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  About Persol - History of an Eyewear Legend

Founded in 1917, Persol is today one of the most established and valuable eyewear brands in the world, whose glasses and sunglasses are worn as status symbols from Turin to the Italian Riviera to the Côte d'Azur and beyond.

It all began when Mr Giuseppe Ratti, photographer and owner of Optics Berry, founded Persol Ratti in a small backyard in Turin. It was there that the Italian's ideas took shape when he started making protective eyewear. Shortly afterwards, he designed glasses frames that could fulfil the comfort and safety requirements of aviator glasses according to the standards of the time. He always followed the brand's motto: per il sole (for the sun).

High-quality materials and innovative strength went hand in hand, and the company quickly made a name for itself in pilot circles. Air forces around the world (such as the U.S. Air Force) even became loyal customers. After the sunglasses had proved themselves in the military, the glasses with the silver arrow also caught the attention of aviation, motor racing and motorbike champions of the time. The silver arrow is based on ancient short swords and is a key signature of Persol design.

Persol's figurative ascent to the throne, however, did not occur until 1938, when Mr. Ratti managed to give Persol-typical shapes to the glasses and sunglasses that are still highly coveted today. The leap from pretender to the throne to emperor of the Italian eyewear industry was made in 1964 with the help of actor Marcelo Mastroianni, who wore the PO 0649 in the classic film "Divorce in Italian", which was originally designed for tram drivers and has been registered as a trademark style ever since. In order to expand its portfolio, the sunglasses manufacturer also began to produce, among other things, protective eyewear for welding workers.

Male model wearing black persol glasses

  Persol’s Recipe for Success

Persol's philosophy of combining traditional craftsmanship with technical progress is what distinguishes them from the competition. Permanent research and full dedication to detailed production brought the then start-up to a height that allows the Italians to shine in the eyewear firmament to this day. Another ingredient to their success was the constant search for prominent cooperation partners who further enhanced the brand's reputation. Among others, Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen became brand ambassadors and the latter was even honoured with his own special edition, the PO 0714.

In 1990, the Turin-based company recategorised its sportiest models into the Persol Sport sub-brand. This line was specialised in the needs of athletes and was pushed in the nineties by celebrities such as racing driver Jean Alesi. Actress Ornella Mutti was also brought on board to represent the feminine side of Persol Eyewear. The first collection for women including the specially made PO 830 was a huge success. The successful design encouraged its designers to create another model in 1993/94, this time tailored to the supermodel Carol Alt and also razor-sharp in design.

After McQueen, Garbo, Muti and Alt, actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta and the Italian national footballers of the time Alessandro Del Piero and Filippo Inzaghi joined the Turin-based company's testimonial team over the years. Musicians such as Eric Clapton, directors such as Wim Wenders and many other stars, including Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Scott Eastwood and Xabi Alonso, may also be called fans, if not friends, of the brand.

  How are Persol frames made?

Demand for perfection as well as the extraordinary technical details of Persol frames simply make Persol one of the most popular brands, not only in Italy, but all over the world. This is not least due to their European craftsmanship tradition, in which many steps of the manufacturing process are still done by hand. On average, the production of their frames takes almost twice as long as the production of conventional acetate frames. This is because the Meflecto system requires a lot of attention from skilled personnel. As early as the 1930s, the northern Italian company presented the world's first flexible temple, which gave the frames extraordinary flexibility and thus offered the greatest possible wearing comfort. The eyewear manufacturer achieved this flexibility through a unique construction of nylon metal cylinders with a stainless steel core. Ten additional work steps are necessary to ensure that the finished frames fit any face shape perfectly.

Female model wearing square persol glasses

  Persol Glasses Styles

The company history of Persol Ratti, which goes back over a hundred years looks back on numerous cult models. The classics - especially the Persol Icons - stand for excellence with their minimalist and clear lines. The spearhead (or arrowhead) is the Persol PO 3007V. This frame is available in many colourways, but you can't go wrong with standard colours like black or blue. The frame in Havana is particularly beautiful, but it can also be combined with other colourways to create a stylish colour gradient. A special colour in Persol eyewear is Terra di Siena - a yellowish red-brown - which stands out with orange colour inlays in the frame.

  Shopping with Edel-Optics

If you want to buy Persol prescription glasses online, then you've come to the right place. In our online shop you will find all the classic models by Persol, with glasses case and wipe included in the price. You also have the option of adding lenses in your prescription as well as blue light filter lenses and many more lens types by clicking "Order with prescription". So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection above and choose your dream pair of Persol glasses so you can get ready to "SEE AND BE SEEN".