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Enjoying the Sun

"Me Sol Te umbra regit."

"The sun rules me, while you belong to the shadows", is a latin idiom translated, which pretty much sums up the founder of Persol, Guiseppe Ratti’s walk along the tight rope to create the best of both worlds.

In 1917, Ratti, photographer and owner of Optic Berry, got carried away by a project that was to help the Italian to international fame. The starting point was a small Turin backyard. There Ratti's idea to produce safety glasses was born. He combined the comfort and safety requirements of aviator and sport pilot eyewear with the standards of the time.

Quality and innovation went hand in hand, the company making a name for itself, especially in pilot circles, and it became more and more popular around the world with air forces such as the US Air Force. A fact that was not hidden from aviation, car racing and motorcycle champions of the time.

However, it was not until 1938 when the company - with the desire to design revolutionary sunglasses with a perfect fit - finally came out of its slumber. At the same time, the name PERSOL appeared for the first time in history books. The brand name, a derivation of the Italian phrase "per il sole", which means "for the sun", was to further emphasize the unique protective effect of the eyewear models.

The introduction of a memorable logo was the next logical step. The Silver Arrow, which is based on a design of ancient short swords, was chosen as the hallmark of the timeless icon. From then on it not only symbolized the rise of the Turin company. Other competitors frequently attempted to copy this success story but never succeeded.

The brand’s triumphal rise to fame began in 1961, when Italian actor Marcelo Mastroianni wore the Persol model 649 in the classic film "Divorzio all'italiana", glasses that were originally designed for tram drivers and that today are still registered as a trademark. After this, the brand did not rest on its track record but expanded its portfolio into the field of manufacturing special goggles for the safety of welders.

The desire to combine traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies still distinguishes the company today. At that time, courageous research and dedication to detail catapulted the eyewear manufacturer into the first row of the optician industry.

Another stroke of genius was achieved when the already excellent reputation of the eyewear brand was further upgraded with stars like Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen. McQueen even got his own special edition of the Persol 714 model for his involvement.

To prevent the company from losing none of its radiance, the individual models and the most innovative materials are tested under the most extreme conditions (the snowy north of Norway, the Dakar Rally or on the summits of the Himalayas). At the same time, the company produces studies and optical tests with personalities such as Reinhold Messner to not only guarantee excellent quality but to continuously improve it.

In the early nineties, the eyewear brand got another boost. In 1990, the company designed PERSOL Sport to provide the best possible protection for the eyes of the athletes based on the abundance of tips, advice and information the professional athletes had provided. Famous people such as former racing driver Jean Alesi (PERSOL Ambassador 1996-97) immediately felt attracted to the comfort, design and technology.

Then things started to happen quickly. With the elegant model 830 the Turin-based company presented their feminine side. The sales figures for the incredibly popular creation shot up not least because these women’s glasses were specially made for the famous Italian screen star Ornella Muti. The success led to the designer launching another model on to the market during 1993/94. The Persol 853 was not tailored to Muti, but to the supermodel Carol Alt.

Two years prior, the first Persol boutique had opened its doors on the legendary and exclusive Rodeo Drive. A further sign that the success of the sunglass manufacturer had not yet reached its zenith. Up to 1994, the manufacturer had been putting its feelers out in over 40 countries. Its products were sold in more than 3,500 Italian stores and over 12,000 stores across the globe.

In April of the following year, the Luxoticca Group, the world leader in the eyewear industry, acquired the Italian manufacturer, giving the product even more weight and reputation on the international market. Without a doubt, this deal catapulted Persol Eyewear into one of the most important eyewear brands in the industry. Nevertheless, the parent company respected the company's tradition and the resulting quality, which is why it continues to produce the iconic models in the historic factory in Lauriano near Turin with the same care and attention to detail.

The meteoric rise can be explained not least by the assiduous selection of the ambassadors of the brand. Actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta and the former Italian football national team players, Alessandro Del Piero and Filippo Inzaghi joined the ranks of McQueen, Gabor, Muti and Alt over the years. Today, musicians like Eric Clapton, actors like Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron or Scott Eastwood, director Wim Wenders and former football star Xabi Alonso never leave the house without their Persol glasses. In the future, stars from the show business, the sports universe and the business world will continue to choose the style and character of the eyewear brand, presenting Persol with elegance, class and originality.

Male model wearing Persol sunglasses for men

Persol Sunglasses - a Work of Art in itself

In the nearly 100-year history of the company, numerous cult models have emerged from the production. The classics - especially the Persol Icons impress with the excellence and elegance of their minimalist designs.

Above all, the model Persol 649 stands out as one of the brand’s all-time favourite models. The iconic eyewear model is a registered trademark of the label. Originally designed for Turin tram drivers in 1957, the model quickly changed its functional character. With the PO9649S Persol had dared to take the myth of 649 and bring it out in a new edition, thus opening another chapter in the history of eyewear. The designers rigidly stuck to the characteristic shape but made thinner profiles for the new model, making them lighter and slimmer overall.

The model PO0714 boasts the fact that the frame was the absolute first folding eyewear on the market. Ten further production phases are necessary to manufacture this version compared to normal sunglasses. Steve McQueen helped the model to international fame, as the glasses not only adorned his face in the Hollywood classics "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "The Getaway", but also privately on his nose. PERSOL honoured the actor with his own special edition of his favourite eyewear model with a lighter and narrower design PO714S. This new edition is also available for the first time as prescription eyewear. Particularly popular versions in the field of folding sunglasses is the frame PO0714.

The Italian eyewear manufacturer also has a license to kill. While Pierce Brosnan shielded his eyes with PERSOL in "GoldenEye" and "Die Another Day", Daniel Craig, as James Bond, wore two frames in "Casino Royale". At the beginning of the movie the Persol 2244 and in the course of the film 007 changed to the Persol Style 2720. Although they aren’t produced anymore, a similar model is the (PO2803S)[ PO2803S-24-57-by-Persol.html]. And of course, we can’t forget Léa Seydoux who plays Madeleine Swann in Spectre and wears the elegant Persol (PO3092SM)[PO3092SM-901531-by-Persol.html] Sunglasses.

Many of Persol’s models are designed to be unisex. The most popular representatives are the eyewear model PO36092SM in its different versions or the PO3129S as well as the PO3133S and the PO3169S.

The 69218 Ratti model also enjoys a special status in the eventful history of the company. For the first time the sunglasses with massive temples and sturdy frame appeared on the market in 1987 and found two famous customers in Jackie Collins and Don Johnson. It is sadly no longer produced but sells for hundreds of euros in vintage second hand markets. A similar style frame with the same style broad arms is the (PO3245S)[ PO3245S-24-33-by-Persol.html].

Technology by Persol

PERSOL glasses are simply works of art due to the quality, the research and the company’s traditional claim to perfection, as well as their extraordinary technical details. The carefully selected materials of the crystal lenses, the acetate, the metal for the frames and the legendary arrow on the hinges, through to the technologies hidden below the surface of each hand-made Persol model make this brand unique and hard to rival.

Many steps in the manufacturing process continue to be made by hand, which explains the unique combination of technological solutions and rich craftsmanship that produce eyewear of fabulous quality. On average, the production of a PERSOL frame takes almost twice as long as the production of conventional acetate frames. That’s not because workers only drink expresso and twiddle their thumbs, but the iconic arrows and the Meflecto system require the attention of professional staff, according to company policy. Machines are excluded from the manufacturing process in these cases.

For polarised Persol sunglasses look out for the "P" symbol on the product image or select this from the filter on the left.

Plastic Frames

Natural materials are used for the plastic frames. The acetate comes from cotton. This cotton is crushed and treated until it takes the form of a single mass to then be formed. The organic end-product is therefore also based on cotton, which is allergy-free, comfortable to wear and skin-friendly.

The use of natural materials enables the creation of colour variations which can only be found in this form in products of the Italian eyewear manufacturer. The care of the manufacturing process is an absolute quality feature of the eyewear brand. The demand for perfection is already shown in the selection of the materials, as well as the complexity and precision of the manufacturing process. In addition, the Luxottica inspection system ensures that the customer only receives the highest quality.

The original havana frames connect iconic textures and warm colours. In choosing this colouring, the designers found inspiration in earthly elements. Made of acetate, it is in keeping with the tradition of the eyewear brand and the claim of timeless elegance. The collection is complemented by the new "Madreterra Acetate" (Italian for "Mother Earth"), which has been brought back to the surface from the Persol archive.

The Meflecto technique refers to one of the most dazzling jewels in Persol's rich jewellery box. As early as the 1930s, the northern Italian company presented the world's first flexible temples, which gave the frames exceptional flexibility and thus the greatest possible wearing comfort. The eyewear manufacturer achieved this flexibility through a unique construction of nylon-metal cylinders with a stainless-steel core. A total of ten additional steps are required compared to the production of conventional temples. An effort that pays off: the technology allows each frame to be optimally adapted to any shape of face. At the same time, the PERSOL Victor Flex was introduced - a special application of the Meflecto concept. Using state-of-the-art technology, the designers designed a comfortable frame that features a three-piece, flexible nose bridge. This construction is still used on the PERSOL Model 649 (PO0649) to this day and ensures that the frame adapts perfectly to the face both in the curvature and sits closer on the nose than any other sunglasses. In the newer models, a metal clip has also been integrated into the temples, which allows a perfect adaptation in length and bending.


The crystal lenses are among the outstanding products of the Turin company. They stand for a class of quality, performance and UV protection that only the crème de la crème of eyeglass manufacturers can call their own. PERSOL's first eyeglass lens appeared on the market in the 1920s and was the first in a long line of lenses to meet the specific needs of pilots and mountain climbers. This includes the Persol Brown 75, the classic yellow-brown lens and the Persolmatic with their photochromic effect, which means that the glasses darken when the sun's rays get stronger.

Most models use lenses made from the finest optical materials of natural origin, ensuring the best possible protection and exceptional visual clarity. The crystal lenses are even issued on medical prescription to provide the best protection against harmful solar rays.

The polarized lenses block the reflected light from snow, roads and water, providing a clear and stress-free view even under extreme conditions. This effect is achieved by spreading a very fine layer of polarizing organic material between two high quality, optically-neutral crystal lenses.

The ultra-light 1.8 mm thick lens is made of very fine glass. This required a new production technique for shaping and hardening glass. The idea behind the narrow lenses (reduced thickness between 2.2 and 1.8 mm) offers an increase in wearing comfort resulting from the weight reduction.

Female model wearing Persol sunglasses for women


When PERSOL was still in its infancy and a smaller number of frames was made, the company offered more than four different sizes for each version, bridges with different heights and widths and temples of various lengths. The reason behind this measure was simple: each pair of glasses should be tailored to the wearer.

In search of ever greater comfort, the company's research department came upon the creation of a foldable acetate frame. Special care is still taken today to evenly distribute the weight of the glasses over the entire surface. It does so with the help of a special eyewear bridge that is also a trademark of the company.

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