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Ophthalmics Oakley LATCH (OO9265 926532)
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Buy Ski Goggles Online

Here you can find a wide range of high quality snow and ski goggles by popular brands such as Oakley, Scott, Adidas, Gloryfy and Red Bull SPECT. We offer men's and women's ski goggles selected for their quality and style, so you can look good while protecting your vision on the slopes. Buy online with free returns within 30 days.

Which ski goggles should I buy?

Many skiers and snowboarders ask this question when they not only want to protect their eyesight but also look good. Good ski or snowboard goggles have a number of features that help you to enjoy snow sports to the max. Not only do they protect you against harsh UV-rays and bright sunlight, which can be common high up in the mountains, but they provide a shield against wind and particles in the air and enable you to see properly even in difficult weather conditions, which is especially useful when you are moving at high speeds. Many of our skiing goggles also have an anti-fog features. If you are wondering whether you really need to wear skiing goggles, just think about it: skiing without them can quite literally be a pain in the neck if you take a tumble after getting blinded by harsh mountain sunlight or fogged up glasses! As you’ll probably know yourself, falling over practically belongs to snow sports, especially for beginners, so having tight fitting goggles can save you a lot of hassle. Just like with swimming goggles, skiing goggles are secured with an elasticated band that can be adjusted to fit. With a comfortable foam frame around the rim of the goggles, they will fit snuggly.

What colour lens is best for ski goggles?

Choosing the best colour lens for your ski goggles depends on the weather conditions. Darker lenses are ideal for sunnier days since they block more light, and lighter coloured tints are perfect for cloudy weather or flat light as they increase contrast and make snowy slopes easier to navigate. Finally, clear lenses are also available for night skiing. If you think you will be skiing in all these conditions, choose goggles with interchangeable lenses such as the Adidas Progressor Pro Pack or invest in a couple of pairs with each lens type so you are well prepared for your holiday! If you’re still looking for an all-rounder pick a coloured lens as opposed to a black lens so that you can still see when there is less sunlight. One good option for all light conditions is the Oakley Canopy with lenses in PRIZM Sapphire Iridium, with new PRIZM lens technology that improves vision according to different environments and conditions. This model in particular has the perfect VLT (visual light transmission) for both sunny and cloudy days.

Which size ski goggles do I need?

Since all our snow goggles are one-size fits all with an adjustable elasticated strap and soft foam rim, you don’t have to worry about the sizing.

Ski Sunglasses

Although ski sunglasses offer slightly less coverage, some more advanced skiers prefer to wear these. You can find models with tinting and UV protection for a range of sports including skiing, running, cycling or golf made by Adidas, Nike, Red Bull SPECT or Oakley, among others. Oakley in particular is among ski goggles and sport glasses brands what Uvex among helmets is.

Where to buy ski goggles online?

Buying women’s and men’s ski goggles online has never been easier with Edel-Optics’ online shop. Our policy of free returns with money back guarantee and multiple payment methods makes buying your ski goggles online with us fast and convenient. If you have any further questions about our skiing goggles, you can check out our always get in touch with us via phone (+44 2034995895) or email (

Ski Goggles Sale

You can also get discounted ski goggles and products from our own ski goggles sale at low prices. We have a range of brands such as Adidas and Oakley in our Ski goggles sale. Sounds good? Then visit Edel-Optics’ world of glasses and buy your ski goggles today, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with our latest offers and news!

About Us

As eyewear specialist for prescription glasses, sports glasses and snow goggles, we offer the highest quality models at value-for-money prices under the motto “SEE AND BE SEEN”. If you are looking for value-for-money sports eyewear and an easy shopping experience, you have come to the right place. In our online shop of branded eyewear you can find a wide variety of men’s and women’s skiing goggles, all including glasses cleaning cloth and case. Of course, all of our products from our collections are genuine, brand new originals. Edel-Optics does not offer used products or fakes.

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