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Special Vision with Polaroid Glasses

When it comes to Polaroid, most people immediately think of the instant camera. But, just as you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you shouldn't expect the classic and groundbreaking PLD brand to be limited to photography alone. After all, Polaroid is not a one hit wonder that has "only" made a name for itself in the field of photography, but has extended its quality work to other areas and earned itself some laurels.

The foundation was laid by founder Edwin Herbert Land, who can almost be seen as a blueprint for the success of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. The physicist, just like the other two famous representatives of recent history, dropped out of studies at the renowned Harvard University and sought his fortune away from degrees and diplomas. However, while the founders of Facebook and Microsoft found their Shangri-La in Sillicon Valley, the young entrepreneur, like so many of his creative contemporaries, found himself in New York City.
Due to a lack of funds, he was forced to test his theories secretly on the equipment in a laboratory at Columbia University. The result was inexpensive innovative filters for polarising light in the form of foils that were used in the production of sunglasses, car headlights and cameras, taking them to a whole new level. After subjecting his inventions and theories to further testing, Land founded the Polaroid Company in 1937, the origin of which is composed of the words "Polarizing Celluloid ".

Land's final breakthrough came at the New York World Fair in 1939. There he presented not only his first sunglasses designs, but also the world's first 3D cinema glasses, which still enjoy legendary status today. In the years that followed, Polaroid continued to expand its influence until, in the 1950s, it finally arrived in the pantheon of eyewear manufacturers for children, women and men with the introduction of the "Cool Ray ". The unique technology of polarised sunglasses guaranteed the best protection against glare and light reflections. But Land was aware throughout his life that stagnation meant regression, so in the years that followed he continued to fine-tune Polaroid PL PLD technology, especially polarised sunglass lenses and UV protection, as well as the design of Polaroid eyewear.

The search for perfection drove the industrialist, whose strengths, according to colleagues and employees, lay above all in his energy and ability to concentrate for weeks on a new problem or a single idea without being distracted by side issues.

A woman wearing a pair of plastic blue glasses by Polaroid

Advantage or not, the result speaks for itself. This singular focus, in addition to the introduction of the Polamatic models, which achieved cult status in record time, led to the introduction of press polishing technology, which made it possible to have polarised lenses manufactured to optical quality in a unique process. The more recent past is also peppered with groundbreaking PLD eyewear technologies, most notably the polarised UltraSight™ lenses for Polaroid sunglasses, which are made from polymers.

Now, some might say that the American company has only earned its spurs on the sunglasses market because of its innovations in polarised lens production. However, on closer inspection, these people quickly have to admit that they are quite wrong. To a certain extent, the innovations also flow into the production of Polaroid reading and prescription glasses, but much more decisive are the accumulated experiences that the Americans have gained in over 75 years in this field of eyewear manufacturing.
Exactly this eyewear experience can be read in every model by Polaroid Eyewear. The company supplies its customers only with frames made of the highest quality materials, convinces with its meticulous workmanship and striking designs that are oriented towards current trends on the market, reinterpreted and subject to the cool retro style or the classic look. A claim that runs without exception through the entire product range from Polaroid glasses for women to Polaroid glasses for men and Polaroid for kids, just as everything from cat-eye to pilot to Wayfarer shape in almost every colour from black to green is represented in the collections from the Polaroid universe.
While you can find well-known Polaroid sunglasses models [here](Polaroid-Sunglasses. html), popular examples of Polaroid prescription glasses include the PLD D335 (ACK) or the PLD D201 (5QA) in the rectangle look for men, the unisex PLD D340/F (N9P), the cat-eye frame Polaroid PLD D303 (ILZ) for self-confident women or the PLD D811 (PJP) for those who are looking for full-frame kid's glasses. No matter when or where, PLD glasses like Polaroid sunglasses are no longer just an alternative, but rather a must-have.

The Stars Queue Up for Polaroid Glasses

The variety, quality and workmanship of PLD frames are unique selling points that have not gone unnoticed by the stars and starlets, who are often photographed wearing the optical eye-catchers. Here, the famous fans come from the most diverse fields of the rich and beautiful: the DJ duo The Tripletz likes to party at their gigs with Polaroid glasses or Polaroid plastic sunglasses in every colour imaginable. The well-known blogger icon Tosha Eason has also fallen in love with these unique PLD glasses and likes to use the Polaroid sunglasses as well as the prescription glasses in every colour for her internet presence and to compliment her special outfits. The same goes for model Cara Delevingne. But probably the best example of a fruitful collaboration is Lady Gaga. The superstar was appointed Polaroid's new creative director back in 2010 and rarely misses an opportunity to wear Polaroid sunglasses at public appearances.

Male model wearing a square dark blue glasses frame by polaroid

## The PLD Technologies of **Polaroid Eyewear**.

Polaroid glasses enchant not only with their fashionable and eye-catching design, but above all with their high-quality features. Since their conception, these models are by no means just an insider's tip, but the worldwide market leader in the field of polarised lenses. The iconic Polaroid Suncover glasses are available as normal PLD sunglasses or also as Polaroid glasses with prescription. No matter which model you choose, whether Polaroid sports glasses or Polaroid glasses with attachments - you will always benefit from the excellent workmanship. All Polaroid glasses are equipped with a polarising filter thanks to Thermofusion technology, which allows the polarising layer to be completely embedded in the core of the lenses. To make this even more concrete: these are the Polaroid UltraSight™ lenses - including the best technology, quality, optics, and of course, exceptional polarisation efficiency.
In other words, these polarised lenses offer perfect vision and excellent protection. This makes them particularly suitable for sports such as fishing or sailing, where the reflections of the sun on the water surface can really be annoying. The core of the lenses consists of a polarised light filter. This is surrounded on both sides by a UV absorber, which filters UVA, UVB and UVC rays and thus offers your eyes complete protection. But that's not all: to ensure optimal protection and an absolutely scratch-resistant surface, the lenses are also coated with a shock-absorbing layer.

Which glasses suit me?

It's certainly not easy to choose the right pair of glasses. After all, the options for shape and colour from black to pink are almost endless, which often makes choosing a nightmare. To make things easier in the glasses world, you can simplify your search by using the filters on the left. This way, you will only be shown frames that match your wishes. Want a pair of PLD prescription glasses in black? In grey? Or would you prefer white or blue? Plastic or metal? Do you want to read or just see, or do you simply want to wear a PLD without prescription lenses?

Then you've come to the right place. We offer you all the benefits because we have PLD glasses and Polaroid sunglasses in all possible variations, for all situations and every category... and all that with glasses cloth and Polaroid PLD case.

If you are looking for mirrored Polaroid glasses, then set the filter according to your wishes and you will only be shown models that fit this filter. Now all you have to do is upload a photo of yourself and you can try on the glasses in the online try-on. The digital opticians helps you quickly and easily to choose the right prescription for your Polaroid glasses. Once you have found the right glasses, all you have to do is choose between standard or express shipping and select the payment method. Thanks to the Polaroid glasses guarantee, you can of course return your glasses via free shipping if you are not satisfied. However, this offer only applies to glasses that have not been specially made for you. If you still have important questions, our Master of the Glasses may be able to help you.

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Here, eyewear specialists meet fashion-loving customers. Because we not only sell high-quality models, but also place special emphasis on the fashion aspect. This is also our motto for Polaroid sunglasses and PLD prescription glasses: "SEE AND BE SEEN ". The large selection of Polaroid models in our shop makes you feel like you're in a Polaroid online shop.

So get an overview of the Polaroid glasses and the low Polaroid glasses prices, which are always an alternative to brands like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, and Michael Kors. In addition, you will find many other high-quality brands and appealing designs in our online shop, which are excellent for reading and general use, as well as other benefits. So just take a look at our shop and choose from the large selection of fashionable designs at recommended retail price.