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GUESS Eyewear - Uncompromising Style

"Marty, did you sleep in your clothes again tonight?".

The quote comes from the famous cinema classic Back to the Future and refers to the GUESS denim clothes specially produced for the film that Marty McFly wore. This catapulted the GUESS brand to the forefront of popular fashion, so that fashion-loving eyewear fans have also been getting their money's worth since the 1980s.

Uncompromising designs make for uncompromising fashion and even more uncompromising eyewear models. No other eyewear brand manages the balancing act between modern influences and a classic sense of style as well as GUESS. It is precisely this effortlessness, which is characterised above all by the tasteful use of bright colours, that gives the label a fresh, youthful touch time and again, which many an up-and-coming brand can only observe enviously from a distance.

Nevertheless, GUESS glasses can of course also be classic. In addition to colourful frames, traditional models in tried-and-tested shades such as black or brown can of course also be found in the GUESS eyewear range.

GUESS History

From Morocco to Marseille to the brand stores of the metropolises.

Today, GUESS is at the top of the list of the most influential fashion companies. But it was a rocky road for the Marciano brothers until then. Born the sons of an orthodox rabbi, the founders first moved from their native Morocco to France to escape poverty at home.

Fashion was always present in their minds and something like a refuge as well as a key element to make the new start a success. The lines of communication and areas of responsibility were clarified early on in order to give today's fashion empire the appropriate structure.

True to the saying "blood is thicker than water", Georges, Maurice, Armand and Paul pulled together to not only gain a foothold in their adopted country, but also to open a total of 12 stores relatively quickly. However, this was not enough for the Marciano men, so they exchanged the land of love for the land of unlimited possibilities to start all over again.

As it turned out, it was an excellent decision. Because 30 years after the siblings had joined forces, the official company launch in the USA came in 1981. The first GUESS jeans with a mottled wash were sold from Los Angeles and immediately caused a sensation under the catchword "stonewash". From then on, GUESS unisex jeans in particular stood out as bestsellers, which were in the upper price segment and quickly solidified the financial investment that helped them present the first positive sales figures a short time later. The 1980s then developed into the decade of GUESS. The brand became one of the most popular suppliers in the competitive fashion market, especially in the denim jeans segment.

The establishment was then followed by the expansion of the in-house portfolio. In 1984 came the GUESS watches, which were known as GUESS, GUESS Steel and GUESS Collection. In the same year, a line of children's clothing was added to the GUESS range under the name Baby GUESS.

Six years later, GUESS Home was launched, offering high-quality bed linen, towels and other textiles for the home. Today, there is also the GUESS by Marciano brand, which caters to high-end demands with its chic style.

Male model wearing square mens Guess Prescription Glasses

GUESS who!

As sales increased, the Marcianos invested more money in advertising, which was created in-house by Paul Marciano. Nevertheless, the campaigns were expensive because they often hired the crème de la crème of the modelling world. The GUESS brand first came to public attention in 1996 for an erotic campaign featuring none other than Claudia Schiffer. This was followed by other stars such as Anna Nicole Smith, Eva Herzigová, Kate Upton, Paris Hilton, Gigi Hadid, Camila Cabello and since 2018 Jennifer Lopez.

The increased awareness of the fashion brand GUESS led it to expand into other areas over the decades. Today, GUESS perfume, GUESS bags and GUESS sunglasses are important pillars of the fashion heavyweight and all bear the famous GUESS logo, whose red triangle is indispensable on catwalks and in major department stores around the world.

A variety of shapes paired with everyday wearability and the GUESS eyewear quality is what distinguishes the GUESS eyewear frames.

Trendy and Fresh - GUESS Eyewear

If there's one thing GUESS can't be accused of, it's that the GUESS eyewear models are lacking in colours. The new version of the GUESS Havana glasses look is particularly striking. A mix of red, blue and yellow ensures that GUESS glasses for men and GUESS glasses for women make a statement in equal measure.

The two-toned GUESS glasses are also popular with GUESS women and GUESS men, giving the look a youthful and dynamic touch. For the minimalists among eyewear lovers, there are of course muted shades in brown or black helping you to always cut a fine figure at a champagne reception, in the theatre or at the opera.

Female model wearing womens Guess prescription glasses

Which GUESS prescription glasses suit me?

Are you looking for GUESS prescription glasses that fit you perfectly? Then our Online Shop is exactly the right place to go. You can get GUESS prescription glasses in the classic colours such as GUESS glasses in black, brown, gold or silver. More unusual colours like red, green and orange are also available in the GUESS glasses range.

Especially the GUESS square glasses and the GUESS round glasses are among the shapes that represent the company's understanding of fashion. But GUESS would not be GUESS if the label did not react to trends with its very own designs. Thus, the creative minds are increasingly focusing on filigree and lightweight frames as well as models in the half rim look or with slim metal frames, which guarantee a perfect fit thanks to their easily adjustable nose pads.

Is the sassy GUESS vintage style the best alternative for you? Then try the round panto shape or the chic cat-eye frames.

A popular striking design in the women's world is the GUESS glasses GU2566. These GUESS trapeze glasses have a full rim and come in a beautiful shade of brown. If you prefer a different colour, you can also browse the other models of the GUESS GU2566 in our GUESS eyewear collection 2017 or 2018.

Another popular model is the GUESS GU3009, which also has a full rim and as GUESS glasses unisex embodies the distinctive style. The Square look underlines your self-confident appearance and harmonises particularly well with round faces. The GUESS black matt glasses are one of the more classic models in the GUESS range, but (like every GUESS frame) they still have their own unique style.

Our Services

We want to make choosing the right glasses as easy as possible. That's why we offer you the opportunity to upload a selfie or use your webcam and then put on any pair of GUESS glasses online with the help of our 3D Virtual Try-On. This way you can see directly whether you have made the right choice. The colour, size and shape of your glasses can be selected using the filter on the left of the page.

Another service in our GUESS Eyewear Online Store is the Digital Opticians, which guides you online through your eyewear purchase and advises you on choosing the right strength lenses.

Once you have decided, you can order your GUESS glasses online directly and have them delivered either by standard - or by express delivery. Thanks to the option of different payment methods, you also remain flexible here.

If you don't like a model, you can complain about the glasses and send them back to us free of charge. When returning the glasses, however, please note that individually manufactured lenses with prescription are excluded from reimbursement (unless there are defects in the workmanship).

Do you have any uncertainties or questions? Then feel free to contact us by phone or email, or if you happen to be based in Hamburg, visit us in person at one of our stores. There we use all kinds of high-tech such as robot glasses butlers or iPads to make shopping with us even easier. Our modern shop concept with virtual displays and virtual mirror integrates the advantages of online shopping into your local shopping experience like nowhere else.

About Us

Here, eyewear specialists meet fashion-loving customers. Even if you're a glasses enthusiast with perfect vision, we won't put any obstacles in your way, but will help you out with GUESS glasses without prescription, i.e. GUESS glasses with window glass. Because the bottom line is always: we not only sell high-quality models, but also place a lot of value on the fashion aspect - which is also reflected in our motto: "SEE AND BE SEEN".

Get an overview of the GUESS glasses in stock - we offer the super-cheap GUESS glasses price too. Our online eyewear shop may not be a GUESS outlet, but with our recommended retail price you could almost get that impression, even though our GUESS eyewear sale is not a short-term discount promotion. At Edel-Optics you get your cult accessory at low prices with the GUESS guarantee.