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Fossil Sunglasses

THE Sunshine Look for Hot Days

Only because Fossil stands for classic sketches and vintage, this doesn’t mean that the label is an actual fossil. In fact, since the mid-1980s the Fossil Group is one of the absolute heavy weights in the area of fashion accessory design and marketing. Especially the flagships of the Fossil range that cross the competitive waters of watches and leather goods, time and again also break fresh grounds on the map where none of their competitors has ever been before.

What contributes to this is a fashionable crossover of timeless designs, which are mainly inspired by the 1950s, and the modern urban style that is nowadays seen in the streets. So it’s classics meet up-to-dateness, making for a unique look whose juvenile charm convinces throughout the product range, also apart from the watches and the jewellery, and in particular with the Fossil sunglasses.

Fossil sunglasses history – A family business that shines with Fossil sunglasses and more

Fossil History began in 1984 in Richardson, Texas, upon a suggestion by Kostas Kartsotis, who explained to his younger brother and Fossil founder Tom Kartsotis how much profit the import of fashion watches retro style in the moderate price range would bring. Success manifested itself quickly, and the company expanded thanks to the purchase of various watch labels, among them Swiss Zodiac Watches, in 2001. But that was by far not all. The product range was continuously extended with fashion products, mainly bags and jewellery. But then Fossil sunglasses also found their place, so that already in 1995 the company could present their first Fossil sunglasses collection.

Sunglasses by Fossil – A stylish companion in all situations

Apart from their exceptional wearing comfort, the Fossil sunglasses frames fall off the grid (in a good way) especially in terms of their clear lines. The Fossil glasses prove themselves as an exceptionally loyal companion for exterior use – that is, at outdoor activities with fresh air and proper sun exposure. Due to the Fossil sunglasses lenses there’s no need to worry, the 100% Fossil sunglasses UV protection (or UVB protection) makes sure that your eyes are kept absolutely trouble free. If that’s still not enough for you, you can also turn to the Fossil sunglasses mirrored or Fossil sunglasses polarised to be on the safe side.

Which Fossil sunglasses suit me?

What is your preference? Classic or extravagant? With Fossil sunglasses men and Fossil sunglasses women the brand offers a huge spectrum of alternatives that go in one or the other direction and represent the best of both worlds. Perfectly matching colours of lenses and frames go along with distinctive shapes and even more distinctive details.

In particular, a Fossil sunglasses frame properly accentuates the intellectual, sophisticated look with confident understatement. Here it makes no difference whether you have your eyes on elegant, delicate frames made of metal like the Fossil sunglasses FOS 3079/S or a more pronounced full rim made of plastic (Fossil sunglasses FOS 3006/S).

True to the motto “all things optional, nothing is a must“, especially glasses enthusiasts who are regular customers of the increasingly popular label appreciate to give their outfit the final polish with a simple shine, neutral tones, or a tortoise shell design combined with colourful lenses or a colour gradient for the individual trendy look. Stylish, expressive and timeless, the classic frames keep their popularity as compared to brands such as Polaroid, Ray-Ban or Carrera, ranking them among the most successful accessories on the market. The diversity of clear shapes and sophisticated details characterise the Fossil sunglasses collection and, whether old or new, in every shape or colour they make you look your best. After all, the Fossil sunglasses offer varies from pronounced coolness to elegant reserve.

With such a wide selection, sometimes it is not easy to find the needle in the haystack. Along with the classic sunglasses by Fossil in black, blue or gold we offer frames in all possible colours. We have something for every taste, that’s for sure.

How about, for example, the Fossil sunglasses FOS 2005/S Havana style? If you already know which features you would like your glasses to have, you can use the filter for that. Then your wishes will show up directly as various model suggestions. Should you be unsure about your decision, however, at here you can get an idea of the various possibilities, or just go and upload a picture of yourself and simply try on the Fossil sunglasses frame virtually.

When it comes to shape, the Fossil sunglasses overview or the Fossil sunglasses catalogue also gives you plenty of choice. Well established designs such as the Fossil sunglasses rectangle shape, the aviator frame or the Fossil sunglasses round we usually have permanently in stock.

In search for the suitable glasses by Fossil, we recommend our online fitting, where you can place your model directly on the back of your nose. Should the frame still not quite be the right fit, in our blog Blog you can most certainly find valuable hints and advice discussing e.g. the following topics: would Fossil sunglasses cat eye suit me, or would the back of my nose be the right place for Fossil sunglasses square? In addition, our „Master of Glasses“ holds in store lots of tips on topics such as „Fossil sunglasses frames repair“ or „adjustment“.

Once you have made your choice, our digital optician can help you with the correct Fossil sunglasses lens fitting. We offer sunglasses with prescription lenses for everybody. When you have found your favourite, you can order your Fossil sunglasses online at a low price. Should you not like them against all odds, you can just send them back within 30 days free of charge. Merely individually fitted prescription lenses cannot be refunded, except in case of a technical fault. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service via our local phone number, our support via our social media channels or our staff at one of our Hamburg stores.

Our individual service

With all questions that may arise during your glasses shopping such as “the right Fossil sunglasses size“ you always have the option to approach us. With our cumulative expertise we are always at your disposal, in both the digital and the analogue world, whether it’s about Fossil sunglasses with prescription lenses or without. Just pop by anytime at one of our Hamburg stores, at the AEZ, the Mundsburg Center, in the Ottenser Hauptstraße or in Northern German Buxtehude to get individual professional advice. Also, shopping with us is made simple by easy shipping (Standard or Express), return free of charge and various payment methods.

About us

If you would like to buy Fossil sunglasses online and to feel the exceptional Fossil sunglasses quality on your nostrils, we are here for you. In our brand eyewear online shop you find the great variety of models of the Fossil sunglasses women, Fossil sunglasses men or Fossil sunglasses unisex range at unbeatable prices. As glasses specialists for fashion enthusiasts we offer even the highest quality frames at absolute bargain prices, according to the motto „SEE AND BE SEEN“. Also sunglasses at reduced prices and products of the in-house sale are available here. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at our exceptional glasses world at Edel-Optics.