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Buy Pierre Cardin Prescription Glasses Online

Couture Eyewear from the Fashion Revolutionary

"I never went with fashion. I made it."

Many designers make such sayings, but in the case of Pierre Cardin it can be taken at face value. Hardly any other fashion designer has turned the world of fashion upside down like Cardin, he democratised fashion and turned an entire industry against itself. For him, there was always only one thing in the foreground: ground-breaking design.

From the Vineyard to the Catwalk

Anyone who wants to understand Cardin's thinking must know his life story. In 1922, he was born Pietro Costante Cardin in the northern Italian village of San Biagio di Callalta - one of nine children in a poor winegrowing family. However, the family fled to France in 1924 to escape Mussolini's fascist regime. Little Pietro became Pierre. Even as a child he liked to sew dolls' clothes, and at 16 he moved to Paris without having finished school. During the Second World War, he learned to tailor in the workshops of the French Red Cross. His talent became obvious, and after the war he quickly found work at the fashion house Paquin, for which he was allowed to design the theatre costumes for the play Beauty and the Beast. This was a formative experience, as Pierre Cardin's love of the theatre was to accompany him throughout his life.

To Haute Couture - and Back Again

Shortly afterwards, Cardin managed to land a job at Christian Dior - with resounding success. The new look they designed together was a sensation; all the ladies wanted to wear the rounded shoulders and flared skirts. But the ambitious Pierre felt called to even greater things and left Dior to design his own collection, which he presented in 1954, followed by another fashion design milestone in 1958 with the Bubble Dress. But that was not all: in the years that followed, Cardin fell out with almost all haute couture houses when he decided to design wearable fashion for every woman, not just for the ladies of high society. A democratic approach that led to Cardin being almost ostracised in Paris. Even his previous friend Yves Saint Laurent turned his back on him.

A Man with a Vision

A difficult time for Cardin? Or rather an incentive to show everyone how to do it? For the visionary, surely rather the latter. His idea was a modern fashion, a democratic fashion, free of prejudices and pigeonholing. His own men's collection? Why not? Models from other countries? With pleasure! A fashion show on the Great Wall of China at a time of ubiquitous uniforms? Absolutely!

His fashion was just as free-spirited as the man who designed it: loose silhouettes instead of tight waists gave women completely new possibilities for development and ensured that the Pierre Cardin brand became internationally known and celebrated. The restless jack-of-all-trades designed not only fashion, but also furniture, fragrances, accessories for the home - and even a tower to be built in Venice. This last project, however, remained unrealised because Cardin passed away at the end of 2020 at the biblical age of 98. Jean Paul Gaultier, once Cardin's pupil and today himself one of the greats in the fashion business, sums it up aptly: "Thanks to Pierre Cardin, I know that anything is possible."

Pierre Cardin Eyewear

For Cardin, his work naturally included eyewear fashion. This was practically non-existent at the beginning of the 1970s, because the selection was limited to frames in black or gold. Only the Pierre Cardin sunglasses and Pierre Cardin eyewear inspired by the Future Fashion of the grand master broke with this iron law and brought life into faces.

Even today, Pierre Cardin glasses with PC logo and trend-setting names like Evolution 5 or Evolution 6 are bestsellers because they bypass norms and are incredibly fresh. The casual vintage look is currently in vogue in the eyewear segment, with frames like the P.C. 6201 captivating with their timeless rectangle shape, which is given a modern touch by the grey iridescent plastic frame. Ladies are currently particularly fond of models in nude shades, such as the P.C. 8483 in cat-eye shape with Havana accents. Double-bridge frames are particularly popular with men, in both metal and plastic, in brown or gold, as are ultra-light glasses made of the super-stable material titanium in the colour silver. Regardless of whether it says men's or women's: many frames, such as the Pierre Cardin P.C. 6222 with its rust-brown panto shape, can be worn unisex.

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