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Superdry Prescription Glasses

Although Superdry’s success may not have happened overnight, it is no less impressive. The British label has perfected the art of combining vintage American fashion with Japanese influences and they owe their popularity to this unique style. The high quality of Superdry’s products can be seen in their selection of fabrics, unique details, authentic vintage washes and hand-drawn graphics. All of these style aspects can also be found in Superdry glasses to one degree or another. The brand’s distinctive style has generated international appeal, even among celebrities. Notably David Beckham and Kate Winslet gave the label a jump-start, so that today international personalities like Helena Christensen, Leonardo DiCaprio or Pixie Lott can be seen sporting designs by Superdry.

Superdry History from Skateboarders to Supermodels

James Holder, the creative mind behind the cult brand Bench, founder and co-owner of Superdry, began his career by selling his self-made T-shirts from the trunk of his car at skateboarding competitions when he was 18 years old. By 21, with an official listing on the stock exchange, 515 sales outlets in 46 countries and 139 independent stores, he had taken the international market by storm.

However, partner in the parent company SuperGroup Julian Dunkerton is also jointly responsible for this triumphant progress. The founder of Cult Clothing saw the potential in Holder’s designs early on, which propelled the brand to success after the first store opened in 2004 and made the final breakthrough with the iconic Superdry Osaka 6 t-shirts.

Superdry Glasses Continue the Success Story

Once the Superdry brand had established itself on the urban streetwear market, the designers didn’t sit back and relax, but rather sought new shores. Their next successful move was to make a name for themselves in the eyewear and sunglasses market. Here, Superdry’s trendy designs not only set new standards, but also showed that the dusty and stagnating eyewear industry could have unexpected surprises with new elements and design influences.

Colours, Style and Frames of Superdry Glasses

Due to the symbiosis between the vintage US-American influences and Japanese graphic elements, the chic Superdry eyewear models with retro frame shapes make "old" look like "new". The brand experiments with a range of materials in its glasses frames, from bamboo and wood to classic metal and acetate frames. On a technical level, Superdry glasses also stand out from the competition. In addition to the first-class workmanship, the seven-piece, Japanese hinge lends stability and durability to the frame.

Yet despite their innovations in materials and hinges, it’s above all Superdry’s trendy designs that win the brand their favour. In terms of colour, the Superdry eyewear collection goes the extra mile with creative colour and pattern combinations, especially in darker tints and tortoise patterns. Whether square, round, trapezoid or rectangular, Superdry glasses are a good choice in every shape and colour. Designed with everyday use in mind, they complete and compliment any outfit.

Among Superdry’s best-selling glasses are the rectangular Superdry SDO Bendo, the round Superdry SDO Dakota and the square Superdry SDO Chie in the full rim version with colourful temples.

Both classic and modern, Superdry’s glasses designs are a timeless style rarely matched in terms of quality or attention to detail. All in the spirit of James Holder, whose philosophy hasn’t changed since the beginning: "I think the love of detail is more important than money - and that is perhaps the secret of my success".

Which Superdry glasses suit me?

First off, use the filter on the left of the page to narrow down your search if you already know what features your new glasses should have, such as frame shape, material, colour or sizing.

You can then use our online fitting to choose your Superdry glasses. All you need is a laptop or phone camera and a 3D image of the glasses will be projected onto your image on screen. Simply click the “Online Fitting” button underneath the product image on the product page. To only view models with the “Online Fitting” option, select this from the filters on the left.

Wondering which frame shape is best for your face shape? Take a look at our comprehensive blog post on choosing the right frame shape for your face shape here. For more advice on glasses such as sizing and cleaning lenses, head over to our Master of Glasses page.

After you’ve made your choice, our digital optician will help you to select the right glazing and lenses depending on your prescription. Customisation such as polarised lenses, mirrored lenses and/or prescription lenses is also available for Superdry sunglasses.

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