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Polaroid Sunglasses

From 60 Seconds to Sunglasses

Edwin Land has managed to revolutionize the world twice. If you think of the name Polaroid, we all have the photo with a white frame in mind, which develops into a picture after shaking and blowing it.

But that is just one of Land’s inventions that has transformed the planet. The world's first 3D cinema glasses, and other revolutionary developments in the field of apertures, light and filters come from the hands of the family man.

Looking back at the history of the talented physicist, let's check out some parallels with other great visionaries like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. They all dropped out of Harvard University and continued working on projects without any diplomas. However, Land did not make his way to Silicon Valley, but due to lack of funds silently tested his theories in a lab at Columbia University.

The fact that you don’t always have to rely on financial resources was again proven by Edwin Land with his innovative developments. His inexpensive and revolutionary filters for the polarization of light in the form of films have not only been used in the production of cameras. The production of car headlights and sunglasses has been raised to a new level by his inventions.

In 1937 he founded the Polaroid Company. His breakthrough was finally sealed by the presentation of his 3D glasses in 1939 at the World's Fair. Not only in the field of camera manufacturing did Polaroid inventions contribute to the development. His techniques and new methods also had great influence in the manufacture and production of sunglasses. With the introduction of the "Cool Ray" Polaroid became fully established among the eyewear manufacturers. Because of its novel production methods, optimal protection against glare and light reflection was guaranteed.

But the passionate inventor didn't just leave it at that, his aspiration of achieving continuous improvement was the driving force behind his research. As a result, numerous breakthrough technologies have borne his name. Some examples are the Polamatic models or the introduction of the press polishing technique, which made it possible to produce polarized lenses in optical quality.

Since the first successes, Polaroid has been producing sunglasses for 75 years, placing special emphasis on the best possible UV protection. Not only the technology behind it has been constantly evolving since then. The design of functional Polaroid sunglasses continues to enjoy popularity and have been sold worldwide. The experience and innovative technology behind the company is still evident in every model of Polaroid Eyewear. The flawless quality and high wearing comfort are not the only factors that are characteristic for Polaroid glasses.

Stars and Starlets Behind Polaroid Glasses

In addition to celebrities who love to wear Polaroid glasses, there are also stars who work for the company. Superstar Lady Gaga was actually appointed as creative director of Polaroid in 2010 and likes to wear Polaroid sunglasses on her famous nose in her free time. However, the brand does not only rely on the help of the celebrities in its creative sector. Boris Becker, The Tripletz, blogger icon Tosha Eason or model Cara Delevingne are consistent fans of the Polaroid eyewear collection.

If you take a closer look at the glasses of the American company, you will clearly understand the hype behind them. The modernity with which the retro shapes are reinterpreted are not only found in the Polaroid glasses for women, for men but also in Polaroid Junior Sunglasses.



Polaroid Sunglasses are distinguished by their very good quality. Their glasses are robust as well as scratch-resistant and polarized of course. On sunny days ultraviolet rays can permanently damage the retina, that s why it is especially important, to wear polarized sunglasses, when the sun is shining. Polaroid offers several styles, which are available as Polaroid Sunglasses with prescription and also as sunglasses without prescription. It s also practical, that spectacle wearer can wear Polaroid Sunglasses simply with the aid of an attachment over their normal glasses. Beside men s and women s sunglasses, Polaroid offers Polaroid Kids Sunglasses as well, which protect sensitive children s eyes against damages by UV rays.

Huge Selection of Polaroid Sunglasses - How to Make a Choice?

In addition to the fascinating technology found in Polaroid sunglasses, the versatility of the Polaroid collection is another factor in the established eyewear brand. The Polaroid 07886 is just one example of the sports glasses, which of course are also equipped with the robust and functional technology. Polaroid is the right brand, not only for athletes among spectacle wearers. Even fashionistas and fashion men (Polaroid PLD 2049, Polaroid P8411, Polaroid PLD 6012, Polaroid PLD 2053) will find their desired model among the Polaroid sunglasses. The Polaroid PLD 1013, with its panto shape and brown frame, has exactly in line with contemporary taste with one big advantage: the shape and the colour fits almost every face shape and colour. Whether male (PLD 3018/S) or female (Polaroid P8339, Polaroid P8419) with these glasses you can do absolutely nothing wrong, quite the opposite.

Those who prefer something unusual, which should check out the Polaroid PLD 6016. Two trends are combined in this model: the round shape of the glasses with the modern double bridge in classic and restrained black make these Polaroid sunglasses a super everyday companion for fashion-loving people. There are also more than enough choices for women with a penchant for classic eyewear. The Polaroid PLD 5015/S which reminds us a little of the Tom Ford model, as well as the Polaroid P8317 stand out with their high quality and elegant style.

Among Polaroid sunglasses for men all trends are also represented. The classic pilot model can be found in the Polaroid PLD 2043/S, the Polaroid PLD 2047/S is somewhat based on the Wayfarer shape and the Polaroid PLD 2053/S is probably the classic of round glasses. If you are not sure which model suits you, our online fitting could be of assistance. Also, our "Master of Glasses" has some valuable tips in his YouTube videos to help you find the right pair of glasses.

Buying Polaroid Glasses Online

Almost every Polaroid glasses model is available at Edel-Optics. Not only the selection has something to offer for each target group. The price-performance ratio also leaves nothing to be desired. Because despite the high quality and the fascinating technology behind the polarized lenses, Polaroid sunglasses and Polaroid prescription eyewear can be obtained at unbeatable prices. Of course, all Polaroid prescription eyeglasses can be ordered. As soon as you have found your desired model in our webshop, our Digital Dispensing Opticians will help you find the right strength for your glasses.

Once the right strength has been found, there is nothing in the way of ordering. The different ways of shipping and payment methods make ordering eyewear even easier. Our Polaroid eyewear is sent to your home, well protected in its original case.

If you notice on its arrival that you do not like the model/colour, that's no problem either. Because with our free return shipment, you can easily send the glasses back to us within one month (eyeglasses with individually made prescription lenses are excluded from this service, except shortcomings are existent).

Should something break on your Polaroid glasses - no problem! In our tutorials, our "Master of Glasses" also has some valuable tips and tricks for minor do-it-yourself repairs and Polaroid replacement parts are also available from


A Polaroid sunglasses complaint can be returned free of charge. If you have any questions regarding your order or our sunglasses, our customer service, which you can reach by the local telephone number, will be glad to assist you. If you would like to get advice on the spot, you can visit one of our stores in Hamburg, where expert staff will be glad to advise you and you can buy your glasses directly.

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At our stores you will be advised by glasses specialists for the fashion-excited customers. We look at sunglasses as accessories and lifestyle items, and we advise our customers in our stores according to our claim: "SEE AND BE SEEN. There you can try every possible model on and directly purchase your Polaroid Sunglasses. You can also order your dream Polaroid glasses easily at our Online shop and look forward to their arrival. To save money, you can buy your sunglasses at the Polaroid Sunglasses sale as well and you will be happy about this one or other bargains. This and much more is available at Edel-Optics. We simply offer the perfect glasses for the fashion-conscious man or woman of today.