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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 710/T5)
Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 622/T3)
Ophthalmics Ray-Ban Oval (RB3547N 001)
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Buy Women’s Ray-Bans Online

Ray-Ban Statement Sunglasses & Prescription Glasses

Have you always wondered what the brand name Ray-Ban is all about? Quite simply - translated, the writing refers to the function of the glasses, which quite literally refers to the rays of sun light that are banned, i.e. radiation protection. The famous Ray-Ban women's sunglasses, which always give their wearer a top modern look, have their origins in the 1920s. The emergence of the cult Ray-Ban sunglasses can be traced back to the problem of many pilots in the US Army. When they complained about headaches and nausea - caused by the bright sky and the glaring rays of the sun - a solution to the problem had to be found.

The first model, the Aviator, was created. Until today the former manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, who developed the Ray-Ban aviator glasses for women, still plays an important role. Original Ray-Ban sunglasses for women from the time of their creation bear the abbreviation BL in every lens. In the new models the abbreviation RB is only in the left lens. The imprint of the brand name, however, which is in the right-hand corner of the right lens from the first person's perspective, is printed on every model. These features allow you to ensure that you have an original in your possession.

However, if the brand name or logo is easily scratched off, you are most likely holding Ray-Ban Imitation Sunglasses in your hands. In addition to sunglasses, the brand also produces Ray-Ban glasses with prescription. No matter which model you choose, glasses of the cult brand will convince you with their unique shapes and fashionable elegance. Besides the formative Aviator model, Ray-Ban scores with the Clubmaster or with the version known from movies Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Important when trying on: the glasses should fit comfortably and fit your face shape!

Female model wearing Ray-Ban prescription glasses for women

Even the Stars Are Addicted to Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses

Stars and starlets from Hollywood have fallen for the character-strong frames. Countless well-known personalities are seen wearing must-have glasses - including Kate Moss, who skilfully stages the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer in black. Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, wears the fashion glasses in a wide variety of styles and shapes - from prescription glasses to Ray-Ban sunglasses for ladies in red, everything is included. Last but not least, the Ray-Ban women's sunglasses owe their popularity to well-known movies in which they become a special symbol. Whether as Ray-Ban Wayfarer in the film Blues Brothers or as Clubmaster in Rainman or Malcolm X. The Ray-Ban is and remains cult ... always casual and modern without being obtrusive!

High-Quality Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses Thanks to Top Technology

The Ray-Ban brand stands for innovative lenses that improve your vision, protect you from UV rays or skilfully combine both functions. The best thing about it: You can combine frames and lenses in a variety of ways ... just as you wish. This way you get your Ray-Ban women's sunglasses with prescription and can choose the degree of lens tint yourself. The infinite choice of shades allows for a wide range of choices, so there is a pair of glasses for everyone!

A constant development of technology, high-quality lenses and frames as well as high wearing comfort ensure the high quality of the Ray-Ban women's sunglasses [polarized](b/polarized lenses-for- the filter view/). Brown lenses offer e.g. high contrast in twilight conditions, while green lenses absorb 85% of the light, providing clear, natural vision. The included UV protection ensures that no harmful sunrays reach your eye. With these facts in mind, you can consciously enjoy your stay in the sun and look good thanks to the stylish colours and shapes! But which Ray-Ban ladies sunglasses are the most popular? At the top of the list are the models Erika and Jackie Ohh II.

Female model wearing Ray-Ban women's sunglasses

Which Glasses suit me?

Round or square lenses? Should the frame cover the whole lenses or should it only be in the upper part? Which colour suits me? It is not always easy to find the perfect model. You often have to test a lot of glasses before you find your favourite. To make the search easier for you, you can use the filter of our online shop, which sorts the glasses e.g. by brand or style. If you want to look at women's pilot glasses, simply set the filter correctly and browse the results.

Thanks to the online try-on you can check immediately whether the selected sunglasses suit you. Special service: the Digital Master Optician will assist you in choosing the right lenses for your eyesight - so you can be sure of getting the right glasses. Since Ray-Ban is one of the absolute top brands, you can also choose Ray-Ban glasses with prescription and original Ray-Ban brand lenses.

Once you have chosen a pair of glasses that you particularly like, you can now choose either the FREE delivery or the express delivery. This includes free return shipping, should you decide otherwise. Lenses with visual acuity that have been individually manufactured and cannot be reimbursed, unless they have defects. You are flexible in paying for your glasses and can choose from various payment methods.


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The Ray-Ban designers are true masters in their fields. With each new collection, they set new standards and trends for the coming season. Since the brand’s establishment in 1937, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban have optimally protected your eyes and been characterised by impeccable designs that attract even the world’s most famous stars. Ray-Ban is a brand that has specialised in the manufacture and development of eyewear right from day one and has established itself as a true professional in its field.
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