifestyle now endow the brand‘s all too manly reputation with some class. An impression emphasised by the style icon David Beckham, who, as a testimonial, has been acting as the company‘s figurehead for several years.

There is no doubt that nowadays Police as an all-round lifestyle label won‘t let anyone get the better of them. The introduction of a clothing range for men and women a while ago confirms this, as it has made it clear for sure that Police has arrived in the fashion world and is here to stay.

Police is not a label that would ever rest on its laurels, even though they can look back on past successes and count on their loyal customers, who know that going with Police means to never follow any mass trends but rather to stand out with one‘s own lifestyle. The brand’s focus lies on the principle of "cool hunting", that is, searching for and finding personalities in the street who have their own original and unique fashion sense.

Police sunglasses – a dream design

Modern, fresh and hip: sunglasses by Police thrive on their extravagance and can easily be described as absolute eye catchers. Plain vanilla is not intended here – neither for the wearer nor the designers. Rather, the label Police still continues today to make itself known with Police sunglasses designs that stand for self-expression and a deliberate conspicuousness, and thanks to the police style display an awareness of the latest trends that projects a statement of confidence, always and everywhere.

And that is not least because sunglasses by the brand Police, by way of their uncompromising design, are popular with individualists, free spirits and people who like to stand out from the grey mass, those who would describe themselves as daring and adventurous.

Even after almost 40 years of experience in the business the racy frames haven’t lost the tiniest bit of their freshness when it comes to hip sunglasses and a young, dynamic design. A retro look emphasised by a double bridge or vintage style without any of that playful detail-mindedness can be found in the Police sunglasses range as well as futuristic frames with a minimalistic look.

Which Police sunglasses suit me?

What is your preference? Classic or extravagant? With Police sunglasses men and Police sunglasses women the brand offers a whole spectrum of alternatives that go in one or the other direction and represent the best of both worlds. Flashy colours of lenses and frames go along with daring shapes and distinctive details.

True to the motto “all things optional, nothing is a must“, especially glasses enthusiasts who like it a little extravagant are among the label‘s regular customers to give their outfit the final polish. Stylish, expressive and timeless, the classic frames keep their popularity as compared to brands such as Ray-Ban, Polaroid, or Tommy-Hilfiger, placing them in the league of the most successful accessories on the market. The clear shapes and sophisticated details characterise the sunglasses by Police and, whether old or new, in every shape or colour they make you look your best.

With so much choice, sometimes it‘s not so easy to find the needle in the haystack. Along with the classic Police sunglasses in black, blue, brown or gold we offer frames in all possible colours. We have something for every taste, that’s for sure.

How about, for example, the Police sunglasses SPL724 Havana style or the brown Police sunglasses?? If you already know which features you would like your glasses to have, you can use the filter for that. Then your wishes will show up directly as various model suggestions. Should you be unsure about your decision, however, here you can get an idea of the various possibilities, or just go and upload a picture of yourself and simply try on the Police sunglasses frame virtually. However, you should also try on the Police sunglasses SPL576 for men or the SPL500 for real.

When it comes to shape, the Police sunglasses outlet also gives you plenty of choice. Well established designs such as the rectangle shape, the browline frame or the Police sunglasses round we usually have permanently in stock. The same goes for the variants Police sunglasses full rim, Police sunglasses semi-rimless and the minimalistic version Police sunglasses rimless. Now it’s on you to decide which shades will make you shine the best when the sun comes out.

In search for suitable glasses by Police, we recommend our online fitting, where you can place your model directly on the back of your nose. Should the frame still not quite be the right fit, in our blog Blog you can most certainly find valuable hints and advice. In addition, our „Master of Glasses“ holds in store lots of tips on topics such as „Fossil sunglasses frames repair“ or „adjustment“.

Once you have made your choice, our digital optician assists you with your search for the correct Police sunglasses lens fitting. It makes no difference whether you, as a fashion queen, choose Police sunglasses for women or, as a male fashionista, Police sunglasses for men . We offer sunglasses with prescription lenses for everybody. When you know your favourite, you can order Police sunglasses online at a low price. Should you not like them against all odds, you can just send them back within 30 days free of charge. Merely individually fitted prescription lenses cannot be refunded, except in case of a technical fault. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service via our local phone number, our support via our social media channels or our staff at one of our Hamburg stores.

Our individual service

With all questions that may arise during your glasses shopping such as “the right Police sunglasses size“ you always have the option to approach us. With our cumulative expertise we are always at your disposal, in both the digital and the analogue world. Just pop by anytime at one of our Hamburg stores, at the AEZ, the Mundsburg Center, in the Ottenser Hauptstraße or in Northern German Buxtehude for a professional individual consultation. Also, shopping with us is made simple by easy shipping (Standard or Express), return free of charge and various payment methods.

About us

If you would like to buy Police online and to feel the exceptional Police sunglasses quality on your nostrils, we are here for you. In our brand eyewear online shop you find a great variety of models at unbeatable prices. As glasses specialists for fashion enthusiasts we offer even the highest quality frames at absolute bargain prices, according to the motto „SEE AND BE SEEN“. Also sunglasses at reduced prices and products of the in-house sale are available here. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at our exceptional glasses world at Edel-Optics.