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Ophthalmics Ray-Ban ERIKA (RB4171 622/T3)
Ophthalmics Ray-Ban Oval (RB3547N 001)
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Men’s Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Glasses

The Ferrari Among Eyewear

"It is always easier to climb the summit than to hold your own there",

says an old phrase that at first glance sounds like fortune cookie talk. But when you find yourself in this situation, physical wear and tear, lack of motivation and time seem like insurmountable hurdles to overcome. It is precisely this circumstance that makes it even more impressive that Ray-Ban (not: Rayban) has been the undisputedly brightest star on the eyewear firmament for decades.

The label of Luxottica always stays true to itself, especially because Ray-Ban does not jump on every trend, but creates it itself without extravagant junk through its fashion understatement. But this does not mean that the brand closes itself off from external influences. On the one hand there is the Ray-Ban logo, which has long since achieved cult status, and on the other hand the company focuses on materials and accessories that really improve vision.

In this context, the Ray-Ban men's collections have stood out for decades with every new Ray-Ban men's model. Whether Ray-Ban Men's Sunglasses or Ray-Ban Men's Glasses makes hardly any difference. The market leader is a trendsetter, whether in the field of sunglasses or prescription glasses.

With bestsellers like Ray-Ban Clubmaster (RB3016), Ray-Ban Wayfarer (RB2140) or Ray-Ban New Wayfarer (RB2132) or Ray-Ban Aviator, it is not surprising that the Ray-Ban Eyewear is deeply rooted in its own history and celebrates the most iconic models with ever new colour combinations. At the same time, the managers and designers always keep an eye on the business to re-create the Ray-Ban Men's Eyewear without completely reinventing themselves.

The very special feeling of the eyewear brand is not least due to the prominent Hollywood appearances in films such as: Terminator, Taxi Driver, Blues Brothers, Reservoir Dogs, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Top Gun are just a few well-known examples. In private life, too, stars such as Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hardy can be photographed in a flurry of flashes with the Men's glasses by Ray-Ban.

The Ray-Ban brand with the world-famous Ray-Ban men's logo and the exquisite Ray-Ban spectacle cases also draws its conclusions from this experience to give their high-quality lenses the right touch. These are mainly made of silicate, which not only guarantees durability, but is also scratch-resistant.

Male model wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses for men

Our Services

If you have any other concerns about the models, our "Master of Glasses" can help you to adjust the Ray-Ban temples, find the right size or put Ray-Ban lenses back into the Ray-Ban frame. Our blog is also available to help and advise you if you don't have the time to contact us via our various Social-Media-Channels. If you have any questions regarding your order, it is best to contact our Customer Service via a local telephone number. We are always ready to help. Because our gurus can't wait to give you a foretaste of our wonderful world of glasses!

Male model wearing Men's ray-ban sunglasses

About Us

Here, eyewear specialists meet fashion-loving customers. Even if you are an eyewear enthusiast without a visual impairment, we won't roll any stones in your path, but will help you out with Ray-Ban glasses without prescription, i.e. with Ray-Ban glasses clear lenses. Because the bottom line is always the same: we not only sell high quality models, but also attach great importance to the fashion aspect - that's how our motto is composed: "SEE AND BE SEEN". Get an overview of the Ray-Ban glasses in our stock - the super low Ray-Ban price is included. Our Online Glasses Shop may not be a Ray-Ban outlet, but with our recommended retail price you could almost get this impression. You are also welcome to check out our glasses sale is not a short-term discount campaign. At Edel-Optics you get your cult object permanently and inexpensively along with the eyeglass case and the Ray-Ban guarantee.

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The Ray-Ban designers are true masters in their fields. With each new collection, they set new standards and trends for the coming season. Since the brand’s establishment in 1937, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban have optimally protected your eyes and been characterised by impeccable designs that attract even the world’s most famous stars. Ray-Ban is a brand that has specialised in the manufacture and development of eyewear right from day one and has established itself as a true professional in its field.
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