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Swarovski Sunglasses

Finely Honed Craftsmanship

Not much is known about the Austrian company Swarovski. This is due to the fact that the Tyrolean family lives very secretively and vehemently withholds information about the family business or individual persons who belong to it. Interview requests are rejected on principle and employees of the Crystal-Imperium are strongly sensitised to handle internal information with the utmost discretion. This could be a marketing trick of the management to keep the mystery around the brand glass gems alive. A more likely reason for the meticulous secrecy, however, is the protection against industrial espionage. This is because Swarovski's success is based on a grinding apparatus patented in 1892, which is still unknown to the outside world today.

Of course, a lot has happened in the last 125 years, after the company A. Kosmann, Daniel Swarovski & Co was founded in 1895, three years after receiving their patent. Nowadays, the process in which the coveted Swarovski crystals are created is completely automated. The machines for the production are manufactured by Swarovski itself in Wattens, Austria. This in-house production is a further guarantee for the unique success of the glass cutters.

Further success factors are quality and attention to detail. When the Swarovski designers take a pen in their hands, a process begins that involves many different phases. From the initial inspiration to the launch of the collection, each collection goes through these stages. Trend analysis, fashion design and strong branding merge into true masterpieces with a story that reflects more than 125 years of masterful craftsmanship. The continuous development of features and materials makes Swarovski glass accessories the top suppliers of sparkling crystal creations.

Styles of Sunglasses by Swarovski

The sparkle of their jewellery, accessories and other exquisite classics that brought the company to international fame in the 1980s was also transferred to their Swarovski sunglasses for women. In their bright colours, shapes and facets, the crystal-adorned sunglasses make every glamourous person’s heart beat faster. While they do offer the classic shapes and feminine styles bejewelled with their crystals, they also offer more unique retro-glam style sunglasses for women, so there is something to match everyone’s look.

The advantage of glasses and sunglasses with cut glass is that the optical effect is similar to that of diamonds. With its secret technique, Swarovski manages to process inexpensive material in such a way that it refracts light in its crystal form. This gives everyone the chance to sparkle with original Swarovski sunglasses, which is the best alternative to fake diamonds and much more affordable. Swarovski jewellery starts at roughly 70 pounds and Swarovski sunglasses are available from 115 pounds.

Each Swarovski model in our online shop is includes the coveted Swarovski crystals stones. These are either integrated in the frame or in the arms and thus always provide that little bit of extra glam without being too extravagant. They look especially good on black frames to add some sparkle. But sunglasses in other colours are also very popular. Among the new products are vintage style glasses in blue, brown or pink. The Swarovski SK0149-H is a particularly beautiful example, which presents itself in a blue tone with turquoise and grey stones. This model is also available with a brown colourway and crystals in gold. If you don't want to decide on the colour of the crystals, the Swarovski SK0280-H is just the right sunglass for you. These round Swarovski sunglasses with half rim have 21 crystals per side in seven different colours.

Our Online Shopping Services

If you want to buy a pair of Swarovski sunglasses online at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place. In our online shop, you will find a wide range of Swarovski sunglasses for women, all with lens cleaning cloth and case included in the price. Make the most of our 3D virtual try-on with webcam, available for most of our models, to see what your sunglasses look like before you buy them! It goes without saying that each pair is a brand new original. Used products and Swarovski copies with names like "Svarowski", "Svarovski" or "Swarowski" have no place in our stock!

For all questions that arise when shopping, such as "Ascertaining the right size - which lens width suits me", you can always contact us. We are always at your side with our eyewear expertise via phone (number at the top of the page), email or social media. Furthermore, the FREE delivery and FREE returns for non-customised eyewear with money-back guarantee and the various payment methods enable you to buy safely and make shopping with us even easier.

About Us

As eyewear specialists for fashion-enthusiastic clientele, our motto is "SEE AND BE SEEN”. Our growing team of qualified opticians and eyewear specialists is based in Germany and consists of several physical optician stores. Via our online shop, we also operate in the digital world and in this way bring our excellent services and products to the UK, Europe and many other destinations. We offer high quality, fashion-forward frames with prescription lenses at top value-for-money prices. We also have discounted sunglasses in the sunglasses sale available at exclusive low prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit us in our extraordinary world of glasses from Edel-Optics and get a Swarovski frame that will make you sparkle both literally and figuratively.